17 Creative and Budget-friendly DIY Wedding Ideas

17 Creative and Budget-friendly DIY Wedding Ideas

Weddings are special and magical, but let’s face it ladies, they are expensive too! If you’re not careful, the cost of a wedding can get out of hand. Things like wedding venue, catering, flowers and music can cost a fortune, but so can small details, like bridesmaids robes, wedding arch, even table numbers. Setting a realistic budget is a smart first step. You don’t want to lose sight of reality when planning your dream wedding.


Bride and Groom [photo: J’aime Events]

The good news is that DIY wedding hacks can help you save money, which you can turn around and spend on your honeymoon, or saving for a house. With the help of family and friends you can create the stationery, wedding decorations, and even a cake. DIYs are also a perfect way to show your personality, and make your wedding cool and unique. There are so many great ideas on Pinterest, we did our work, and picked out the best for you. Scroll down to see what made the cut.

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Bride and Groom, Simple Kona Beach Weddings, photo by Karen Loudon Photography



Bride and Bridesmaids Captured by Jasmine Baetzel Photography

Bride robes are huge trend right now! They make getting ready so much fun in a feminine and beautiful way. Not to mention those cute photos of the bride and bridesmaids wearing matching robes. Stunning, right? From sophisticated full-length robes, to chic kimono robes, the choices out there can be overwhelming, but also expensive.

But if you’re a crafty bride, you can make them yourself. It’s so quick and easy that you can make them in less than an hour. All you need is iron-on adhesive, fabric, scissors, ink pen, iron. Here is the full tutorial by Something Turquoise.




Wedding Photobooth [photo: The Wedding Vow]


You can’t have a wedding without a photo booth, right? It is a perfect way to encourage your guests to let loose and have fun, all while capturing gorgeous, memorable photos you and your better half might otherwise miss. First you’ll need to make a backdrop. It doesn’t have to be fancy, and complicated. You can opt for flagging tape backdrop, moon and stars backdrop, flower wall or even marshmallow backdrop, there are infinite possibilities. Buy any instant camera, and get some props such as toys, costumes… and that’s all! Full tutorial here.

You can also make a hashtag for your wedding so you can collect and find all of the photos that people took at your wedding.



Video Booth [photo: SpeechBooth]

Have you ever heard about video booth? It is perfect for weddings. Your family and friends record messages (from serious speeches to singing) for you, and you’ll have a video guestbook as a memory of the big day to enjoy for years. You can buy it or rent it on speechbooth.com

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Chalkboard Wedding signs [photo: em.my events]

Add some hand-made charm into your wedding with simply irresistible and hugely popular chalkboard wedding signs. All you need is frames, can of chalkboard spray paint, card stock to desired size and chalkboard pen. Check out the full tutorial here.


Chalkboard Wedding Sign by Southern Housewives Planning [photo:Wedding Wire ]


Gold and Glitter Vases [photo: www.confettidaydreams.com]

The theme of your wedding is elegant, posh…what do say about glitter vases? Although glitter vases are quite pricey in stores, and that may repel you from them, we will change your opinion. Glitter vases are really simple to make, and cheap too. In various shops, you can find regular vases at really affordable prices. And with this DIY, along with vases and glitter, you’ll need sticky tape and glue. Use the sticky tape to mark which part of the vase you want to have glitter on, and which one you don’t. Glue the places you want glitter on, and then apply glitter. Remove the tape when it dries. And that’s it! Your glitter vases are finished. You can put flowers in them or candles. Posh look is guaranteed.

Here is a DIY tutorial by Confetti Daydreams.



Vinyl Record Guest Book Events By Merida [photo by Viva Love Photography]

Guest books can get expensive, especially if they’re made of wood or other unique materials. So instead of buying a guestbook, use an engagement photo or any other, frame it and leave a wide border. Have everyone sign around it on the wedding day.

If you are looking for something a bit more unique, Vinyl Record guest book is perfect for you. Find your favorite records, put them in frames, and ask your guests to sign the vinyl with metallic sharpies. This idea is both fun and inexpensive. Not to mention it would look amazing as a wall decor piece to your home.



Groom Captured by Precious Pics Production

These traditional wedding accessories, although small, can really hit your budget. Especially if you want real flowers on them. But did you know that you can yourself, and very easy, and you will spend way less money on. You can opt for different options with boutonnieres, to use real or artificial flowers. You can detail them with beads, satin bows or other details that will make them more special. All you need is a hot glue gun, wires, flowers (real or artificial), any other details you want (beads, plastic forest berries, leaves…) and satin tape. Very simple, cheap and quick…

Here is super simple DIY.



Bride and Groom [photo: Great Day Events ]

Looking for a fun way to celebrate after your wedding ceremony? Confetti cones are perfect solution. They are super easy to make, and also very affordable. And just think of all the great photo opps you’ll have with them! All you need to do is set out a basket of cones at the head of the aisle, and include a note asking your guest to shower you in confetti as you make your way up the aisle as a married couple. You can also place confetti cones on every seat so they’re waiting for guests upon their arrival.

For this DIY you’ll need confetti, scissors, scrapbook paper and a basket. Here is the full tutorial.



Wedding Invitations [photo: Etsy]

Invitations are one of the items where you can save a lot of money. You can find countless DIY videos or pictures on the web that will show you to the tiniest detail how to make invitations. It’s up to you to decide what kind you’d wish to make. If you’re a bit more creative, you can use your imagination to create something really special and different from everything else. You can find materials in various hobby and craft shops, and a very nice detail is to use a wax seal with your initials to perfectly complete the invitations. Another details that are cost friendly are satin and lace. You can make bows or other details from them to complete your invitations.



Beautiful Wedding Centerpiece by A Marc In Design

Wedding flowers can be surprisingly costly, especially when they are out of season. But there are plenty of budget-friendly flowers such as carnations, baby’s breath, and alstroemeria, which are just as beautiful. Also consider centerpieces and bouquets made mostly from greenery and foliage, they are cheaper than flowers.

If you are crafty, you can DIY your wedding flowers with coffee filters. Yes, you read it right! Coffee filters flowers are simple, quick and inexpensive. And they really look like a real thing! They are easy to customize and can last a long time. Here is a full tutorial by The Crazy Organized Blog.



Table Numbers [photo: Busy Bee’s Weddings and Events]

In a recent article, we talked about the importance of DIY table decor. As with any decoration, it is important to take notice about the thing we think are not that significant. Why? Because every detail makes the venue more special. Although most of the people think that table number are not important, we have to say that they are wrong. But this can also be an expensive detail, unless you opt for making it yourself. Not to mention how impressed your guests will be with it. One DIY that we wrote about was really simple and we still remember it clearly. You can find number print on the internet that are gorgeous. All you need to do is to pick the one you like the most. You can then put them in frames and place them on tables. You can find cheap frames on the internet or flea markets.



Wedding favors Captured by Michael Keyes Photography, Photographic Dreams

A thank you for your guests is small token of appreciation that you shouldn’t avoid. You can make cookies and put them in beautiful boxes. If you know how to make spice sauce, what do you say to cook some for your guests and give them small bottles of it? You can put a label that says: thank you for spicing up our special day. Really nice, right? If you’re having a winter wedding, you can put marshmallows in decorative bags and decorate them with red satin tape and a pine twig. Ideas are numerous.



Rustic Table Decoration by Tailored Staging and Events

Rustic weddings are really trendy. And we have to admit most easy if you want to save on your wedding. They are perfect for DIY and creative people. There are countless ideas that will save you money, and mason jars are one of them. You can use them for vases, candle holders or serve desserts in them. You can use old suitcases for decor, old books, sunflowers from the garden…You can fill old wine bottles with flowers, and as a dessert, you can serve local caramelized apples. Yum!



Hula Hoop Wreath [photo: Crafts by Amanda]

Are you a fan of hula hoop and have a basement filled with them? Perfect! You can use them as decoration, and is very easy to do. Decorate them with flowers, balloons, satin tape. If you’re having an industrial themed wedding, you can paint them silver and decorate them with green plants. A very effective, simple and cheap DIY. You can also use them for guestbook, if you put a rope through it, on which the guest can hang their photos that were taken with a camera you provided. A very interesting idea.

Here is a simple DIY by Crafts by Amanda.



Wedding Cake [photo: Strike A Pose]

Wedding cakes are one of the staples when organizing a wedding. Did you know that they can cost well over a 1000$? So, how to save on them? Do you, or your mom or sister enjoy making cakes? Why don’t give them that task? Your mom’s chocolate cake could shine on your wedding and thrill all your guests as it thrilled you when you were little. And, you will save a lot of money. All you need are the ingredients and some nice cake decor.

wedding cake

 Chocolate Cake Made by Sugar Path Bakery


Stunning Slip Wedding Dress and Veil by O M Design Studio

Every wedding dress needs some addition to make it more special and different. Don’t you agree? Veil can be one of the most expensive parts, but what if we say that you both save money and make it yourself? Although this can sound frightening, especially if you’re a perfectionist, you don’t need to be scared. It is very simple. You’ll need a thread, a hairpin, vintage broche, artificial flower, and a net. Sew the flower to a net, and hook it with a hairpin beneath. Simple and beautiful. If you’re looking for something more traditional, you can take vintage lace and make it into a veil and hook it on a flower crown.



Flower girl dress by Best for Bride

Flower crowns for flower girls have made a comeback in the last few years, and since then are a must at every wedding. If you’re going to have a florist to do them for you, it will cost you a lot, especially if you want more flower types. But you will save a lot of money if you opt for DIY. We don’t have to mention how simple this DIY is. You’ll need: flowers of your choice (tip: choose seasonal flowers, they are always cheaper), scissors, wire and green thread. Make a ring out of wire the size of the head, and roll flowers around it and tie it with thread. Give yourself some time with this DIY. If you want to save some more money, you can even put fake flowers in  it. It will last longer.

floral crown

 Gold Crown with Pearls and Swarovski Crystal by Designer Loft Bridal

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Rustic and Country Wedding Theme Ideas Perfect for Fall Wedding

Rustic and Country Wedding Theme Ideas Perfect for Fall Wedding

Fall weddings are magical! The air is crisp, the leaves are turning… and the nature is painting an awe inspiring canvas as a beautiful backdrop to your special day. And when you mix all that with few fall decorations such as pumpkins and mums, rustic details and country vibe, you’ll get a mind-blowing, memorable wedding day.

Bride and Groom Captured by Fedora Media

Today we’re bringing 15 ideas that are perfect for Country Rustic Wedding Theme. From cowboy boots cake, to the mason jars, to the hay bales, scroll down to see what made the cut.

Bride and Groom Captured by I Do Wed – Photography


Bride and Groom Captured by Angela Divine Photography

Looking for the perfect wedding venue for your Rustic Country wedding? The barns, lodges, ranches or even gardens, would be perfect for it. Just think of infinite possibilities for breathtaking photos. On the link you can check out the best rustic Ranch and Barn wedding venues in US.



When it comes to welcome table, make sure that your table is both functional and eye catching for guests. Decorate the table with flowers and accessories that will complement your color scheme and wedding theme. Also, we can’t forget the place cards! Sometimes, the simple details make the biggest statements, right? Not only place cards will show your guests to their seats, but they will add a lovely touch to your welcome table.

Unique Place Cards Captured by Lisamarie Artistry

If you’re planning a fall wedding, you may also want to offer cozy fleece blankets to guests who might be cold during the wedding. You can arrange them in various wicker baskets and wooden crates. Also to make them more personalized, monogram your initials and wedding date, and it will look amazing!

Cozy Fleece Blankets Captured by Cassia Karin


Beautiful Wedding Cake Captured by Maxim Sadik Photography

Of course the cake has to fit the theme. With theme weddings you have to take care of every detail, and special care has to be tended to the probably biggest of all details, wedding cake. We always admire master confectioners on their beautifully crafted cakes, which can be considered as  true masterpieces of art.

A beautiful three piece cake, decorated with flowers in beautiful autumn colors with a perfect detail in form of copper wire shaped in newlyweds initials. These cakes are absolutely perfect for any rustic, and especially country weddings. They look minimal, clean, but at the same time, breathtaking. It’s look, and the taste will be long remembered.



Hot Chocolate bar [photo: Etsy]

You can’t have a Fall wedding without a hot chocolate bar! Your guests will love this idea, especially the kids. Decorate the bar with wooden sign to let your guests know what’s going on with all the goodies in front of them, flowers or even pine cones. You can also make paper cups with monogram and your wedding date.

