20 Stylish Flower Girls Dresses Ideas for a Parisian-Themed Spring Wedding

Audrey Hepburn once said “Paris is always a good idea“, and we couldn’t agree more. The enchanting city of love is loaded with charms and wonders you can’t find anywhere else on the planet. Just looking at this unique landmark is enough to put you in a romantic mood. No wonder, they call it the most romantic place on Earth. While each season has its own special charm – Paris in Spring, well that is truly magical! The streets come to life and the city’s parks and gardens are bursting with beautiful colors and inviting scents.  Absolutely heavenly! Love is truly in the air there.

But planning a themed wedding or going  to Europe and making your wedding in Paris dream come true is quite stressful. Because of that we wrote about 16 tips for planning European destination wedding on a budget which could help you a lot.

Explore our fabulous flower girl dresses collection to discover an extensive array of styles.

20 Stylish Flower Girls Dresses Ideas for a Parisian-Themed Spring Wedding 20 Stylish Flower Girls Dresses Ideas for a Parisian-Themed Spring Wedding 20 Stylish Flower Girls Dresses Ideas for a Parisian-Themed Spring Wedding 20 Stylish Flower Girls Dresses Ideas for a Parisian-Themed Spring Wedding



Eiffel Tower [photo: pexels]

Obviously we can’t all go to Paris for our wedding, but this doesn’t mean you can’t bring all the romance and elegance into your wedding too. With just a simple details like flowers and candles you can make really romantic atmosphere. Another cool idea is a big macron cake. Sounds delicious, right?! 

France is renowned for its cuisine and desserts, and in this way you can contribute to the theme in a very nice and simple way. Introduce a french menu of dishes and deserts into your own. If you're short on suggestions, check out the link with delicious ideas that will delight not only your guests, but yourself as well.

But today, we are not talking about the wedding decor or wedding dress, we’re talking about flower girl dresses. We really believe in choosing a flower girl dress for your venue, and not the other way around, so we rounded up a list of 20 most beautiful flower girl dresses for elegant and chic Parisian-inspired wedding in Spring. Check out our favorites below!


1. Angelic Fairy Swan Dress

swan dress

Stunning Dress [photo: Etsy]

There’s not enough words to describe just how beautiful this dress is. It’s like something out of a fairytale. Graceful like a swan and delicate like a fairy, dress that lends itself perfectly to Paris spring wedding.

This Etsy dress is made in shades of champagne and white. It features cute champagne crochet top decorated with hanging pearls, flowers and feathers, and chiffon skirt trimmed with layers of fluffy champagne chandelle feathers. The waistline is adorned with a removable satin sash with large bow.


2. Chic Satin Dress

cute dress

Monsoon’s dress [photo: Monsoon]

This Monsoon’s dress is fit for a princess. Not to mention an elegant and chic Parisian wedding! Featuring a layered skirt, this dress is finished off with a cute large bow, glossy sash and zip fastening. Best of all, it is available in 5 different colors ( silver, blue, pink, coral, navy).

With this dress, we recommend simple flower crown from Etsy, with dainty pastel pink roses.


3. Traditional White Dress

white dress

Tulle Dress [photo: www.davidsbridal.com]

Looking for the perfect traditional white flower girl dress? How about this super girly, puffy dress from David’s Bridal? Your flower girl will feel like the prima ballerina in it. It features tank bodice with satin ribbon tied at back and tea length tulle skirt. Super cute and simple.

Complete the look with this rustic heart-shaped wand, which is the perfect alternative accessory for your little flower girl! It is decorated with artificial seeded boxwood greenery and small white flowers.


4. Navy 3D Dress

blue dress

Navy Monsoon’s dress [photo: Monsoon]

Who said flower girl dress should be white? This Monsoon navy dress is really oozing with sophistication. Perfect for elegant Parisian-themed wedding! It features a beautiful scuba skirt with 3D flowers, satin bodice, and pretty ribbon belt that ties at the waist.

As this dress is a statement for itself, keep the accessories simple and let the dress do the talking.


5. Twiggy Dress

beautiful dress

Twiggy dress [photo: Luna Luna Collection]

The name of the dress said it all. This 60s inspired Twiggy dress is a modern take on a classic silhouette. It’s fun, playful and totally chic! It features high neckline, 3D flowers and cute pearls all over the dress. The best of all, it is airy and lightweight so it won’t weigh down your flower girl. The dress is by Luna Luna Collection, and it cost $179.

Complete the look with beautiful and minimal hair clip from Etsy, made with white wood anemones (one of the first flowers of English spring).


6. Queen of Roses Tutu Dress

tutu dress

Tutu Dress [photo: tutudumonde.com]

Add a little fairy tale whimsy to your wedding with this stunning tutu dress. If features a dramatic full layered tulle skirt perfect for prancing and dancing, and beautiful delicate bodice embellished with plumes of ostrich feathers and adorned with simple roses. Elegant and timeless, we are sure that this is the dress that your flower girl will want to wear again and again.


7. Playful Cherry Blossom Dress


Flower dress [photo: Luna Luna Collection]

This dress really reminds us of one of the most magical times of the year, cherry blossom season in Paris. That beautiful pink shade, ruffles on the sleeves and hand-sewn flower poufs, all we could say is WOW! It’s playful yet classy and elegant, in this gorgeous dress your flower girl will have all eyes on her when she walks down the isle. Dress is by Luna Luna Collection.

Complete the look with this minimal headband from the same store.


