How to choose the perfect wedding dress by the bride's figure / silhouette


Marriage is the happiest moment for every girl. Having your own wedding dress that fits your very silhouette makes you the center of the day.

As soon as they get engaged, brides immediately start thinking about a perfect wedding dress; its model, style, will she be able to find the right one for herself...That actually isn't so complicated if you follow a couple of rules. When you know what fits your body type, your job will get a lot more easier, trust us.

Here are 8 kinds of nice wedding dresses for the beautiful woman who is going to get married, each of which corresponds to a different shape. This article will help you get through the following tips so that you can find what type of wedding dress should you wear according to your figure.

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1. Trailing Wedding Dress

wedding dress

Beautiful Wedding Dress [photo: Pexels]


Suitable for girls: Slender and tall girls

Tall girls can quite easily find a perfect dress. Basically all styles fits them well. But the most flattering would surely be dresses with longer part in the back, it beautifully accents their figure and they will definitely look like a princess in those type of wedding dresses. The girl's tall figure and curved beauty can be displayed heartily. These wedding dresses don't necessarily have to be tight, those with wider lower part or with mermaid cut will look absolutely fantastic.

Highlights:  This type of dresses are often made from lighter materials that have a nice flow. They are very light and feminine, making the bride look formal, sacred and noble. Bride can wear them all day and look flawless the whole time. Apart from satin, these wedding dresses are also made from lace.


wedding dressLace Wedding dress [photo: Etsy]

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2. Bubble Wedding Dress

wedding dressFall Wedding [photo: Pexels]


Suitable for girls: Petite girls

Most of the brides who lean towards romantic themes want a princess like dress. And we understand why, wedding dresses are special and you only wear them once in your life. They're made from heavier materials to achieve a richer look. Layers of tulle and lace look really romantic and luxurious. If you're petite, don't worry, these dresses fit perfectibility to your body type. The design of the high waist elongated the lines of legs and a V-neck will make the neck look more slender.

Highlights: Not only do these dresses accent the waist and neckline beautifully, layers of gauze and fluffy skirts make the bride look cute. Wearing these dresses, brides will surely feel like princesses, and that is always an additional plus, right?


wedding dressElegant Wedding Dress [photo: mylittleweddingshop]

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3. Strapless Wedding Dress

wedding dressClassic Wedding Dress [photo: Pexels]


Suitable for girls: The chest plump girls

These dresses are very modern and most of the brides would pick them. But, if your neckline is not so generous, maybe you should avoid them. These dresses look particularly good and women with bigger breasts, because they accent the neckline and waist. They reminds us of crinolines in so many ways. Usually, they're made with corset, satin and lace, and lower part can sometimes be made from tulle which gives the dress volume and playfulness

A perfect display of the bride's shoulders.

Highlights: It highlights the female collarbone and shows the beautiful lines of the bride's shoulders. It accents the neckline and make the waist slimmer. They are romantic and very feminine, and the lower part is playful and cheerful.


wedding dressBlush Pink Wedding Dress [photo: Etsy]

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4. Short Wedding Dress

wedding dressBride And Groom [photo: Pexels]



Suitable for girls: the petite girls with beautiful lines of legs

Although short wedding dresses are not quite popular, just remember all those gorgeous actresses from the 1950's; a majority of them opted for short wedding dresses to wear on their special day. If you're petite, these dresses will be a perfect choice. They will accent your waist and legs. They are great for dancing, so if you love the dance floor, look no further. Short wedding dresses can be made from all sorts of materials, from lace to cotton and silk. It is up to you to pick which one you like better.

Highlights: Show the bride's cute side, while not losing femininity. Accents the legs and makes the bride to appear taller. You just need to pick the right shoes to make everything perfectly rounded up.

wedding dress

Short Wedding Dress [photo: bridelily]

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5. Long Sleeve Wedding Dress

wedding dressBride And Groom [photo: Pexels]


Suitable for girls: girls with strong arms

These dresses are very popular in the winter, but also with women who don't really like their arms. If you take a look at royal weddings, you will notice how brides always have their arms covered. That symbolizes respect, modesty and virtue. Because of that, a lot of girls inspired by royal weddings choose to cover their arms. These type of wedding dresses look very romantic, classic and make you look exceptionally beautiful. Usually are made of lace and satin, and look very rich and luxurious.

Highlights: Cover up the imperfections of the arm and the veil will leave a sexy and slender impression.

wedding dressWedding Dress [photo: Etsy]

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6. Backless Wedding Dress

wedding dressPerfect Wedding Dress [photo: Pexels]


Suitable for girls: girls with beautiful back

These dresses are perfect if you like having an open back. When it comes to necklines and bare back, it is all a matter of choice and what the bride prefers. These type of dresses are very popular, modern and fresh.

They are made of satin and lace, and very often have additions, like buttons. They're very sensual and feminine which makes them a great choice for everyone.

Highlights: It shows the beautiful lines of the bride's back, stretches the lines of the body and adds to the sensuality and feminine grace.


wedding dressLace Wedding Dress [photo: Etsy]

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7. Slender Wedding Dress

wedding dressMaxi Wedding Dress [photo: Etsy]


Suitable for girls: slender and tall girls

these type of dresses are perfect for tall and slender women. They accent absolutely everything, and your long legs will certainly be in the main focus. Very often are made with addition of glitter and beads.

Highlights: To show the bride's tall figure, depicting the beauty of the curve.


wedding dressBeautiful Lace Wedding Dress [photo: Etsy]

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8. Colorful Wedding Dress

wedding dressGreen Wedding dress [photo: Etsy]



Suitable for girls: Individual girls

Don't be afraid of colors. Wedding dresses in color will perfectly describe your character. After all, design and color of the wedding dress should reflect your character. So if you like blue or pink, feel fre to pick out a dress in that color. We're living in times where choice of colors and shades is basically infinite, so try them out i pick a perfect one for you. 

Highlights: Different from the ordinary white wedding dress, it is the symbol of vitality but also the embodiment of their personality.

wedding dressBlue Wedding Dress [photo: Etsy]

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