The key to any good hot chocolate bar lies in the toppings, agree? From the marshmallows, classic addition to any chocolate drinks, to the cinnamon, nutmeg and mint… the choices are endless!



Welcome Sign Captured by Cody Turner Photography

Such a beautiful and unique rustic wedding idea! Hay bales have been a trend in rustic and country weddings from the very beginning, and we can absolutely see why. They are so versatile, relatively cheap and they look absolutely stunning! We have seen them being incorporated into weddings in so many beautiful ways, from hay bale seating covered in burlap, to the hay bale as a welcome table or even as a apple pie bar. If you are planning a country rustic wedding, hay bales are perfect choice for you. They will create relaxed, yet cozy, festive vibe.



Wedding Cake [photo: Etsy]

If you are a couple that loves country life, you will love this wedding cake topper! It is so unique! Each boot is decorated to represent the bride and groom. Cowgirl boot, that represents the bride has a hat with an attached veil as well as garter, and cowboy boot has a black  Stetson style cowboy hat. Cool, right? You can find this cake topper on Etsy, here is the link.



Bride And Groom Captured by Galexia Studios

Autumn has arrived and we have to admit that we’re pretty excited and are looking forward to apple pies, warm teas and long walks on colorful leaves. If you’re having a wedding on autumn, and is rustic and country themed, then this will be a perfect decor idea for you! You can use these inspirational leaves for decorations. The colors on them look awesome and they have a calming effect on us. During your long walks, you can collect colorful leaves and use them as a centerpiece on your tables. This way you will add charm and a rustic look to it. Just imagine the magnificent color display on your tables that the leaves and candles will provide. Autumn at it’s finest!



Centrepiece [photo: Etsy]

Give a naturally rustic feel to your wedding with wooden tree slices as centerpieces. Place them in the centre of your table and display your decor, such as candle holders, mason jars, flowers, table numbers or any other things that you like. It will be a stunning romantic display that will look gorgeous at both day and night. Best of all, these wooden slices are super affordable, so you’ll save some money too. Win-win!



Table Setting Captured by Sugar Free Studio

Candles always contribute greatly if you want to create an atmosphere. They create a warm feeling, and also a romantic ambient. Because of this, they are basically an essential part of any wedding, especially if we’re talking about country weddings. Decorators always use them to make the venue more special and more welcoming. Jars are a very cost effective way and a very good looking decoration if you put candles in them. It doesn’t get any more simple and effective than this. You can use them to decorate both interior and exterior.

If you’re decorating the exterior, you can use solar candles. You can also fill jars with water and put floating candles in them.  If you’re having a rustic outdoor wedding, you can hang jars from the tree, and put solar candles in them. This way you will get a beautiful and breathtaking decoration. Your guests will love it! You can also paint golden dots on jars, so when you put candles in, you will get a more entertaining and unique decoration. For a more chic look, you can put candles in some pretty vases.



Rustic Wagon [photo: Etsy]

How adorable is this? Your ring bearer will definitely steal the show! It’s a great alternative from traditional throwing petals from a basket and carrying a small pillow with rings. And not to mention, perfect for fall rustic- country wedding theme. Decorate it with flowers to match with your decor theme, and have your ring bearer pull your flower girl. It can’t be sweeter then that!



Mini Pies in Mason Jars [photo: Pinterest]

We think that there is not a single person in the whole wide world that doesn’t like pies. This dessert that is universally loved across the world is ideal for serving on autumn weddings. It’s not even odd if newlyweds dedicate a whole table to it, filling it with nothing but pies. Different flavours are a must. Apple pie, pumpkin pie, pie with walnuts or forest fruits are desserts that will satisfy even the most demanding guests. But, what about serving pies in mason jars? By serving them in jars, you will easily achieve a simple but effective look. And if the crust is heart shaped, is there anything better and more appropriate for a wedding? All you have to do is to choose a flavour. You can serve these desserts on a wedding celebration, but you can also put a lid on them, decorate them with a bow and give them to guests as a thank you gift for being there with you on your most special day.



Wedding Chair Signs [photo: Etsy]

Another great decor idea are these cute wooden chair signs. Hang them over your chair to easily make your seats as the Bride and Groom distinctive! You can tie Mr and Mrs balloons to the back of your chairs with signs and it will look amazing. These signs are perfect for adding a rustic chic feel, and a perfect touch to a dreamy country wedding. Find them on Etsy, here is the link.



Donut Wall [photo: Etsy]

If you’ve been hanging out on Instagram and Pinterest lately, you have probably seen those awesome donut walls! This super cute idea is the new big thing in wedding trends, and if you ask us, the most genius! And not to mention it is a great wedding cake alternative! Make your very own unique treat corner that will be adored by your family, friends and little ones.  Customize your donuts by offering different flavors, such as glazed, old fashioned, with sprinkles or you can even DIY your own glaze. You guests will love it! Also, it is always a great idea to have a vegan and gluten-free options for health-conscious couples and guests.



Just Married Sign Captured by Cody Turner Photography

One of the oldest, and definitely our favorite wedding tradition is the ‘getaway’ car. And this wagon idea is perfect for rustic, country wedding. You can decorate it with ribbons, hearts, balloons or an old-school tin cans.



Bride And Groom Captured by Danielle Wong Photography

We advise you that before heading to bridal shops, do some research on the internet to find out  which models you like the most. This way, you will have a general idea of what you’re looking for when going to the shops. Pick a wedding dress that reflects your daily clothing style. This way you will feel comfortable and confident in yourself. And self confidence is the most important things, especially on your biggest day. You don’t want to feel confined because of your dress, you don’t want, and don’t deserve that on your wedding day. Before going to pick out your wedding dress, you need to set your budget. And you should inform the sales person about your budget, so you won’t lose time on things you couldn’t afford.

Bride and Groom Captured by Jasmine Baetzel Photography

Check out the latest trends and of course take the location in account so your dress will fit the wedding theme. With rustic weddings it’s important for the wedding dress to have a easy flow to itself, it can also be decorated with lace, and don’t leave out the veil. Dress could also be in champagne color, it will give a dose of elegance in a rustic untouched nature environment.



Bride and Groom Captured by Art Of Roxy Photography

One of the most important decorative things are definitely flowers. They are also a major staple when planning a wedding. You should always opt for flowers that are in season and affordable. But, because they are in season, the flowers will automatically be more affordable than the ones that are not in season. Be open to all kinds of flowers. Most of them are available through the entire year (roses, hydrangeas, callas…). If you add more greenery, bouquets will be more rich and lavish, but more affordable in price. A nice detail when picking out flower arrangements is to make them more personal.

Table Setting Captured by Cassia Karin Photography

Although is important to not go over budget when planning a wedding, you should not save money on your bouquet. It will be, alongside your wedding dress, a centerpiece of your photos and will attract attention. Local flowers are a great choice if you’re having a rustic themed wedding. Sunflowers, field flowers and daisies are a perfect choice.

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The Best 18 Table Number Ideas for Wedding Receptions (and DIYs)

The Best 18 Table Number Ideas for Wedding Receptions (and DIYs)

It’s the little details that will make your wedding so special and unique. Right? Table numbers can add that extra beauty and style to any wedding reception, all while helping your guests find their correct table. However, just because table numbers are important part of any wedding decor, it does not mean they have to be boring! There are so many mind-blowing table number ideas that will take your wedding decor to the next level. From the rustic table numbers to the modern and minimalist to the charming vintage or even movie inspired, with table numbers you can express your creativity and add a personal touch to your big day.

To help you a bit with choosing, we rounded up some of the best wedding table number ideas for you to use at your reception, without breaking the bank!


1. Scrabble Tile Table Number

Scrabble table numbers [photo: Etsy]

If you love the board game Scrabble, these Scrabble tile table numbers are perfect for you. You can spell out your fave song, movie or anything that is meaningful to you as a couple or that is aligned to your wedding theme. If you are looking for a fun twist, you can make the giant scrabble tiles with this super easy tutorial. Best of all, you can turn these tiles into wall hangings after the big day or even hang them on the back of your bride and groom chairs during the reception. Your guests will love this, and also truly marvel at your creativity.


2. Marble Table Numbers

Marble Hexagon Tile Table Numbers [photo: Etsy]

The marble design has been incredibly popular for a while now, and it seems like it’s here to stay. It continues to filter into everything, from home decor, clothing to the many different wedding styling ideas. And one of these unique ideas, are marble table numbers. They really look amazing, so elegant and stylish. Best of all, they are perfect for various styles and themes; from glam and modern, to the rustic or vintage, to the geometric and minimalist.

We found the perfect ones on Etsy, made of white/grey marble hexagon tiles. The signs can be customized to meet your design, style, theme, or language.


3. Stone Table Number

Stone Table Numbers [photo: Ruffled Blog]

Natural materials, like stone, can be used in so many creative ways to add to the beauty and charm of you wedding decor. We really love this idea of using them as table numbers. It would be perfect for a beach wedding! Agree? Best of all, they are heavy so they won’t blow away from the table. You can find them in any home improvement stores, amazon or if you are living next to the beach, you can collect them yourself. With this stone table numbers, you will not only save money, but they will look amazing on your table too. For this little DIY, you will only need stones (of course!) and a sharpie to write the numbers on them. And that is all! Easy, right?


4. Vintage Clay Billiard Ball as Table Number

Unique Table Number [photo: Etsy]

Why to settle for ordinary when you can get extraordinary? And these vintage clay billiard balls are just that! Unusual yet unique and mind-blowing! We found them on Etsy, and they would look amazing as a table number. This is something your guests will really remember.


5. Burlap Table Numbers

Burlap Table Numbers [photo: somethingturquoise.com ]

When it comes to rustic wedding, burlap fabric is what you’ll need. It’s one of the hottest trends right now, and main reason is its versatility. You can use this fabric as chair decoration, bridal bouquet decoration, as centerpiece or even for wedding arch. What we love about it, is its texture and rustic look, and it’s pretty inexpensive compared to many other fabrics.

We found really simple DIY by Something Turquoise on creating colorful burlap table numbers, perfect for rustic, shabby chic wedding. Check the DIY here.


6. Pumpkin Table Numbers

Pumpkin Table Number [photo: Etsy]

There is just something magical about a autumn wedding… the trees, colors, and that mystical atmosphere. As the autumn season quickly approaches,  we are sure that many brides do their finishing touches to their wedding planning. And with this table numbers, your wedding decor will really stand out. Pumpkin carving is something that everybody loves, so this idea of translating it into wedding table number is pretty awesome. All you need to do is carving a table number into the pumpkin, easy right? You can also ask your family and friends for help.

Another idea is to paint a table number on a pumpkin. You can opt for gold or black color and it will look amazing.


7. Childhood Photos of Bride and Groom as Table Number

Pictures as Table Numbers [photo: David West Photography ]

This is such a cute idea! Visit your parents and collect the cutest and funniest pictures to celebrate you both throughout the years! Scan them, add your cool table number design, print them and frame… that is all! It will give your guests a bit of an insight in your younger years!


8. Potted Plants as Table Number

Potted Plant As Table Number [photo: Carlie Statsky Photography]

Potted plants aren’t just for your garden anymore! For the last few years they are making a big part of the rustic wedding decor.  Best of all, they are eco-friendly! You can use them as a centerpiece, wedding favors, and escort cards for you guests. The possibilities are endless! All you need to do is spray paint the pot into your favorite color, and write the table numbers on them.


9. Wood Slice Table Numbers

Table Number [photo: Etsy]

Another great idea for rustic wedding! Wood slices with table numbers. We found the perfect ones on Etsy. Here is the link.


10. Brick Table Number

Brick Table Number [photo: Wedding Chicks]

We talked about brick table number on our industrial chic wedding article (read it here). This is a very inexpensive and efficient way for table numbering. It fits perfectly with industrial style, but also rustic. Although there might be some discontent from your guests when hearing about a brick on their table, just wait ’till they see it! They will change their mind in a second.

This DIY is very simple to do. All you need is bricks, paint and little creativity. You can paint the numbers in numerals or words (1 or one, for example). When paint dries, it’s done. You can decorate it with flowers or candles. If you’re having ivy on your wedding, then wrap it around the brick with fairy lights. In case you’re having your wedding during winter, you can spray brick with artificial snow, and add some pine twigs along with fairy lights.


