Satin Flower Girl Dresses For A New Year's Eve Wedding

Photo by Rene Asmussen Flower Girls

As a fabric, satin is exceptionally smooth and very nice on the touch. It has a beautiful glow and looks quite elegant and refined. When choosing elegant and formal dresses, satin is one the favorites. And we can see why. Because of its refined look, you can see this material quite oftenly on weddings and other formal events. But, let's not forget about the flower girl dresses. Dresses made from satin or from satin, tulle or other material combinations are really modern. Satin is oftenly picked for new year parties or new year weddings, so don't miss a chance to not get them for your flower girls. Trust us, they will shine in them! 

Neutral & Classic

Simple, neutral and classic dresses are ideal because they will fit every girl and wedding theme. These classic models bring a dose of freshness and they really look special. New Year's wedding, along with fireworks, could very easy be graced with a beautiful white snow. Just picture the snow and neutral dresses, like a fairytale coming to life, stunning! Classic dresses can easily be complemented with white or gold sandals and with white bouquets that will look really fresh and romantic in this combination.


Princessly Champagne Satin Flower Girl Dress

white dress

Princessly Ivory Satin Tulle Dress

beautiful dress

Princessly Ivory Dress with Big Bow


Princessly Dress With Flower Sash


Playful Colors

Although it's really cold, what are your thoughts on colors that will break that winter whiteness? Blue, red, pink... these colors are perfect for it, especially when made from satin. Design of these dresses is cheerful and playful, perfect for those type of weddings. Your winter New Year's wedding will be colorful like a Christmas tree thanks to these colors. Satin dresses don't need to be entirely from satin; lace, tulle and various additions like roses and bows will make dresses even more special, playful and enchanting.

blue dress

Princessly Navy Blue Flower Girl Dress

red dress

Princessly Burgundy Satin Dress


Princessly Pink Satin Flower Girl Dress

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