Adorable Flower Girl Dresses For Casual Backyard Wedding

Photo by our customer Cute Flower Girl

We've all been living in a quite stressful environment for the last few months. The Corona virus imposed social distancing, unrest, fear and not being able to plan ahead on all of us. Most future brides are under pressure when planning a wedding and Covid 19 made that even worse. But, don't despair; intimate weddings are in accordance to the "new normal" and can be held under those strict rules.

Just picture a nice garden. Apple, maple and flowers have just started blossoming. A light breeze gently flows through the treetops. Can you feel the tranquility? An inner peace that you truly need in these crazy times? Now picture that garden with balloons tangled in the treetops, rustic table and your grandma's plates. Flowers from the garden are in your mom's vases. Your cousin who has a great taste in music is playing a set of perfect dance songs. Sounds pretty ideal, right? Weddings can be beautiful even when being held in such an intimate setting, like yours or your parent's garden. Or someone else's garden, it really doesn't matter. Just adding a little bit of imagination and details will make you truly enjoy it. Also, your flower girls can look great wearing casual dresses, why not? Simple, casual but equally flawless. Gray, black and blue are the most common choices if you don't wish to go for white dresses. They look quite elegant and modern.


Gray is perfect if you're not a fan of white dresses. This color goes great with any wedding theme, including the casual backyard wedding. These dresses only require black sandals to combine with to look great.

 beautiful dress

Princessly Gray Lace Flower Girl Dress

flower girl dress

Princessly Flower Girl Dress with Satin Belt



Black color is a classic and is very simple to combine with. It is perfect for simpler weddings. And your flower girls will feel more comfortable running around and playing in the yard without getting them dirty. Even a very simple black dress can look very elegant.

black dress

Princessly Black Dress With Ruffle Sleeves

flower girl dress

Princessly Dress with Black Bodice and Bow



This is definitely a color that is worn the most. It is very easy to combine with and it always looks flawless. Embellishing it with black, gold or silver details will make your girls look super cute and gorgeous! If you want, you can even make them flower wreaths. 

flower girl dress

Princessly Dress with Long Sleeves

blue dress

Princessly Blue Tulle Dress

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