11. Book Table Number

Book Table Number [photo: Love and Lavender]

Are you fans of books, or is one of you a professor? Then what do you think about about book shaped table numbers?

This simple diy table number looks really effective at themed weddings (Alice in wonderland, English tea party…), but also at romantic weddings. You can buy blank hardcover notebooks, and put pens next to them so the guests can write their impressions and wish the best for you and your marriage. This way, you get table number and guestbook in one.

You will need same type blank hardcover notebooks and paint for the numbers. Paint the numbers on notebooks and let it dry. Pick the color by following the theme of your wedding. If pink is predominant on your wedding, then the notebooks should be in gentle pink shade, and if your wedding is minimal then black or white should do it.


12. Moss Table Number

Moss Table Number [photo: Ruffled Blog]

Do you love plants and greenery? We know! Greenery has become really popular the last few years, and it quickly got into wedding decor. It brings a hint of nature, looks elegant and fits perfectly in industrial design. Industrial design uses minimal colors so greenery is used to break that minimalism. On Ruffled Blog we found a perfect DIY for moss table number. They described it to the smallest detail, so it won’t be a problem to do it, even for those who are not creative. With this table number you won’t need flower arrangements, white candles will be enough.


13. Classic Table Number

Classic Table Number [photo: Etsy]

Newlyweds who also love classical weddings will always go for elegance, but with no exaggeration. Because of those principles, their wedding decor is subtle, minimal and gorgeous. When it comes to table numbers, focus is primarily on their purpose. Because of that, white cards with simple gold numbers will serve the purpose but at the same time represent the classical style. You can simply place the number on table, or you can put it in candles. Both will look beautiful. It’s very simple to these number by yourself, but if you’re not a crafty person, you can find them almost everywhere.


14. Vintage Table Number

Vintage Table Number [photo: Etsy]

Vintage details fit in basically every wedding whether it’s a themed or a regular bohemian rustic wedding. Vintage decorations look very nice, especially if you fit them with the rest of decor. Although you can make them yourself from old globes or wine bottles, we suggest one inspired by the old days. A yellow, very old looking paper with number decorated with flowers will look so special on tables. You can use this table number on rustic, pin up or retro themed weddings.


15. Geometric String Table Numbers

Geometric String Table Number [photo: Polka Dot Bride]

Geometric shapes are quite trendy! Especially if they’re made in 3D shape. For this DIY you’ll only need a few things and we’re quite certain that everyone will be thrilled by the final product. You will need colorful wool (pick any colors you want), nails, hammer and timber. You can use them on industrial, but also bohemian weddings. If you’re going to have big flower arrangements, put table numbers beneath them. Check the link to find out how to make this great looking geometric string table number.


16. Simple DIY Table Number

Watercolour Table Number [photo: Polka Dot Bride]

In case you’re not creative as much, but would like to save money and do a wedding table number by yourself, we have a solution. You can find a bunch of free DIY for table numbers. All you need is to pick one you like the most and print it out. So when you do that, you might ask yourself “what now?”. You can frame these prints in some photo frames. You can find these frames in bargain stores, or on sites with used goods.  Put numbers in frames and your table numbers are done. Simple, just like we promised, right?


17. Fairytale Wedding Table Number

Table Number [photo: Etsy]

Your wedding is fairy-tale themed, but you are neither in the mood for DIY nor creative. Etsy can provide you much needed help in this case. Along with a huge choice of designs, they are all handmade and pretty unique. And these table numbers are not an exception. They are made of glitter card, pearls and other gorgeous details. Beautiful blush pink shade paper is decorated with a number and 3d flowers which makes it even more magical. Addition of glitter and paper makes it look like lace. It is designed by Laceylolas from Britain.


18. Bottle Table Number

Unique Table Number [photo: Wasio Photography]

We often wrote how it’s great to to recycle and use that in making wedding decorations for your weddings. And that’s why we write again about bottle table number. If you, or your friends are wine lovers, we are sure that you can collect a lot of bottles, or at least the number you need. You can decorate bottles in various ways. One of them is to print out bottle labels with numbers that you’ve made yourself. IF those bottles are transparent, use fairy light for a great effect.

If you’re wishing for more decorations, you can put flowers in them, and print out labels with lace pattern. If you’re having industrial themed wedding, you can paint the bottles black and simply write numbers on them in white. You can’t get simpler than that.

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How to Plan an Ancient Roman-Themed Wedding

How to Plan an Ancient Roman-Themed Wedding

Looking for a unique wedding theme? Why not to get inspired by the most powerful, influential classical empire that existed from 750 BC until almost 450 AD, the ancient Rome. Romans influenced many aspects of our modern society, from architecture, religion, democracy and even weddings. Yes, you read it right, weddings! So many customs that the Romans used have carried down to today. From the engagement parties to the wedding cake, special dress for the bride and veil, Romans had it all. The bride was also like today picked up and carried into her new family’s house by her husband, cute right?

Today, we will be talking about the Roman weddings and customs, and how they influenced today’s weddings. But that’s not all, we will be also helping you with planning your Roman themed wedding. From the wedding cake, to the venue, to the decorations and bridal dress, we covered it all!


Great Bath by Amy Sanders Photography [photo: www.bathvenues.co.uk]

The ancient Romans were deeply rooted in tradition, and wedding was no exception. It was followed by a very strict format. The ceremony was always at the home of the bride’s parents, where her father, two close friends and the priest would celebrate the marriage, and sacrifice the animal.

Today, you don’t need to sacrifice the animal, but you can marry on the most beautiful locations in Rome. From the Saint Peter’s basilica, to the ceremony over the Roman Forum…

Are you on a budget? Don’t worry, we found the perfect location for you. Just a couple of hours from London and dating back nearly 2000 years, The Roman Baths and Pump Room offers some of the most stunning and iconic wedding venues in the UK. It consists of the remarkably preserved remains of one of the greatest religious empires of the ancient world. Best of all, it can accommodate anything from an intimate ceremony for two,  to a large reception for several hundred guests.


2. Bridesmaid Dress

Bridesmaid dress [photo: First Bridal Bouquet]

Like today, Roman brides also had bridesmaids. One of their main duties was to get rid of the evil spirits. To do that, they were wearing  similar dresses to the bride’s. Unable to tell which woman was the bride, the spirits would leave them alone. The bridesmaids mostly opted for light pink and light lilac color, they were really popular back then, like millennial pink today.

If you really want to follow ancient Roman fashion exactly, you will need at least five bridesmaids, in light pink dresses, with an up-do hairstyles that look similar to the bride’s, and a small bouquet also in a light pastel color to match their dress.

We found the perfect one at First Bridal Boutique. It is simple, elegant and lightweight. The dress features sweetheart neckline, spaghetti straps and off-the shoulder sleeves which creates a soft and romantic look atop a long extra length skirt.


3. Roman Crowns And Wreaths

Laurel Wreath [photo: Amore Bride]

The flower crown is probably the most popular bridal accessory, especially when it comes to boho brides. But this trend is not so “new” as you may think. Wearing flowers and leaves as a headpiece dates back to the ancient classical world. Firstly worn by the Greeks, then by the Romans, flower crowns were worn for festivities and celebrations. They were made from a variety of materials such as myrtle, ivy leaves, flowers, gold, silver.

Probably the most popular is laurel wreath. This wreath is a symbol of victory and honor, and was originally used to crown winners of Olympic Games as prizes.

Having these kind of wreaths would be such a unique detail on your wedding. We found the perfect one on Etsy by Amore Bride.


4. Wedding Decorations

Wedding Decor [photo: www.modwedding.com by Andie Freeman Photography]

If you can’t have your wedding in Rome, it doesn’t mean you can’t create a charming Roman atmosphere. If possible, rent a tall Roman columns, or if you are creative enough, you can make them yourself from large cardboard tubes (there are plenty of great examples of this on Pinterest ). Drap the venue in white cloth and have cushions instead of chairs. We really love the idea of the naming the tables after Roman Gods and Goddesses, it is so unique…. and for the centrepieces you can use alabaster statues of the relevant God surrounded with draping ivy and grapes, cool right?

Wedding Decor [photo: Wedding Chicks by Sara D’Ambra Photography]

Another centerpiece idea would be to use large bowls of fruit: apples, pears, grapes, etc.


5. Groom Outfit

You can’t have a Roman wedding without a toga. It was the mark of the male Roman citizen, and favoured dress of Romulus, Rome’s founder. It was usually made of a white woolen piece of fabric, which was carefully folded and draped on the body. There are few types of toga, and every type represented a citizen’s rank in the civil hierarchy. Togas were required to be worn by all citizens for formal public events like weddings, festivals, or the gladiatorial games.

And it would be the perfect as a groom outfit for Roman themed wedding. Opt for a floor-length tunic or toga, trimmed in gold, purple or red. Add Roman sandals for footwear and a laurel wreath for a headpiece. And it will look amazing!


6. Entertainment Ideas

Entertainment Wedding [photo: pixabay]

Once the ancient Roman wedding ceremony was over, the wedding party would begin with meal and music, just like today. Jugglers, magicians, acrobats, poets were in charge for entertainment and instruments like lute and lyre for music.

For your wedding you can have musicians playing during the meal (think flute or guitar!). With beautiful sounds of harp and guitars playing in the background while holding a glass of most delicious wine, you and your guests will feel just like Caesar.


7. Jewelry, Jewelry, Jewelry…

Unique wedding ring by Jim Dailing

 Roman women took really good care about their looks and gave a lot of attention to it, so it’s no wonder that they used jewelry as their main accessory. But we have to state that it was not just used for making them look more pretty. In ancient Rome, jewelry was more than that. Romans believed that jewelry protects from evil forces, and every shape and material had different meanings. Each piece was differently made and brought to perfection. Wealthier women even additionally decorated their dresses with buckles and brooches.

For the most part, they wore jewelry made of aquamarine, opal and emerald. They mostly adorned earrings, necklaces and rings. Their love for accessories was so grand, that they even used pearls for decorating their dresses. Because of all that, a big emphasis is put on jewelry when it comes to ancient Rome. Earrings, bracelets and rings are a must. Choose the ones that fit the theme, made from gold and different rocks.


8. Makeup

Makeup by War Paint International


As mentioned before, Roman women took really good care of their looks. They made creams and other cosmetics. They even had a book in which was described how to properly apply make up. Although they bleached their hair with various concoctions and use a pen to emphases their lips and eyes, we definitely don’t recommend it. Nor using their methods. We suggest neutral make up, in which skin looks healthy and sunlit, and eyes accented with fake eyelashes and eyeliner. Use bronzer to achieve a sunlit look. Accent your lips in natural shade, or with trendy lip gloss. In case you will have a professional make up artist taking care of you, don’t forget to inform him/her about your wedding theme and make sure you have examples of your desired look ready.


9. Wedding Cake

Wedding Cake [photo: Carrie’s Cakes]

Although we don’t really know what kind of cakes they had in ancient Rome, we believe that they were sensational. They consumed a lot of fruit like grapes and figs, so we assume that they were the main ingredients along honey and olive oil. As for the ancient Rome theme, we always somehow link it with gold, golden patterns, golden laurel crowns…So we suggest something in gold color. A perfect example is a cake from Carry’s Cakes. It is made beautifully, and it reminds us of ancient Rome.

We offer you another great idea. Painting the cake with ancient Rome theme. Interesting, right? You can find great examples of this cake on find your cake website. Laura Ciccarese does it perfectly.


10. Wedding Dress

Wedding dress [photo: www.kateedmondsonbridal.co.uk]

Light, relaxed and airily. Choose finest and sensual materials (satin, silk). If you followed the wedding of Beatrice Borromeo and Prince Pierre Casiraghi, son of Princess Caroline of Hannover and her second husband Stefan Casiraghi, then you saw how Beatrice looked like an empress from ancient Rome. Gorgeous wedding dress, flat sandals and loose hair decorated with flowers. She made a perfect impression. This is the reason we suggest you opt for lighter materials. Kate Edmonson has a perfect dress in this style named Lillana. It has a perfect deep neckline, and stressed waist. There won’t be a need for too many accessories with this dress. Only loose hair decorated with flowers and ancient Rome styled jewelry. Perfect!


