14 Best 3d Embroidery Flower Girl Dresses For Enchanted Forest Wedding

Mirror, mirror on the wall, which wedding theme is best of them all? Probably the hardest question that we could ask, right? Every wedding theme is unique in its own way, but there is something about forest weddings that has a mystic and a fairy tale vibe. Tying the knot in the forest, under the trees, surrounded by lush greenery, forest berries... who wouldn't want that? Magical!


flower girl

 Photo by our customer Flower Girl in Stunning Dress


Finding the perfect decor for this wedding theme is easy... you already have the nature on your side, but finding the dream dress for your flower girls that will fit is sometimes a hard task. There are so designs that makes hard to pick the perfect one.

When it comes to enchanted weddings, lacetulle and 3D embroidery are the perfect match. Lace is such a classic, and it has that magical vibe. Not to mention it will look dreamy in a forest setting. If you're leaning more to the fairy-tale princess look, tulle and 3D embroidery will do their job. Just imagine; flower girls in tulle dresses with 3D embroidery such as flowers, bows or even feathers... there's nothing more magical than that! 

We've rounded up some of our favorite flower girl dresses from our collection that are perfect for an enchanted forest wedding. Not only these dresses are picture-perfect, but also a statement piece, so you don't need any accessories to go with it. Simple baskets and flats will do. Your flower girls will definitely feel like little forest fairies in them. Scroll down and see what made the cut. There is something for every style and budget. Happy dress shopping!


pink dress

Princessly Tulle Fower Girl Dress


beautiful dress

Princessly Floor-Length Flower Girl Dress


flower girl dress

Princessly Champagne Flower Girl Dress


flower dress

Princessly Blush Pink Flower Girl Dress


blue dress

Princessly Dusty Blue Flower Girl Dress


cute dress

Princessly Dress with 3D Flowers



Princessly Pink Flower Girl Dress


blue cute dress

Princessly Cute Blue Dress


ivory dress

Princessly Ivory Flower Girl Dress


blue dress

Princessly Stunning Blue Dress


maxi dress

 Princessly Champagne Tulle Dress


tulle dress

Princessly Cute Tulle Dress


white dress

Princessly Backless Tulle Dress


pink dress

Princessly Stunning Pink Dress


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