3 Tips on how to find the right wedding shoes

3 Tips on how to find the right wedding shoes

Your wedding dress may be the highlight of your Big Day, but picking the right shoes is essential to make your wedding comfortable. Everyone wants an unforgettable wedding and the last thing you’ll want is to have blisters a few hours into the special event. Once you have the right dress, it’s time to find the perfect shoes. Here are some helpful tips on how to find the right shoes for your special day!

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1. Heels or Flats

Remember that you’re likely to be on your feet all day, so you’re going to want to choose something that’s really comfortable. If you’re used to wearing heels, they might not bother you as much as they would do other people.

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However, if you don’t usually wear heels, you might want to go with a beautiful pair of flats or even  sneakers if you want to be a little kinder to your feet.




2. Color

While most people suggest choosing a shade that exactly matches your dress, there’s no rule that says you have to. If you want to spice things up, choose a color that matches the flowers in your bouquet, the sash on your wedding dress or your bridal jewelry. Choose a shoe with metallic elements or glitter to really make a statement.

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Check out the support inside the shoes you’re considering. Do the shoes have an arch and cushioning inside or are they flat and unforgiving? If you find the perfect pair of wedding shoes and they’re not very supportive, you can always purchase an insert to make it more comfortable for wearing all day.


Overall, you want to look for a shoe that has it all: comfort, beauty and one that’s the perfect match to your dress. Now, start to get your perfect shoes with these tips,and you'll be the most beautiful bride on your BIG day!

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Top 6 Colors for Bridesmaid Dresses

Top 6 Colors for Bridesmaid Dresses

There is a lot of anticipation on the big day and it does not exclude your bridesmaids. The role of the bridesmaids is very important to the wedding. It's easy to fall in love with the mismatched bridesmaid dresses, but pulling it off is a difficult task to everyone, especially choosing the color. How to choose a color for bridesmaid? Come and see!


Number 1. Pink

A great shade for summer wedding venues.


Number 2. Golden

This is a all-match color.


Number 3. Blue

This color is popular these years.


Number 4. Purple

It looks very noble.


Number 5. Green

The maids would be happy having to sport this color.


Number 6. Black

It's a sexy color for sexy girls.


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The Timeless Style of Backless Wedding Dresses

The Timeless Style of Backless Wedding Dresses

A backless wedding dress adds a perfect touch of sexiness to your special day. It is a timeless style and the perfect choice for the bride who wants a look elegantly sexy. It is important to find a dress that fits your personality and your wedding theme. Here are the numerous types of backless wedding dresses for your selection.


"Backless wedding gowns are a hot trend that is here to stay for a while. Backless wedding gowns are very romantic so an intimate setting would be ideal to flaunt this type of wedding gown."



The backless dresses creates clear back lines.


You will adore this beautiful wedding dress.


This backless wedding dress will attract all eyes to your back.


This looks stunning.


The backless wedding dresses show your curves.


Backless wedding dresses can be a better choice for anyone.

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6 Popular Styles / Types of Bridesmaid Dresses

6 Popular Styles / Types of Bridesmaid Dresses

The best supporting group at your wedding are the bridesmaids. Finding your bridesmaids' dresses can perhaps be one of the most exciting things to do in the preparation of your wedding. Here we have some popular styles of bridesmaid dresses for your bridesmaids and maid of honor!


"An eclectic bridal party has an effortless feel and adds beautiful dimension to your wedding and photos. In addition, your bridesmaids will appreciate choosing their bridesmaid dress colors and/or styles allowing each individual’s personality to shine a bit. Not to mention, there’s no stress trying to find a color and style that fits and flatters each member of your ‘maids, especially if your bridal includes women of varying sizes, shapes and skin tones."

by davidsbridal.com


1. A v-back dress


2. A strapless dress


3. A sweetheart dress


4. A straight dress


5. A one-shoulder dress


6. A scoop-neck dress

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Classic Romantic Dresses For Your Classic Romantic Wedding

Classic Romantic Dresses For Your Classic Romantic Wedding

Marriage is a blessed event full of happiness. We want the romantic atmosphere for the special day. It is significant that a romantic wedding dress adds a unique touch of romance to your wedding. Here are a few wedding dresses to match your classic romantic wedding.


"When searching for a wedding dress, you're probably looking for a gown that flatters your figure, is within budget, and will look great in your venue. But it turns out that your relationship style with your future spouse can be a great indicator of the type of dress you'll choose. The classic romantic is every bit elegant as it is timeless and embraces your femininity with sweet details- just like your relationship!"


“You're a Romantic at heart. Choosing a gown rich in feminine details will lend a charming, romantic appeal to your wedding day look.Think of delicate Lace for its femininity and history. Sheer Silk Chiffon is ethereal and enchanting. Body skimming sheath silhouettes conjure up amorous emotion. And layers of tulle capture a dream-like quality that is whimsical and positively romantic. Romance is everything."


by  Amy Kuschel.com


Feel sexy and confident on this wedding dress.


Intricate lace detail adds a unique touch of romance to your look.


Glamorous detail will have you feeling pretty as you walk down the aisle.


The soft layers of tulle will make your groom want to sweep you right off of your feet!


A classic wedding dress will make your love story come to life on your special day.


Nothing says romance like embroidery does on this gown!


This one will make you feel free to dance the day away without worrying about breaking a sweat!

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How to choose the perfect wedding dress by the bride's figure / silhouette

How to choose the perfect wedding dress by the bride's figure / silhouette

Marriage is the happiest moment for every girl. Having your own wedding dress that fits your very silhouette makes you the center of the day. Here are 8 kinds of nice wedding dresses for the beautiful woman who is going to get married, each of which corresponds to a different shape. This article will help you get through the following tips so that you can find what type of wedding dress should you wear according to your figure.

1. Trailing wedding dress

Suitable for girls: slender and tall girls

The girl's tall figure and curved beauty can be displayed heartily. 

Highlights: A lot of air texture, transparent lace, light textured layers of yarn, and different materials of collage show the delicate beauty and the feminine tenderness incisively and vividly. It makes the bride look formal, sacred and noble.

2. Bubble wedding dress

Suitable for girls: petite girls

The design of the high waist elongated the lines of legs and a V-neck will make the neck look more slender.

Highlights: Layers of gauze and fluffy skirts make the bride look cute.

3. Strapless wedding dress

Suitable for girls: the chest plump girls

A perfect display of the bride's shoulders.

Highlights: It highlights the female collarbone and shows the beautiful lines of the bride's shoulders.

4. Short wedding dress

Suitable for girls: the petite girls with beautiful lines of legs

Highlights: Show the bride's cute side, while not losing femininity.

5. Long-sleeve wedding dress

Suitable for girls: girls with strong arms

Makes you look slim and cute.

Highlights: Cover up the imperfections of the arm and the veil will leave a sexy and slender impression.

6. Backless wedding dress

Suitable for girls: girls with beautiful back

It's the perfect choice for a perfect body.

Highlights: It shows the beautiful lines of the bride's back, stretches the lines of the body and adds to the sensuality and feminine grace.

7. Slender wedding dress

Suitable for girls: slender and tall girls

Slim and full figure is undoubtedly ideal.

Highlights: To show the bride's tall figure, depicting the beauty of the curve.

8. Colorful wedding dress

Suitable for girls: individual girls

It adds vitality to the wedding.

Highlights: Different from the ordinary white wedding dress, it is the symbol of vitality but also the embodiment of their personality.

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