11. Wedding Invitations

Invitations [photo: www.invitationsbydawn.com ]

In a sea of different invitation designs, it’s always a problem to find the one. It’s important to stick to the theme when choosing. We suggest designs that will remind of of ancient Rome. Golden laurel leaf, fruits like grapes and figs, or olive branches. These elements will highlight your wedding theme in a subtle way. website called Invitations by dawn caught our eye with this perfect example. Watercolor greenery is a minimal invitation printed on a high quality paper. It is minimal, it has only two branches and a beautiful font. And we must admit that the price is really good.


12. Welcome Wedding Sign

Welcome sign [photo: Etsy]

For the last few years having a welcome sign is a must! Not only that you welcome your guests with it, but it’s a great decoration detail as well. With ancient Rome wedding it’s always good to use olive branches. A combination of gold and green always looks great and will fit perfectly with the theme and the venue. You can make the signs yourselves if you’re creative, or you can order them on various sites. It’s important that is unique, handmade, and that it reflects your personality.


13. Personalized Wine Labels

Cool Wine labels [photo: Etsy]

We all know that wine is the oldest drink, and that Romans adored it. We can freely say that in ancient Rome wine was flowing as much as rivers. They left a lot of writings about wine, and amphoras throughout the Mediterranean, and they drank it as much as 2 liters per day! They mixed the wine with water, various spices, and they even added snow. Wine was worshiped, but also available to the poor. And because of the Roman’s love for wine and the wedding theme, we  presume that the wine will flow like rivers at the wedding too. So we suggest to make personalized wine labels. Write your names, wedding date, and wine type while following the theme. Not only that wine will make them happy, but the labels will leave your guests speechless. Our recommendation: website evermine.


14. Scent of the Wedding

Natural Scented Candle Trio [photo: www.sarahhornebotanicals.com ]

We can achieve a lot with a scent. It can bring us back to a place where something impactful or nice happened to us. For example, a smell of mother’s cakes on Christmas morning, a smell of the sea when you first got into it, or scent of a person you love, and the first time you kissed. Right? Because of that, we suggest that you pick out a scent for your wedding that will always remind you of it. And not just you, but your guests. Rome reminds us of summer, fruit, fresh oranges, so we suggest Sarah Horne candles. Not only they smell beautiful, but they look great as well.

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19 Trendy Industrial Style Wedding Ideas for the Modern Couple

19 Trendy Industrial Style Wedding Ideas for the Modern Couple

Calling all the minimalists! This theme is perfect for you. Industrial-inspired style has been hugely popular in the last few years, and not only in weddings but in home decor in general. You have probably seen those stunning  pictures of industrial-inspired decor on Pinterest, and maybe even pinned it. And who could blame you, they are really stunning! When it comes to weddings, this style is perfect for modern couples who want to break free from the traditional venues and themes , show their individuality and put their own stamp on the big day. And with such a versatile and simplistic canvas, it is really easy to achieve industrial style theme.

To help you a bit, we’ve pulled together 19 of our favorite industrial-inspired wedding ideas for inspo. From the empty warehouses or factories as a venue to the charming brick walls, mix of metals and vintage details for the decor. Check them out!

1. Rich Fall Table Decor

Modern Table Setting [photo: Couture Colorado by Erin Witt Photography ]

Although we associate summer with rustic boho theme, this trend will be present during the autumn too. But instead of light flowers like peonies or hydrangeas, this autumn will be really trendy to combine flowers and fruits. Sound interesting, right? Big rustic tables will be decorated with rich arrangements through their whole length. And with long tall candles. Conifers will be complemented with dark red flowers, and additionally decorated with citrus and forest fruits. Rose hip, blueberry and blood orange will shyly protrude, giving the impression that you are in a beautiful magical forest.

As for the cutlery, huge trend will be to use gold or cooper ones. Using napkins made out of cotton or linen in red wine, forest green or neutral color will also be trending this autumn. Also, big crystal glasses will be seen on almost every autumn wedding.


2. Or You Can Go All Minimal

Minimal Table Decor [photo: Ruffled blog by Figtree Wedding Photography]

Just a simple centerpiece such as white flowers and eucalyptus branches in a geometric vase will look amazing. Add a modern ghost chairs made from acrylic or Lucite and Edison bulbs, for a total industrial style look.


3. Comfort Food

Comfort food [photo: Wedding Chicks by Anna Taylor Photography]

As big food lovers, while researching for articles, we always like to see what will be popular for the coming season. And we have to say that we were thrilled when we saw that comfort food will be a huge trend on industrial chic weddings. Mac and cheese, pumpkin and chili soup, hamburgers, smoked sausage & beer cheese potato soup… Along with those delicious main courses, guests will also be happy to eat desserts like candy apples, apple pies, pumpkin spice cookies, pecan pies.


4. Terrarium

Wedding decor [photo: Ruffled blog by All My Heart Photography ]

A truly beautiful way to decorate an industrial chic wedding is certainly a terrarium. Fans of the industrial style usually have it in their homes for additional decor. So why not use it as a part of the wedding decor? Along with not being expensive, they can make a big difference in every space they are put in. You can fill them with flowers or candles . Another neat idea is to hang them from the ceiling or a tree. Put solar candles or battery candles, and you will achieve a very comfortable and warm look.


5. Brick Table Number

Brick table number [photo: Wedding Chicks ]

When you take a look at industrial interiors, you will most likely see bricks. Brick walls look great in such environment, so why not use that idea and insert it in industrial chic wedding decor. It is a very simple DIY, all you need is a brick and black or white color. Just write table numbers on bricks, decorate them by putting flowers and candles around them, and that’s it!


6. Beautiful Blooms

Bouquet Made by Sarah Horne Botanicals


Leading trend in industrial chic weddings will be red flowers. Roses are the most popular ones, but we will add to them some lesser known types. Dahlia, amaranthus, astilbe will be complemented with conifers and forest fruits to create a sense of opulence. One of the decorations in bouquets and flower arrangements can be cotton.

You should have in mind that cotton is pricey, but having only one or two inserted into arrangement can make a huge difference. We love to see artichokes on our plates, but they also look tasty when put in autumn arrangements, so it’s not a surprise that they are popular with florists. Eucalyptus, is  a  staple in industrial chic wedding  flower decor, but this season it will be replaced with pomegranate twigs. They are perfect for achieving that forestly romantic look, but looking industrial at the same time. Bouquets, table arrangements or lapels should be lavish and rich with as much flowers as possible that will complement each other.


7. Portraits and Silhouettes

Silhouettes [photo: The Roving Artist ]

Sounds like a very odd trend, right? But portraits are back! And with style. You can rent a painter that will do your portraits on your wedding day to keep it as a precious memory for the rest of your lives. Wedding portraits were hugely popular back in the day, especially before photography, and we have to say we’re happy that this trend has returned. You can pick a style in which you want your painting done. You can choose between historically inspired portraits and more modern type. You can also have your silhouettes painted. There are also more kinds to choose from, so there will be something for everybody to make them happy.

Our recommendation: The Roving Artist


8. Venue

Venue [photo: unsplash]

When it comes to industrial style, no location is too out of the box. Unusual and unique spaces are the best choice for this style of wedding. Think old warehouse space, empty factories, or even loft spaces – these locations often comes with great characteristics such as peeled-paint walls, visible pipes and exposed brick walls which not only give the charm to whole space, but also lends itself to a plenty of styling possibilities. Just imagine how great your pictures would look like


9. Metal Chairs

Cool Chairs [photo: The Every Last Detail by The Hons Photography]

How cool are these steel bistro chairs? It will really give your tablescapes an industrial edge. Pair them with rustic farm tables, and it will look amazing. These chairs can be typically seen in metallics like silver, gunmetal and bronze. If you are up for a bit of DIY, you can also paint them in pastel colors, such as millennial pink, mint or yellow.


10. Vintage Details

Vintage suitcase As Guest Book [photo: Etsy]

Add vintage details to make the place more personal, and warmer. You can include fabulous flea-market finds, such as antique suitcases or retro furniture like an old school chairs. And if you are creative enough you can also repurpose them in something cool and fun. For example, a rusty bike can become the focal point of your dessert table, or old cans can become a unique table numbers. It will add that throw-back glam to your wedding day.


11. Greenery

Bride And Groom [photo: Love And Lavender by Elisa Petersen Photography]

Greenery wedding decor is the easiest way to bring nature in to your reception. And probably the most beautiful one! If you are not the biggest fan for bright and colorful flowers, greenery is a wonderful alternative that will give an elegant and lush look for your wedding. This trend uses budget friendly and naturally beautiful foliage, greenery  and plants such as leather leaf, ivy, eucalyptus, monstera leaves, lily grass and lavender. You can use greenery for table decor, for wedding backdrop or even for greenery chandeliers! It will transform any space, and definitely wow your guests.


12. Industrial Lights

Edison bulbs photo: Etsy]

While at first lighting seems more functional than fun, when it comes to industrial style wedding it is one of the most important décor element. Key is to not go overboard with it. A simple string of lights, cascading down from the ceiling will create the perfect amount of romance, and yet look elegant and stylish.

You can also use lighting as a wedding backdrop, it will look amazing on an old brick wall, or even as a table centerpiece. Opt for Edison bulbs, they will give the whole space a retro, edgy look.


13. Ladders

Ladder [photo: Etsy]

No matter where your wedding will be, outdoors or indoors, ladders will look amazing everywhere and your guest will love it. Best of all, they are so versatile. You can use a ladder as a stylish dessert display, as a rustic chandelier decorated with greenery, as a stunning backdrop for the photo booth, or you can even make a unique arch from it! Decorate them with flowers, garlands, ribbons or balloones.


14. Wedding Cake

Marble Cake made by Rosalind Miller

Choosing your wedding cake is the sweetest part of wedding planning, agree? When it comes to industrial style wedding, cakes are true pieces of art. Forget the white fondant icing and figurines of the bride and groom, these cake are all about detail, showing the couple’s own unique style. From the clean modern lines, geometric detailing, metallic flourishes and marble design, these cakes are made to make you go WOW.

If you are a fantastic baker, you can make your wedding cake yourself. Your guest will appreciate all the hard work that went into your masterpiece. Here is an amazing tutorial from American Cake Decorating Magazine by award-winning sugar artist Veronica Seta for a rustic Italian-style cake.


15. Invitations

Invitations [photo: paperlust.co ]

How beautiful is this wedding invitation? It’s simple, minimal and elegant, perfect for industrial style wedding. This wedding invitation card is from the sophisticated Moira Hughes Couture collection, and you can find it on Paperlust website.


16. Pipe Candle Holders

Pipe candle holders [photo: Etsy]

We love this! It looks super cool, and it is a perfect combination of urban and vintage look. We found these Copper pipe candle holders on Etsy, and we think they will look amazing in your industrial themed wedding decor.


17. Manicure

Manicure [photo: pexels]

One of the cosmetic trends that every future bride has on her to do list before the wedding is certainly manicure. On the wedding day, her hands are in focus. Photographer will want to capture the moment when the ring is put on her finger, and the guests will want to see the ring from close up. Because of that, every bride considers the manicure to be obligatory. So what trends await us for the industrial chic wedding? One of the leading ones will be a nude shade with the addition of gold or metallic. This type of manicure is extremely trendy and very elegant at the same time. Red polish will also be really popular. But in slightly darker shade than usual, like red wine color. Although the red nail polish has never got out of style, this autumn it’s darker shade will be the most popular version.


18. Make up

Make up by Gemma Sutton

During the summer, the main principle of make up was less is more. It was light, airily and very natural. But autumn will be in a different light. Make up trends for the autumn dictate more covering power, with velvet look. Loose powder will be use to  mat all the shining parts of the face skin. Trend of smokey eyes will return. Earthly tones, such as olive or rustic red will be a necessity in every color palette. Red lipstick shades are also ready to make a comeback. We could say that after listing this, autumn make up will look absolutely perfect. Future brides will get to choose between smokey eyes, or red lipstick and eyeliner and fake eyelashes.


19. Hairpins and Sleek Hair

Lovely sleek bridal updo by War Paint International

Although we got used to relaxed buns or loose hair on weddings during the last few years, this autumn brings changes. Remember Spice Girls, and Victoria’s hair. Short sleek bob was a huge hit in the 90’s, but hair stylists say that this trend is coming back. This hairstyle inspired by the 90’s will be a huge trend with brides. Along with sleek loose hair you can opt for a sleek bun. Hair split in the middle and low bun. You can decorate it with trendy hair clips, that are also back from the 90’s. They can be narrow hairpins, or somewhat wider hair clips like brooches.

