The Biggest Spring/ Summer 2021 Trend: Mauve Flower Girl Dresses

Photo by Pexels Flower Girl

If you made a poll and asked women to tell you their favorite color, purple will certainly be among the most popular answers. And we can see why. We often refer to it as a color of dignity, love and respect. Purple is very close to pink and is adorned by the ability to be a both cold and warm tone. It can often be seen in fashion shows because the designers really love it. In the last few years, Mauve shade has become a quite popular shade. We could say that it's at the very top of the most worn colors. You won't be seeing this shade only on clothes, it is on nails, lips and home items.

Muave is very compatible with other colors and it combines pretty well. You can wear it with absolutely everything, especially with black, gray and white. They really work well together. If you love your dresses to be a combination of colors, addition of black will transform a gentle dress into a really chic piece. Just picture a black bow or black lace on it. Gorgeous, right? For winter weddings, red or white are usually picked for flower girl dresses. But with the latest Mauve color trend we feel like it's time for change. This color looks amazing in winter times, and as we said, women love it, so we're sure that little girls will too.

Mauve dresses will look great if they're made from lace, it will give them a dose of romance and gentleness. You won't even need to make a big effort when it comes to choosing accessories. Black sandals with this color will make this a winter chic outfit. But if you're going for a minimal look, we suggest shoes in matching color. This ways, it will look more refined.


Princessly Mauve Lace Flower Girl Dress


Princessly Flower Girl Dress with Satin Belt

long dress

Princessly Flower Girl Dress with 3D Flowers

short dress

Princessly Tulle Flower Girl Dress

elegant dress

Princessly Flower Girl Dress with Lace Details

maxi dress

Princessly Floor Length Flower Girl Dress

beautiful dress

Princessly Flower Girl Dress with Bow


Misdress Flower Girl Dress with Floral Belt


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