Top 10 Colors for Bridesmaid Dresses

There is a lot of anticipation on the big day and it does not exclude your bridesmaids. The role of the bridesmaids is very important to the wedding. It's easy to fall in love with the mismatched bridesmaid dresses, but pulling it off is a difficult task to everyone, especially choosing the color. How to choose a color for bridesmaid? Come and see!

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Number 1. Pink

Pink is one of the most popular bridal colors. And we can see why! Not only this color is fresh and feminine, but it can look stunning on both dark and light skin tones. That's why many people call it safe choice! You can opt for blush pink maxi dresses for romantic summer wedding, or dusty rose bridesmaid dresses for rustic vintage wedding, which are super trendy because of their natural vibe.


Beautiful Pink Dress [photo: Etsy]



Number 2. Golden

Are you surprised? Golden dresses are currently rising in popularity, and for good reason. They are perfect for any season, and they blend with any theme. Not to mention they look absolutely stunning!


Gold Dress [photo: Etsy]



Number 3. Blue

If you are searching for a timeless bridesmaid dress color, look no further. Navy blue bridesmaid dresses are super flattering, elegant and sophisticated. This shade matches all wedding themes, styles and color schemes. No matter what theme you will choose, nautical, vintage, rustic or elegant, navy blue dresses will look amazing.


Beautiful Blue Dress [photo:]



Number 4. Purple

Purple is the color we mostly associate with nobility and spirituality. It is often said that it also boosts creativity, and is widely known that it was Cleopatra's favorite color. There are many reasons why the purple color is perfect for weddings, and one of them is that it's the color of universal love, respect and dignity. This color is suited for all women, it is very easy to combine because all accessories will fit, especially silver. If you're having a winter or autumn wedding, you won't be wrong by picking this color.


Romantic Dress [photo:]



Number 5. Green

Green is the color of harmony and love. We often associate it with relaxation and inner peace. It balances the body, and is also the color of forgiveness. Unfortunately, a lot of people don't like it, but the truth is that it looks beautiful in all its shades. If you're not a fan, you could try it in a more darker shade, combine it with gold accessories and perhaps your mind would change. It would make a perfect outfit for spring wedding.

green dress

Green Dress [photo:]


Number 6. Black

There's certainly no more elegant and sophisticated color than black. It's minimal and fits everyone. People who love minimalism will mostly opt for black. And if that's the case with you, then we suggest to uplift it with complementing accessories. Shoes and other accessories in any color would be a perfect choice. But if you're not a fan of colors, break up the blackness with silver or white color. Black is suitable for any season, all you have to do is adjust the accessories accordingly.

black dress

Elegant Black Dress [photo:]


Number 7. Yellow

Yellow just screams summer! Vibrant and fresh, this color is mostly seen in summer clothing. Which is nothing unusual, since it's associated with bringing joy and good mood. That makes it a perfect color for summer weddings. Yellow has a wide palette of shades so everyone can find a perfect one for themselves. Lighter shades are perfect for minimal, while more vibrant shades are ideal for themed weddings. Yellow can always be combined with other colors,, with a gentle palette being more suitable, as well as white an beige shades. DO NOT opt for blue and yellow, because they are contrasting colors, and black and yellow too, because you may end up looking like a bumble bee. This dress is very modern and playful, wear it with white high heel sandals and an interesting purse.


 Summer Dress [photo: Etsy]


Number 8. Red

Red symbolizes passion, energy, sexuality and life. It is the most popular of all warm colors and is made from combination of yellow and blue. Red dresses are absolutely perfect for all seasons; whether it's cold winter when red is one of most worn shades or warm summer or playful autumn. Like with seasons, red also fits perfectly on everyone. If you pick it for your bridesmaids, you surely won't miss. Combine it with very few accessories and jewelry, this color doesn't need much of them.

red dress

Red Dress [photo:]


Number 9. Silver

Silver is the perfect color for modern weddings. If you're having a wedding in the winter, this color will be perfect for your bridesmaids. Silver is not a color you often see at weddings, but that should definitely change. This color is cheerful and playful. Combine it with accessories like red shoes to achieve a modern look. If you're looking for a more classic look then opt for black shoes and wavy hair to get the old Hollywood vibe going. This dress is a perfect example of how elegant and sophisticated you can look wearing silver. Long sleeves and material is what truly makes it special. This dress is really easy to wear and only accessories to round the whole combination up are black shoes and a hair clip.

silver dress

Silver Dress [photo:]


Number 10. Orange

Orange is a true spring time color. We always associate it with freshness. You can see it often being picked as a go - to color for bridesmaids dresses. If you're not a fan of prints, then this color provides a great compromise. This dress has a very nice and special design which will fit perfectly on every body type. It is made of a nice and light material making it very easy to wear. For this dress we recommend gold sandals and gold jewelry. If you're not particular sure on which dress would fit your body type, you can check out our article that covers precisely that.


Infinity Dress [photo: Etsy]


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