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11 Weird and Fascinating Wedding Traditions from Around the World

11 Weird and Fascinating Wedding Traditions from Around the World

When it comes to love, tradition and weddings, there are no borders. While throwing the bouquet or wearing something blue is a wedding staple in most Western places, there are countless meaningful traditions from around the world that are drastically different from one another. Some are sweet (In Ireland the bride’s feet must stay on the floor at all times when she and the groom are dancing) and some are really weird (In Mauritania, girls between five and 15 years are sent to “fat farms” to pile on the pounds before their wedding.), and some are so fun and unique.

Even all of these traditions are outside of your heritage, it is always nice to learn about other cultures and their wonderful wedding rituals.

India Wedding Captured by Alex Beckett Photography


Here are 11 world wedding traditions, weird and awe-inspiring, that will make you smile, laugh and cry. Check it out!


In Italy, confetti are a completely different thing than in the rest of the world. They are candied almonds that are given as wedding favours for the guests. Tradition tells that each confetti should be enjoyed with a happy wish for the bride and groom: health, happiness, children, wealth, and long life together!



In Chinese culture, red is a sacred color and it drives evil spirits away. It is also a sign of success, fertility and love. Because all of this, Chinese bride is often dressed in red. In that way they pay homage to their tradition.

Red Wedding Dress [photo: pixabay]

Another wedding tradition from China, and it is a fun one. It is called A Planned Crying. Yes, you read it correctly. The brides have to cry on purpose for an hour each day, for a whole month before their wedding. And in all that crying, other female relatives such as mother of the bride, grandmother and the sisters of the bride join in as well. And on the wedding day, crying song must be sung and the bride will be judged on how beautifully she can do this. To explain a bit, crying in China means the welcoming of a good marriage.



If you think that German weddings are not too different from those in the UK or US, you will may find some of the customs a bit surprising. First, “Polterabend” or smashing a bunch of porcelain for good luck. It is usually celebrated the night before a wedding, and it involves a bunch of friends and family. Once all the smashing is done, the bride and groom are in charge of cleaning up all the mess, as a symbol of how they will need to work together for the rest of their lives.

Sawing a Tree Trunk [photo: Perfect Wedding Guide]

Have you heard about Baumstamm sägen? To translate, it is basically, sawing a tree trunk. In Germany, this practice is designed to illustrate strength of bride and groom as a couple and their ability to work together to overcome challenges.



Ok, this is really funny. In South Korea the friends of the groom remove his socks and start beating his feet with dead fish and bamboo sticks, in order to make the groom ready for his first night as a married man. Strange, right?


Indian weddings are rich, colorful and traditionally held over three days. But these are not the only differences between Western and Indian culture weddings. In India, instead of a wedding ring exchange, the symbol of marriage is gold or silver pendant on the “Mangal tomorrow” necklace. The pendant is a symbol of two souls. The bride also get bracelets from her mother, and they will symbolically protect her for the rest of her life.

Bride and Groom Captured by Candid Shutters


And this is not all, if a bride in India is born as Mangliks or Mars-bearing, she is considered to be cursed and she will likely cause her husband an early death. And the only way to break the curse is to marry…. a tree. Yes, a tree!! The tree is then destroyed and the curse is broken.


Mexico [photo: pixabay]

In Mexico, it’s common for a bride to have two bouquets. One  for a tribute to the Virgin Mary, in hopes that she will bless the marriage, and second for the bride to carry after the ceremony, and later to throw to the girls.


Massai [photo: pixabay]

When it comes to weddings, and the look of the bride, hair and makeup is the most important, right? Well, in Kenya, at the wedding ceremony held by the Massai people, the bride’s head is shaved and lamb fat and oil is applied on her head. And this is not all, the father of the bride blesses his daughter by spitting on her head and breasts.


Bride and Groom [photo: pexels]

Traditional Japanese wedding is held in a Shinto temple. A ritual called san-san-kudo is held for the formal part of the ceremony. It consist of drinking sake. Sake is a traditional Japanese rice wine, an alcoholic beverage made by  fermenting rice. The newlyweds toast while exchanging vows. Japan still has a tradition of wearing a white kimono, and having a bride painted white. White color represents purity and innocence in most of the world, and because of that bride wears white and is painted white. During the ceremony, bride is obligated to wear a hood. She wears it because of the jealous looks, and to show fidelity to her future husband. Bride changes clothes several times during the wedding. She’s first in white, then she wear a red kimono, and at the end, she wears a western style wedding dress.



Scotland [photo: pexels]

Have you heard about a custom of sprinkling the bride? In some parts of Scotland there is still a custom that includes sprinkling the bride. But, don’t think that this involves sprinkling the bride with something nice and gentle, like perfumed water. She is being sprinkled with liquids that guests make from ingredients found at home. And they usually include spoiled milk, eggs and whatever else they can get and what doesn’t smell nice. And afterwards, bride has to walk throughout town like that. But why have this custom? The goal is to see if the bride is stable and strong, because if she can get through that, she can get through all disagreements in marriage.

Bagpipes are a staple of Scottish weddings. The whole ceremony is accompanied by their sound. Usual venues are restaurants or castles. We also have to mention whiskey, which is also a staple, probably more important than bagpipes. Scottish kilts are also a big part, and bride’s white dress usually has an addition of material of which the kilt is made. Another tradition is putting a coin in bride’s shoe, for luck.


Bride and Groom Captured by Cameron Jordan


Wedding mediator is one of the most persons on Jewish wedding. A lot of Jewish traditions have gone through the process of modernisation, but in some communities this custom is still being practiced. Mediators get paid only if they have been successful in making the marriage.

Jewish wedding consists of two parts. Engagement and wedding ceremony. Wedding should never be held during the Sabbath or any holiday. Also, they should not be held during mourning periods, Mondays or Wednesdays. Those days are considered unlucky. Bride arrives on the wedding covered with canopy, and the groom, rabbi and witnesses are present. The act of wedding is finished with breaking the glass. This custom of breaking the glass means that the marriage can only end if the shards of the broken glass are put back together.


In Philippines, a day before the wedding, groom has to go to the bride’s family to get their permission. To show them that he is ready  to help his future wife in domestic work, groom is tasked with some. For example, he has to wash dishes, iron or dust. A traditional Philippine wedding is held in a church. While exiting the church, newlyweds are being sprinkled with rice. Newlyweds also release two white doves as a symbol of luck and happiness in their marital life. Brides are usually dressed in white with long veil, and grooms wear traditional Philippine clothes. While newlyweds are having their first dance, guests are decorating them with money bills.




Flower girls [photo: www.weddingsonline.ie by Emma Russell Photography]

Have you ever wonder why we have the flowers and ring bearers? Some sources say the origin of flower girls goes back centuries to Ancient Rome. During the Elizabethan Era, flower girls were carrying a silver cup filled with flower petals and rosemary sprigs, and then they were creating a path of petals for the bride that leads from her house to the church.The petals were considered a symbol of fertility and thought to give the couple good luck.

Read more about the purpose of ring bearers and flower girls on The Feminist Bride.


Wedding bouquet [photo: Historia Weddings and Events by Nataschia Wielink Photography ]

Throwing the bouquet is still a custom in most of the world. But have you ever thought about how it began? Although today is just a very fun segment on weddings, it’s history is more than just that. It’s an old English custom that started accidentally. Before that, they had a custom of ripping the bride’s dress. They did that because they believed that the bride’s dress brings luck, so all single girls wanted to get a piece of the dress. Obtaining a piece of the dress meant that it will bring love and happiness.

But how it transitioned from tearing the dress to throwing a bouquet? Well, one bride was running away from the girls that wanted to tear her dress and she threw the bouquet to distract them, and accidentally created a tradition that holds up until this day. So thanks to that bride, brides don’t run anymore, they throw the bouquet and the girl who catches it will get married next.


Flowers [photo: unsplash]

Flowers are an obligatory addition to any wedding. It has always represented fidelity, a new beginning, and even fertility. Having a bouquet on a wedding dates from ancient times. Romans loved to have them on their weddings. In medieval times, they used to put various herbs in bouquets, not just flowers. You could find dill, garlic, parsley and other plants placed in bouquets. They believed that putting those herbs will keep the evil spirits away. English queen Victoria has made flowers popular as a gift of love.

Aside from flower bouquet, she also had a floral crown and flower girls. Customs that are also popular today. More than ever, actually. Each flower has it’s own meaning, so it’s good to examine them before choosing a bouquet. Rose is the most popular and it represents joy and beauty while peonies represent shyness and frightfulness.


Beautiful Wedding Cake Made by Carrie’s Cakes

There is no wedding without a cake, that is just a fact. And to support that, one of the most oldest wedding traditions is eating the cake. In middle ages, and even ancient Rome, there was a tradition to toss the wedding cake. Guess where? In the bride’s head. this bizarre custom was supposed to represent happiness and fertility. All the wedding guests would then gather around the poor bride and pick up the pieces of thrown cake as a souvenir. Girls that wanted to get married would then put a piece of that cake under a pillow, and that would help them to find a future husband quicker. Fruit cakes were a symbol of fertility , and brides had to cut them and serve them to guests alone.

There is a proof that in middle ages, cakes and pastries were stacked on top of each other forming a tower, and newlyweds had a task of kissing each other over that tower. Over the time, bride didn’t have to cut and serve the cake alone, groom joined her in that task. And along came the custom of feeding the cake. This is also popular today and it symbolizes marital life, togetherness, and love of two people who show by feeding each other the cake that they will take good care of each other.

Bride and Groom Captured by Ruti-Ben Shushan


We also have to mention another custom involving cake and it comes from Peru. For all the single girls, a special cake is made which has white ribbons placed inside. And there is a ring on only on of those ribbons. So the girl who pulls out a ribbon with a ring out of the cake, will get married soon. Also, to add, there is a tradition in Great Britain we have to tell you about. They must have a cake made out of marzipan on the wedding, and the upper part of the cake is saved until the couple has it’s first baby.

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16 Cool Indie Wedding Ideas Perfect For Autumn Weddings

16 Cool Indie Wedding Ideas Perfect For Autumn Weddings

We will first start with the word “Indie” and it’s meaning. Indie rock is short for independent rock music. It started in America during 1980’s. And as for indie weddings, we describe them to be similar to bohemian weddings, which means a lot of colors, rustic look with elements of rock. There are no rules when it comes to indie weddings. Relaxation is number one. This makes not only planning far less problematic, but it also describes newlyweds, and their personalities.

Decorations are usually an industrial looking pieces of furniture. For example, lighting, tables, chairs are combined with other bohemian elements like candles, carpets and flowers. Most important thing is to create a comfortable and relaxed look of the venue. Although indie weddings are associated with abundance of colors and bohemian style, we also have a minimalist version of indie decor. This version leans to rustic look which often can be very minimal and simple. Read below on how to decorate your indie wedding and leave everyone speechless.


Table decor [photo: Etsy]

As far as the tables go, choose long ones instead of round ones. You can pick two themes when it comes to indie weddings. One that is minimal, and other filled with colors and textures. For the second one, use large flower bouquets. Choose vintage vases or jars, or you can combine them, as it’s encouraged to use lot of different textures. For example, you can get dark green tablecloths and decorate them with eucalyptus and golden candle holders with tall white candles. You can also a cool and relaxed vibe with placing different plates and wine glasses.


Table decor [photo: Etsy]

Many fans of indie weddings opt for things they have at their homes and they re use them. Like using old wine bottles, jars, they make old clothes into very interesting napkins. You can use this as an idea. Old wine bottles are beautiful when you fill them with fairy lights or field flowers. You can also use them for marking table numbers. When planning a minimal indie wedding, make sure to stick with only 3 colors. For example, dark green, gold and white. In this decor, eucalyptus, cactuses, olive branches and big gold candle holders and crystal glasses will achieve the desired look in a very sophisticated way. Also, wooden tables and chairs are obligatory. If you decorate them with simple elements, like white flowers and candles, it will look minimal but will also keep a dose of indie style.


