Best Satin Wedding Dresses For The Modern Bride

It is time to say 'YES' to satin wedding gown! This beautiful fabric is making a huge comeback in the wedding world- it's one of the top picks when it comes to the next year's wedding dress designs.  Justin Alexander, Pronovias, Anna Campbell lumiere, Jolie Bridal.... they all have at least one satin gown in their 2021 collection. And here is a reason why: Satin wedding dresses, make brides look like royal perfection. They are elegant, yet flattering and sexy. Best of all, these gown designs come in an array of style, size, texture and fabric options. So there is a dream gown for every bride. 


Photo by Снежана Beautiful Bride

We know some brides might find this fabric a bit dated, but we think these new designs will completely change their minds. They are more daring, modern, unique and even extravagant.

Still not convinced? Here are the top three reasons why you should choose a satin wedding dress.

Great For Most Seasons.

Satin wedding dresses are heavier than those made from fabric such as tulle or lace. This makes them a perfect choice for weddings held in colder months. Also, this fabric is known to be smooth – meaning you don't have to fix it all day and night trying to make it sit correctly.

It Looks Expensive, But isn't.

So many brides think that satin wedding dress will break their wedding budget, but actually it will not. There are so many beautiful satin gowns even under $500. Yes, you read that right! The key is to look for bridal gowns that are not made of satin fabric of 100% pure silk, but satin made of polyester or mix of silk and polyester.

It is Photogenic.

If you are searching for a dress that will also look good on your wedding photos too, satin is the perfect choice. It looks incredible in almost any light, from sunny to moody to evening shots.

Here are the most gorgeous satin wedding gowns from our collection. From modern two-piece set, to the minimal gown to the playful one and vintage-inspired. Happy dress shopping!

beautiful wedding dress
wedding dress
Princessly Two-Piece Set
wedding dress
elegant wedding dress
vintage wedding dress
short wedding dress
Princessly Short Wedding Dress
long dress

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