Stunning Arch [photo: Couture Colorado by Rae Marie Photography]

One of unavoidable decorative items on indie wedding is the arch. No matter  if it’s for a venue, or if it will be used for photos or as an entrance to the farm, the arch is something you simply need to have. We could say that it is a very wide choice. You will also have to choose if you’ll go with minimal indie style or the one more colorful and detailed. If you opt for more minimal style, decorate a simple wooden arch with eucalyptus and one long white flag. Beautifully minimal and very romantic. As for the other version, you can really play with it. Not only with flowers, but with colors and textures too. Arrange opulent flowers and leaves over the whole arch, and additionally decorate with white, dark red or purple curtains. You can also put carpet or lamps beneath the arch.



Cake Table [photo: fairytalescometruebyvicky.blogspot.com ]

Who doesn’t like cakes? And is there a wedding that can’t go without them? And does a wedding can go without at least a few of them? Because of this reasons we recommend having a table with cakes. But not any table. A table that will look beautiful not only because it has cakes on it. Go and fin and old vintage table that you can decorate additionally, like painting it. Put lavish tablecloths on it, vases filled with flowers, and of course, cakes. Decorate cakes with fresh fruits and edible flowers. Also, provide a fruit bowl. Then write all the cake info on wooden tablets. For example, gluten free, vegan, strawberry cake, and so on… You can a knife on a gorgeous plate, and plates and forks on the side so your guests can help themselves.



Wedding Decor [photo: Style Me Pretty]

Don’t just decorate the interior, the outdoor also needs your attention. Complement obligatory candles and flowers with carpets and seating area. It can be an old couch, armchair or even hay covered with rustic blankets. Blankets are a perfect example on how to make the area more pleasant and functional. Put colorful blankets on couches, armchairs and hay. You also have a campfire. Surround it with benches, and put aside a table with marshmallows and corn. This will particularly be fun for kids.



Beer Bar [photo: www.countryliving.com]

While listening to indie music, sipping a beer is a perfect thing, right? This is why we suggest having a beer bar. Make your special bar which will serve your favorite beers. It can be a self service bar, or you can have a bartender. Ideally, it will have to offer at least 2 types of favorite beers of bride and groom. Isn’t having a beer bar such a nice idea? Decorate the bar with flowers or dream catchers.



Wedding Bouquet Captured by Jenna Kutcher

Flowers are perfect for decorating the space, and it is heavily used with indie weddings. But, which types to use? Eucalyptus is a very modern choice, and great to use with minimal indie wedding theme. It’s equally great fresh and dried. Roses are unavoidable. They provide a sense of romance, and if you pick them in darker tones, it will perfectly fit into indie bohemian wedding theme. Because they are available all year around, they are not expensive and can fit any budget. Billy button is a flower that works great in big flower bouquets. Because of it’s strong yellow color, it lifts them up. We mustn’t forget field flowers where poppy flowers are the most noticeable. You can skip peonies, hydrangeas, and tulips when having a indie wedding.



Gift Idea [photo: helloislandmama.com]

One of the perfect thank you gifts would be to give each guest a small cactus. But if you’re not up for that, you can make thank you gifts in shape of cake boxes, and give them cakes that were served on your wedding. Diy candle is also a great gift idea. You can add essential oils that you love and write your names and date of your wedding on the lids. You can put gifts on tables, or you can have a table situated near the exit that will only be used for guests to take their gifts from it when leaving. You can put a nice wooden sign on the table with a “thank you for being with us on our special day” written on it.



The Best Wedding Photographers in Los Angeles. Read more here, Zank You [photo: Heirlume Photography]

Venue is one of the most important pieces of your wedding puzzle. Not only it sets the mood of the wedding and atmosphere, but it is the first thing your guests will see. And you want to impress them, right? When it comes to indie wedding, unique + rad wedding locations are a MUST! Think out of the box, and be creative. Something like a tree house, or an old sugar mill will look amazing…. or even beautiful forest brimming with all of the beauty of nature that you can imagine.

Our recommendation for venue:

Chapel of the Flowers

When we talk about indie weddings, first thing that comes to our mind is amazing music. And is there a better place to tight the knot then the King of Rock’ n Roll city, Las Vegas?

You all probably heard about the legendary Chapel of the Flowers, it is the place where weddings have taken place on the world-famous Strip for nearly 60 years. It features three unique chapels, traditional Victorian Chapel, the Tuscan- inspired La Capella Chapel and modern Magnolia Chapel. And you can also reserve the Glass Gardens, for the perfect enchanting rustic- chic outdoor wedding.



Polaroid Guest Book [photo: www.mywedding.com]

We really love this idea! It’s so unique, so cool and fun! How it works? Instead of simple guest book with just a signature, guests snap fun photo of themselves and then place their photos inside a book, with a message to bride and groom or just with their signature. Cool, right? Best of all, you’ll only need an instant camera, like a Polaroid Or Instax, ton of film and extra batteries.You guests will love this!



Hanging Bottles Idea [photo: www.rockmywedding.co.uk by Jonathan Ong]

Hanging vases are definitely one of the best trends that we hope is here to stay. Not only it is perfect for indoor and outdoor decor, but it really gives that rustic and industrial feel. Best of all, you don’t need a ton of flowers to recreate the look, which is great if you are on a tight budget. You can use old beer, wine and milk bottles…  or even old light bulbs to achieve this look. Cut the twine to the appropriate length, and wrap it around the neck of the bottle, add your favorite flowers, and hang them on the tree. Easy, right?

You can also use bottles as a giant wish tree. Ask your guests to write a wish on a luggage tag and then tie it around the neck of a bottle.



Teepee [photo: crazyforus.com ]

Teepee as a arch? Yes, yes, yes! It looks super cool, especially on your wedding pictures, and it is probably the easiest way to get that indie, boho look. They can be decorated with macramé, dream catchers, bold flowers, greenery and whatever else comes to your mind.



Hankies For Happy Tears [photo: Green Wedding Shoes]

Such a cute idea! Have a different vintage hankies for your guests at the ceremony when things get emotional.



Vintage Rugs [photo: www.birchandbrass.com by The Nichols Photographers]

If you want to add a touch of eclectic flair to your big day, vintage rugs are perfect for you. Not to mention, they are HUGE TREND! Whether you’re planning an indoor or outdoor wedding, there are so many ways to incorporate these colorful textiles into your wedding decor. Mix and match similarly patterned rugs to achieve that indie vibe. We love the look of Persian rugs, but if you want to go in the other direction, bring in the vibrant colorful rugs for a fun look.

You can find the rugs on your local antique store, or even your Grandma’s house, and you’ll have the prettiest wedding aisle in the world.



Vintage Bath Tub [photo: tendenciasdebodas.com]

There are so many creative ways to have drinks reserved for your outdoor events. But have you ever thought about the vintage bath tub to hold you booze? It is genius!



Claddagh Ring Silver [photo: www.claddaghdesign.com ]

Wedding ring are the most important piece of jewelry you’ll ever own. After all, you will wear it every day, your whole life. It is a symbol of love, commitment and faithfulness of your spouse to you.  With that in mind,  wedding ring should represent both, bride and groom. It must be spectacular, something that you both like. When it comes to indie wedding rings, they are anything but traditional. With unusual shapes, designs, stones… There are so many great jewelry designers which offer perfect rings for indie wedding. From Lauren Wolf Jewelry Lizzie Mandler to the amazing Claddagh Design.



Boutonniere [photo: Etsy]

How beautiful is this boutonniere? We found it on Etsy. They  contain a few springs of dried natural seeded eucalyptus, dried, natural blue thistle, dried natural lavender and silvery gray ministar flower spays, in different combinations depending on each boutonniere theme in this set. One of them features feathers and also bronze, rose gold leaves.  It is really a beautiful natural composition that can become a keepsake, it is perfect for adding the perfect touch of greenery to indie bohemian wedding.

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18 Food and Decor Ideas for a Unique Circus-Themed Wedding

18 Food and Decor Ideas for a Unique Circus-Themed Wedding

When planning a wedding first thing you have to do is set a theme. Nowadays a lot of newlyweds doesn’t wish for a traditional wedding. They want to make it their own, special. They want their wedding to stand out and leave the guests speechless. From the plenitude of themes and ways to realize them, we decided to dedicate this article to the Carnival theme. Is there anything more fun and unusual? We’re sure that the answer is no. Your special day under the masks will surely be unforgettable. The guests will certainly be thrilled to participate in this theme if you include them. Jugglers, acrobats, clowns, abundance of cotton candy, dancing and all around fun. Sounds perfect! But how to make it to look flawless, where to have this kind of wedding, and how to realize it all? A lot of questions, but don’t worry, we have the answers.


Bride And Groom Captured by Herman Au Photography

Here are 18 food and decor ideas for a unique and fun circus-themed wedding. Check them out!




Circus Wedding Invitation [photo: Etsy]

As we always say, invitations are here to not only for the date and the location of the wedding, but for the theme as well. With them starts excitement and joy and counting the days before the special day. It’s really important that invitations are creative, quality made and perfectly designed. Because of the Carnival theme, we suggest you to opt for colorful and cheerful invitations. Or maybe make them look like tickets for the amusement park. Interesting, right?

We found perfect ones on Etsy that are so creative that you won’t be able to resist them. With their red, blue, yellow and white colors they really look like vintage circus tickets. And a huge plus with us, as always, is that they are hand made.These Carnival wedding invitations are printed on high quality matte card stock. We believe that the guests will be thrilled.



Candy Bar [photo: www.yourhomebasedmom.com ]

You simply must have a candy bar, because what’s a carnival without it? Make sure that it’s not just a regular table with deserts. Let it be in red color, or red and white stripes. On vintage signs, similar to invitations, label the candy you’ll have: pop corn, lollipops, cupcakes, candy apples… Decorate them with little flags and baskets in vibrant colors. Don’t forget about cotton candy, sweets, peanuts. Each candy and cake should be in interesting bowls, add confetti and balloons. They will make it more special to the table and make it more interesting.



Stunning Wedding bouquet [photo: Pexels]

Flowers are a very important detail on every wedding, and this one is not an exception. You just need to adjust it to the theme. You can stick with the traditional choice and pick out a colorful and diverse bouquet. It can be decorated with feathers and pearls. OR you can opt for something totally special, fun and boldly. Something like a bouquet of candies. This decision will not make the youngest guests happy, but also girls when you’ll be throwing the bouquet.



Stunning Red Wedding Dress [photo: Etsy]

For picking out the dress we suggest to be brave as you were when choosing the wedding theme. What about this red wedding dress? This is not a traditional choice, but why not go for something completely different? We found this red dress on Etsy, and when we saw it, we must admit that it has won us over immediately! Beautiful, lavish, but at the same time romantic and elegant. Upper part is made out of beautiful quality lace, with subtle neckline. It continues into a sumptuous dress made of tulle material. It gives it a sort of a magical look. Dress has an open back, but it’s made very decently and gorgeous. We suggest  to style your hair inspired by 1920’s or 1940’s era. You can decorate it with tapes or hair clips in Great Gatsby style. These tapes and hair clips are quite beautiful and rich in details. For additional accessories, you can have elbow length gloves in the same color as the dress, and of course, unavoidable diamonds.


Unique Wedding Dress [photo: eveyclothing.com]

If you are looking for something a bit different, special and unique, Rainbow Light Bride dresses are perfect for you. In these dresses you will shine. But really! It might look a normal wedding dress in a daylight, but after you push of a single button it lights up! Perfect for Carnival themed wedding, right?



Colorful Table Decor [photo: www.weddingchicks.com ]

Like the entire wedding venue, the tables should also be creative and fun. We suggest a few ideas. One of them is tables filled with colorful flowers. You can put them in different vases that are decorated with carnival tickets. You can add balloons, or you can put flowers in pop corn boxes. Phenomenal, right? Another interesting but also a simple DIY idea is to take plastic toy animals (tigers, lions, elephants, giraffes…) and spray paint them gold. You can arrange them in the middle of the table, or hot glue them on sticks and put them in bouquets. Don’t forget to put confetti baskets on the tables too. Plates and glasses in this case do not have to match. Play with colors, textures and materials. More unusual and different, better.



Colorful Sign [photo: karaspartyideas.com]

A very nice decorative detail is certainly a road sign. Although this is mostly used on rustic wedding, why not use it for a carnival one, too? You can have signs for food, dessert table, game area, dance floor… The only important thing is that the signs follow the theme. Make sure that it’s in colors, more vibrant the better, and written in interesting fonts. Different colors and shapes will give them that fun and relaxed look that you wish to achieve.



Suit [photo: pixabay.com]

Although the bride’s outfit is the most spoken of, we must not forget the groom’s. this time we will not go for traditional suits. We suggest vintage suits, inspired with early 1920’s. Something in Great Gatsby style. Striped suit, vest, shirt and tie of course with addition of a hat will look flawless. This suit is simply timeless. You can accessorize it with a fun lapel, for example made of feathers with a occasional flower. Because it’s a carnival theme, that doesn’t mean you don’t need to be elegant. Just think of magicians. They were always radiant, special and elegant.



Photo Prop [photo: by Gigi Hickman]

One of the most fond memories from the weddings are photos. And because of that we suggest you have a photo booth. Put carnival red and white curtains and the place you designated to be a photo booth. Don’t forget to put out various props. We suggest clown hats, mouths, mustaches, oversize glasses…Decorate the booth with balloons, flowers and decorative flags. You can also set up a kissing booth. Why not? You may set up some single friends, and go on double dates later. Just emphasize that the kissing booth is for kissing only.



Popcorn Bar [photo: Bloglovin, Pen N’ Paperflowers ]

Looking for a fun and different wedding detail to add to your wedding day? Wedding popcorn bar is perfect for that. Even Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds had one for their wedding too! Try to choose at least two or three different flavors, because not all guests enjoy candied popcorn and may prefer a traditional salted or savory. Fill them in either traditional cartons, paper cones or bags. You can also customize the bags, with your name and wedding date for an extra special touch. Your guests will love it!



Dance-floor Decor [photo: Green Wedding Shoes]

Spice up your circus themed wedding by making the most of the outdoors. Not only it is the ideal way to tie the knot, but you can also have a reception and dinner under the stars. Magical, right?

It is always a good idea to have a plan B, just in case the weather doesn’t cooperate. You can rent an actual circus tent, and it will look amazing.

Our recommendation for venue:



One of the most beautiful rock formations of any cave in England, with a choice of three chambers, Wookey Hole Caves is a perfect venue for your circus themed wedding. It is surrounded by clear pools and soft candlelight, and it can hold up to 110 guests.

After your ceremony, you can also hold your wedding reception there. The Restaurant is Circus themed, which is perfect. From the stunning chandeliers, decorative mirrors to the colorful drapes. Best of all it has a capacity to seat up to 200 guests.



Wedding Cake [photo: www.craftsy.com ]

When the circus comes to town, it’s often an extravagant occasion, and that’s how you wedding cake should look like. Extravagant, eye-catching and memorable. Filled with details, such as traditional circus tent, carnival tickets,  Ferris wheel and attractions…

To help you a bit with choosing, here are the latest wedding cake trends by American Cake Decorating Magazine.



Games [photo: www.vcsphoto.com]

You can’t have a circus themed wedding without classic carnival games. From the ring toss (throw a ring around a bottle and win a prize!) to the tin can knock down ( stack up cans and let guests throw bean bags to knock down the tower of cans), balloon shoot to the classical Jenga (you can create a life-size set of blocks). Games will keep your guests engaged and entertained while you are off being photographed or changing outfits. Perfect, right?



Flower Girl Dresses [photo: Princessly]

In these cute red Princessly dresses, your flower girls will shine! And may just steal the show on your big day. The dress is made of red lace and tulle fabric, it is fully lined, and it has a cute gold bow for a sparkle look. Dress can be custom made in any length you want.



Pinwheel Boutonniere [photo: www.evermine.com ]

Pinwheels are such a fun and simple way to add a handmade feel to your special day. They are also a unique alternative to using flowers for boutonniere. Best of all, you can coordinate them with your wedding colors by choosing decorative papers that fit your theme.

Find the DIY here



Hot Dog Stand [photo: Green Wedding Shoes]

Imagine having your very own hot dog cart! Now THIS is how you take the ordinary and make it extraordinary! It is a fun way for your family and friends to enjoy hot dogs with all the trimmings. And if you are creative enough you can also have you signature hot dog with your fave toppings!



Kissing Booth [photo: www.lovemydress.net]

Why not add a little fun for you wedding guest with a kissing booth? Not only it will be a unique decor detail to your wedding, but it will be amazing backdrop for your pictures too.  You can also include some cute props and personalized designs.



Cotton Candy Favors [photo: www.shutterfly.com by Tim Robison Creative]

Say ‘thanks’ to your guests with these cute cotton-candy treat bags. Your guests will always remember what a sweet night they had!

You can also personalize the bags with cool and unique labels with your name and wedding date on it. We love the labels from evermine.com, they come in so many different styles and shapes, so we are sure everyone will find the perfect one for their wedding.



LOVE Letters Marquee Sign [photo: Etsy]

Hang a glowing marquee love sign with light bulbs to be used as a great backdrop. And it will look amazing! We found the perfect one on Etsy. Each letter is handmade using industrial metal edging and hand distressed rustic wood.

Best of all, it can be easily hung on your wall or placed freestanding on a shelf or fireplace after your big day!

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20 Earthly Toned Decor and Food Ideas for a Stylish Fall Garden Wedding

20 Earthly Toned Decor and Food Ideas for a Stylish Fall Garden Wedding

Did you know that October has officially replaced June as the most popular month to get married? It’s easy to see why. Fall weddings are magical! Not only you will have the best natural wedding decoration ever (hello, colorful leaves and pumpkin centerpieces!), but also the cozy atmosphere perfect for creating classic memories.


Bride And Groom Captured by Chris Barber Photography


If you are a bride who is planning a fall wedding, there is still enough time to add some finishing touches. Decor and wedding theme are the first things to think about. To highlight that it’s a fall wedding, try to incorporate earthy tones like orange, burgundy, dark green and yellow. Use as many natural props as you can, such as leaves, pumpkins, apples. And we can’t forget the candles. They really add that romantic, mystical touch.

To help you a bit with planning, we have gathered the best earthly tone styling ideas perfect for fall garden wedding.




Pumpkin Place Cards [photo: www.intimateweddings.com]

One of our favorite ways to incorporate fall into seating cards is with cute mini pumpkins. All you need to do is attach the seating-card tags with raffia or twine onto the pumpkins, and that’s all. If you want to give your pumpkins a cool, chic look, paint them with white or metallic acrylic paint and it will look amazing.




Backyard wedding [photo: www.magnoliarouge.com]

An outdoor fall wedding can be so charming and sweet! And best of all, you don’t need any decorations, let the nature do its best. For the rustic and bohemian themed wedding opt for a charming barn or a ranch.

Our recommendation for venue:

Central Park, New York

Is there something more romantic, then a beautiful and peaceful Central Park in the heart of New York City? The most romantic movie scenes are filmed there. From the movies like Serendipity, to the most famous and beloved romantic comedy When Harry Met Sally, to the American classic Breakfast at Tiffany’s. If you want to have your own romantic story at Central Park, it’s possible. Check out Wed In Central Park website, for the one-one advice, guidance and suggestions.




Boutonniere [photo: Etsy]

A simple fall-inspired boutonniere is a perfect accessory for the groom and his groomsmen. If you are creative enough you can make them yourself and save money at the same time. Incorporate the autumnal elements such as pinecone or fresh-dried thistles and mini lavenders.

We found beautiful ones on Etsy. Made of preserved flowers, dried baby’s breath flower and mini lavenders with fall stems.




Wedding Cake Captured by Tierney Photography

When it comes to naked wedding cakes, it is all about simplicity. This trend has been hot for a while now. And it is perfect for fall weddings. Not only these cakes look rustic, but they are so delicious. They can be beautifully topped with lush flowers or delectable filled with fruits like berries, pears, figs.

For even more rustic look you can put a cake on a wooden stump instead of a standard stand.




Black Candles [photo: thebridelink.com]

For the elegant and mystical look, incorporate black and gold details into the decor such as golden cutlery, black tall candlesticks or even the black feathers in the middle of centerpiece.




Tent [photo: www.theoverwhelmedbride.com]

How cute is this tent? It really has that rustic, bohemian vibe. If you are hosting a garden wedding, you can have one too. It will be a perfect place for taking pictures. And your guests will love it.




Bride And Groom Captured by Katie Dervin Photography

Swings have definitely become a must-have at weddings for the past few years. And we must admit it is one of the marvelous ideas for indoor and  outdoor wedding reception. There is something whimsical and romanticabout them.

Wedding swings are often decorated with greenery garlands and flowers to complement the rest of the wedding decor. They are also like the tent perfect for taking romantic photos.




Stunning Cake [photo: www.rosalindmillercakes.com]

How beautiful is this cake? It has Fall written all over it. Made by Rosalind Miller Cakes, this completely unique 4 tier wedding cake is decorated with stunning sugar flowers in a vibrant array of Autumnal colours, including Roses, Clematis, Anemones, Thistles and Blossoms.




Invitations [photo: www.invitationsbydawn.com ]

Incorporate the style of the fall season with rich colors such as oranges, reds and chocolate browns, these colors will instantly set the tone of the wedding, and give a soothing feeling to your occasion. We found the perfect one by Invitations By Dawn. If features feathered leaf design with beautiful autumn colors, and the satin ribbon in your choice of color for a finishing touch.



Invitations [photo: www.theartintara.com]

Minimal lover? Than this luxe printed marble invitation is perfect for you.The best of all it can be personalized with your choice of printing method, font, ink and paper options.




Dessert [photo: kempandkempcatering.co.uk]

Being gluten-free or vegan sometimes feels limiting when it comes to desserts. So it is always a great idea to have something for everyone. There are so many options, from cupcakes, cookies, lemon bars to the cakes. You can make them yourself or you can order, there are a lot of caterings that offer a vegan and gluten-free menus. Our recommendation – Kemp And Kemp Catering.




Apple Pie Bar [photo: www.southernliving.com]

Do you know someone who doesn’t like apple pie? We don’t! This american classic is loved by everyone. It is often served at lunches, dinners and celebrations. So why not having it on your wedding? One of the autumn flavours are certainly apples, so because of that you should use them and offer them to your wedding guests. If the autumn is warm, you can serve it with a scoop of vanilla ice cream, and for those cold autumn days, we recommend hot cider.

How to make and apple pie bar? Very simple. Dedicate a table for it, put a tablecloth on it, pies and label them. For example, classic apple pie, apple and walnut pie, caramel apple pie… Decorate the table with autumn leaves or a bouquet of sunflowers, and the table will paint a beautiful autumn picture. Perfect, right?




Table Setting [photo: bridalmusings.com]

Autumn weddings are perfect for decor. There are so much things from nature that you can use to create a perfect autumn decor. Take a walk in the forest and collect acorns, leaves, twigs, pinecones and use them to decorate tables. Use candles as well. They create a pleasant feeling and warmth. And not to mention how romantic they look. Because autumn nights can get cold, you can put blankets on chairs or benches, and your guests can use them in case they get chilly. And again, you will achieve a warm feeling. Play with earthy tones like brown, orange or red. Pumpkins, apples and leaves can be put in bowls and be used as table centerpieces instead of flower arrangements. Sunflowers are obligatory autumn flowers, and you can put them in old wine bottles and they will look great. Keep cozy!




Pumpkin Centerpiece [photo: www.weddingideasmag.com]

What is a first thing that pops in your mind when we say autumn? Pumpkins? Same as we. Along with being sooo tasty in cakes, soups and other dishes, pumpkins are great for decor too, and not only for Halloween. With so many types to choose from, we recommend the smaller ones for centerpieces. There are so many ways to play with them. One of those is to use them as vases. Simply hollow them out, and put beautiful autumn bouquets in them. You can also just simply put them along the table center, very simple yet effective. Pumpkins can also serve as candle holders, again hollow them out and put candles in. They will create a beautiful atmosphere.




Welcome sign [photo: Couture Colorado]

It’s nice to let your guests know that you are happy that they came and that they’ll celebrate your happiest day with you. And how to let them know that? Apart from, of course, hugs and thanks, you can also put a welcoming sign. This has become very modern, and newlyweds have been putting them on the entrance for the last few years. How to make them fit the autumn theme? Very simple! Wooden signs are the best choice. You can decorate them with gold color, candles and pumpkins. You can also carve your welcoming message on a pumpkin.




Wedding Bouquet [photo: pexels]

Make sure that you play with the colors of your autumn bouquets. Dark red, orange and green with a hint of white will look phenomenal. Along with unavoidable sunflowers, you can use other seasonal flowers. Rose, dahlia, fressia, carnation, amaranthus, aster, cockscomb… Let your bouquets be rich, vibrant, and filled with autumn colors. You can also decorate them with a rustic tape.




Dress [photo: Princessly]

It is also good to play with textures and colors when it comes to bridesmaids dresses. Along with single colored ones, you can find the ones with prints, like flower print that is a huge trend. Red is a color that goes perfectly with autumn. And it looks great on everybody. And because of that we picked it out as our number 1. But don’t go for too simple, make sure that they have some eye catching detail, like this Princessly bridesmaids dress. It is made in beautiful red color with minimal neckline and with full open back. Shoulders have puffy bows which make this dress totally different that any other. Because this dress is so beautiful, you will only need a minimal bouquet to go with it.


17. ARCH


Arch [photo: happywedd.com]

A detail that has become a must if you’re having an outdoor wedding is the arch. How to decorate it? If it’s made of wood, we recommend flowers and leaves. And if made of metal, you can play with different materials and create a truly romantic atmosphere. White sheets decorated with golden leaves and branches can create a true movie-like atmosphere. Just remember the movie Twilight. Those branches and small white flowers created an unforgettable mood. And that is what you’re going for. If you get playful with earthy tones, branches are the backbone of everything. Use flowers and curtains to decorate them, and success is guaranteed.




White truffle sponge [photo: bubblefood.com]

For the food, make sure it’s seasonal. Pumpkins, mushrooms and forest fruit are an ideal start. If you’re a big foodie and love food more than everything, you’ll want it to be perfect not only in taste but in looks, too. What do you say on canapes with mushrooms? Truffle sponge, hon shimeji and white truffle cream. Sounds delicious! And the looks of it, it takes your breath away. If you want something like this, then Bubble Food Catering could be your choice.




Candy Corn Gift Bags [photo: sayyes.com ]

It’s always nice and polite to thank your guests for coming. But how to be creative with it? Candy apples are a true autumn classic, what you say on them? We believe that the guests will be thrilled. Another classic autumn candy is candy corn. Fill decorative bags with it, decorate them with tape and thank you card. You can also have a traditional thank you card in autumn colors, or in a shape of a leaf that says thank you for fulfilling our day along with your names and wedding date. Scented candles are another great gift. choose one with autumn aromas, to remind them of your wedding. decorate with tape, and that’s it. Simple but special




Cocktails [photo: www.brides.com]

Do you like cocktails? Then this idea is for you. You can consult with your bartender in making your special wedding cocktail and name it after you, or your surname. Being that the autumn is the theme, we suggest that the cocktail has a fitting color with details that will follow the theme. For example, a cocktail with apples and cinnamon, forest fruit, caramel apple martini, whiskey apple, cider, blackberry mojito. There’s a lot of ideas, let your cocktail tell a story about you. Maybe you had mojitos on your fist date? Then why not have it as your signature drink, with some additions? Most important is that you like it. Cheers!

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How to Plan Nautical-Themed Wedding on a Budget

How to Plan Nautical-Themed Wedding on a Budget

For the last few years, it has become very important for the newlyweds that their wedding has a theme. Which means that everything from cake, invitations and decorations should follow a specific theme that the happy couple have picked. This way, the whole story of wedding is well rounded and everything looks perfect to the very last detail. It’s important to strive for perfection but also to save some money while doing so. Being that the summer is still hot, nautical weddings or nautical theme weddings are very popular. The details are very important in this theme if we wish to capture the whole seaside atmosphere.


Real Wedding: Chelsie and Daisy, Full Story at Equally Wed

If you’re among the lucky ones that are having an open air wedding or maybe on a boat or a beach, then this theme won’t pose a problem for you, and you will fairly easy achieve that atmosphere. But, if you’re not among those previously mentioned, then you will need a lot more details, and when trying to save some money, a lot more imagination and DIY moments. Classic sailor symbols like anchors, seashells, sailor stripes, sand or even fish will be a must have on this wedding, and you will save money by making those on your own, leaving you to spend more on important things like food and location.


When it comes to nautical themed wedding, most of the couples opt for a beach as their wedding venue. And, we understand why. There is no better way of getting married than barefoot in the sand, with the sounds of waves crashing on the shore, and the wind playing with your veil. Not to mention it is picture-perfect. But, when selecting the location for your beach wedding, you should be very careful. Most beaches are usually windy, so try to pick  a cove or an area that is sheltered from direct winds. Also, it is always a good idea to have a plan B, just in case the weather doesn’t cooperate. Check out indoor spaces close by, or maybe a tent option.


Wedding Venue [photo: pexels]

If you are looking for something a bit more unique, a lighthouse is perfect for that. Not only it has a charm, but it is historic, mysterious and more affordable than you may think. And it will be a totally unique experience for you and your guests.


Our recommendation for venue:



Wedding Venue [photo: solentforts.com]

Just one hour away from Central London, surrounded by the waves of the Solent and with its imposing architecture, Solent Forts is the ultimate venue for your romantic and unique wedding reception.

You can choose between two locations. Spitbank Fort, which include eight luxury bedroom suites, wine cellar, champagne bar, original bolt hole and lighthouse, rooftop hot pool and fire pit. It is perfect for small weddings (up to 60 guests).

No Man’s Fort with stunning panoramic view of the fierce beauty and dramatic seascape. It also includes sauna and spa treatments, rooftop hot tubs, and fire pit. And it can host up to 200 guests.




Wedding dress [photo: unsplash]

While selecting the wedding location is probably the most important step, wedding dress is what really wows the guests. And the nautical themed wedding calls for a romantic, relaxed gown. Agree?

When choosing the dress you will need to consider a number of factors. Think all that sand and wind. Look for flowing, lightweight fabrics like organza and chiffon, fabric that are ideal for those sea breezes. Trains can also be problematic on the beach. As they drag in the sand and end up looking dirty in just a few minutes. With that in mind, opt for short wedding dress, they will look amazing, and you don’t have to worry about the sand.


Our recommendation for dress:


Wedding dress [photo: Lucy Can’t Dance]

If you are a bride that wants to stand out from the crowd in a bespoke dress with a difference, than this Lucy Can’t Dance dress is perfect for you. Made of 100% silk fabric with tulle overlay skirt, and dip dyed in a subtle frost grey, this dress is perfect for nautical themed wedding. It is elegant yet lightweight. It features V neckline, stunning bodice covered in hand sewn lace leaf appliqués and a beautiful open back.



The cake should be part of the wedding, and should fall into the theme too. It is one of the most important focal points of the day, after all. Choose a cake that is compatible with the style of the venue and the season. You can decorate your cake with treasures of the sea like shells, coral and pearls. And it will look amazing.


Wedding cake [photo: www.loveandlavender.com]

If you are looking something more alternative, you can always opt for cupcakes. We must admit that we don’t know person who doesn’t like them. You can decorate cupcakes with blue icing and sea shells made of white chocolate. Be creative.


Wedding Cake Made by Nevie-pie Cakes

For those who want something healthier you can serve raw cake or cookies. Although the cakes are a more traditional choice, it would be very good and interesting to serve ice cream at a nautical themed wedding. You can even out ice cream makers so the guests can help themselves. This will surely put a smile on their faces.




Make-up by Multi Award winner Laura Dawson


Nautical themed wedding are mostly held in Summer. And we all know what that means. High temperatures, humidity, sun, sweat. Just because all these reasons, summer makeup requires a more natural, fresh  ‘no makeup’ look. It takes a little effort and good make up products, but the result is amazing. BB cream with SPF factor, a little bit of corrector, if needed and coral lipstick.  And that’s all.


Hairstyle [photo: unsplash]

When it comes to beach wedding hairstyle, there is so many possibilities. From the classic ponytail to the humidity-friendly updos to the beautiful nautical hair accessories to top off the look. And we can’t forget the braids and loose waves for that beachy vibe.




Bride And Groom Captured by David West Photography

Being that the groom also has to shine, it is necessary to choose a appropriate outfit and details that comes with it. Because of the nautical theme, we suggest to abandon the classic black suit and choose one in gentler colors (beige, sand color, light blue), or navy blue. You don’t even need to have a jacket, with nautical style it’s all about being relaxed, so you can afford wearing unbuttoned white linen shirt. Instead of shoes, you can opt for loafers. When it comes to accessories, you can choose a fun bow tie, or a vest. Go for light and airily materials, they will fit the theme perfectly.




Invitations [photo: www.catchmyparty.com]

As with every wedding, invitations play a significant role. They start the story. And with nautical theme weddings, it would be nice to give your guests an idea that the wedding will be in that theme. Make a small revelation that they may be surrounded by sea, maybe eating some sea food, that they wouldn’t have to wear shoes because they will enjoy walking in soft sand with their bare feet.

There’s a broad choice when picking out invitations. From messages in the bottle, stripe ones, or even in a seashell. So how to save money? DIY is a perfect choice. If you have some extra time on your hands and a lot of friends and sisters this could be an interesting and quickly done project. A perfect example of nautical invitations are the ones in a bottle, and they are very simple to make. Put some sand and decorative seashells in glass bottles, and roll a piece of paper with all the needed information (time, date, location etc.) and put it in the bottle. Use a cork, and if you want, you can put a decorative golden tape. Perfect and simple, right?




Get Inspired by this Navy and White Nautical Wedding, Wedding Chicks


Decor is a very important part of the wedding. It brings the theme to life, creates an atmosphere and makes your guests more comfortable. That, of course, stands if the decor is made nice and well. You always have two options, to hire a decorator or to do it yourself. Hiring a decorator is easier, but more expensive. So if you’re looking to save money, we suggest DIY. It is very important to choose a color palette that will be presented in all aspects of the wedding. For nautical themed wedding the aim is to achieve a beach like setting during a perfect summer night. You will start with choosing appropriate lighting. Forget about neon lights and disco bowls.


Wedding Decor [photo: Wedding Chicks]

Candles and a whole lot of string lights and fairy lights will create a beautiful ambient that will look perfect, soothing, gentle and attractive. Along with playing with lights, decorate tables with seashells. They are the best when it comes to seaside decor. Candles and seashells should be in center of tables. You can even put them with sand in short vases, it will look very romantic. Anchors and corals are also very good details that will attract attention. Play with colors like navy blue, white and sand color. Put fishing nets on chairs, or decorate the entrance with them. You will save money and at the same time make your venue more prettier.



Guest book is a must have on a wedding! A classic guest book is a place where your guests can leave you a well wishing note or a their impressions of your wedding. But in the last few years, guest books got a whole different look and shape, and have become more fun and imaginative. But their purpose remains the same, to leave newlyweds a fond memory for their whole life.

You can of course make your own guest book. A simple way is to take a big jar, decorate it with seashells, leave small papers and pencils in front of it and a small plank that says: please leave us a message to read on our anniversary. This is a very simple, effective and low cost way. If you want something different and at the same time unique, you can try with the local artist or a wedding shop. We found you a very interesting version of a guest book on Etsy. It is shaped like a big clam, and your guests should leave their names on smaller clams and put them on the big one. This very special guest book is handmade.


Guest Book [photo: Etsy]




Food [photo: www.modernwedding.com.au]

If you are big food lovers, then your wedding menu will be of great importance. Your nautical theme wedding menu should include fish, seafood, light summer salads and light deserts. It is important to have fresh food and have it well prepared, so you should save money on it. You can decorate desserts with edible chocolate seashells, and for drinks choose cocktails and wine. Have your cocktail barman decorate them like he would for guests on a beach. This will really make your guests happy. Also don’t forget your vegetarian friends and those who don’t like fish.

And if there’s children on your wedding, having a kid’s menu would be great. It should include pasta with tuna, salads, crab cakes, french fries and light cakes. You can also serve seasonal fruits like watermelon, melons, grapes, or even ice cream, a perfect way to refresh.




Get Inspired by this stunning ceremony on a boat, Love Our Wedding

Flowers are always a priority on weddings, especially for brides and not only for bouquets, but for tables as well. Their role in decorations is very big. Every flower has it’s meaning and is used for different wedding themes. To save money, opt for flowers that are in season. For a nautical theme wedding, you can choose calla flowers that bloom in spring and summer. They represent elegance and beauty. Another ideal flower are daisies. They are in bloom all year, so are not expensive. Hydrangea is a beautiful flower, and fit for every wedding, especially nautical. They represent understanding and are blooming in spring and autumn. You can even pick them out in gentle blue.


Table Decor [photo: www.modwedding.com ]



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