8. Champagne Dress With 3D Flowers

flower girl dress

Champagne Tulle Dress [photo: Princessly]

Super cute yet stylish and elegant, this dress has it all! From the chic tulle straps and beautiful cupcake tulle skirt with handmade tulle flowers, to the gorgeous champagne color, your flower girl will look so cute in this dress! You can find it on Princessly for $59.99.

Combine the dress with this cute flower hair clips with crystals from Etsy.


9. Ivory Tulle Dress

ivory dress

Ivory Dress [photo: Princessly]

We usually associate Paris, the world fashion hub, with high fashion. And with that in mind, we picked out this dress which immediately reminded us of Chanel. It’s very modern and timeless at the same time. It is made out of champagne lining with ivory tulle, and what makes the difference are the black straps. We can see the child like playfulness manifested in 3D flowers that decorate the dress. the dress is essentially the same in the back and the front.

For girls that will wear this dress we would recommend black sandals and round it all up with white bouquets.


10. Blue Jumpsuit


Blue Jumpsuit [photo: h&m]

Overalls are a huge hit this season, so we decided to put one here as well. Dark blue is extremely trendy, and we would say it’s one the french women’s favorite colors. And because of this this overalls are perfect for your flower girls. Modern and chic, but equally as comfortable for all the running around that kids do at weddings. It has a very modern and minimal design. What makes it special are ruffles that go over a single shoulder.

To go with overalls, we would recommend silver sandals and a simple bouquet, from preferably white flowers. You can find these overalls on H&M page.


11. Peach Flower Girl Dress

peach dress

Satin Dress [photo: Princessly]

We have to admit that this dress, besides being so stylish, oozes Paris, and is perfect for a spring time wedding. Design of this dress alone is perfect for that type of the wedding. It is made out of rich lace and satin which give the dress a very elegant look. The upper part is decorated with beautifully spread hand made flowers. Roses are in a divine red shade that goes really well with pink dress. From the back, dress is pretty minimal and is decorated with a pearl shaped button.

 We do not recommend to much accessories with this already fully detailed dress, only pink shoes and a red rose bouquet.


12. Feather Tulle Flower Girl Dress

tulle dress

Feather Tulle Flower Girl Dress [photo: Etsy]

This dress reminds of something that Marie Antoinette would dress her flower girls into. Upper part is decorated with larger zircons, and around the waist goes a big, gorgeous satin band. But what makes this dress really special is a crinoline with feathers. Being that the dress is filled with details, girls won’t be needing that much accessories to go with, maybe a single calla flower or a tulip. You can find this dress on Etsy under the brand Shabby Chic Tutus. If you don’t want it in white, you can pick other colors that will match your wedding theme.


13. Cute Pink Etsy Dress

pink dress

Cute Pink Etsy Dress [photo: Etsy]

We adore dresses that are inspired with past times. And this dress is exactly that. We would love to wear it ourselves, while in Paris drinking a glass of wine and eating a croissant. But that’s a subject for a whole different article. This dress will be a perfect choice for a spring Paris wedding. A pink material, with details such as small flowers, looks very vintage. The cut is also very minimal, and there are two buttons in the back.

We recommend knit baskets filled with flower petals, and sandals in red shade.


14. Embroidered Floral Organza Dress

organza dress

Embroidered Dress [photo: Nordstrom]

Light blue dresses are a common choice for flower girls. We can say that couples pick them out in winter as well as in springtime.

Very delicate and special, these gorgeous embroidered flowers are what makes this dress special. Waist is decorated with a satin band and a rose. Simply put, this dress is designed to represent spring. to make sure your girls shine in this dress on a Paris wedding, we recommend silver sandals, with a matching silver hair clip. We didn’t opt for a flower crown because of the design of the dress, which is very elegant on its own and doesn’t really need any accessories.


15. Cute Dress

cute dress

Cute dress [photo: www.farfetch.com ]

This dress has a design similar to one that can be seen on little princesses, but it can most certainly serve as a flower girl’s dress. A simple design, with a hint of vintage, fits perfectly in the whole Paris story. This dress from Cashmirino brand is made out of a very good material, orange cotton, complemented with embroidered details and a super cute peter pan collar. Short sleeves are ideal for warmer weather and ribbon around the waist perfectly rounds the romantic look that this dress goes for. To go with it, we would recommend golden sandals, and a golden color hair crown. And to top it all off, a bouquet of field flowers will do the job perfectly. This dress is completely machine washable, which, for people with small children, means a lot.


16. Lovely Vintage Dress


Vintage Dress [photo: Etsy]

What do you think that for your Paris wedding  you pick out a dress that was made in France? You can find this 1950’s inspired dress on Etsy. This vintage style dress is hand made and hand embroidered, it is very chic, made out of 100% cotton, and looks like it came out of Amelie movie. So cheerful and playful, with strawberry, turtle and flower embroidery, it would make every flower girl very happy. It has a peter pan collar, and colorful buttons on the back. So sweet, right?

Combine it with a light blue hair bow and matching sandals. The girls will love it and look too cute as well.


17. Bold Stripe Dress

stripe dress

Bold Stripe Dress [photo: John Lewis]

Stripes are always trendy, especially in France. It is one of those trends that never go out of style, and it was inspired by french women. Because of that, we simply had to put a striped flower girl dress in our list. Although in peach color, it will match your spring wedding quite well. This gorgeous organza dress from John Lewis is made in gentle shades combined with white. Very modern and stylish. It is made out of a very comfortable materials, and the upper part is a flared pleated skirt. It looks really formal and elegant, and it will pair well with a gorgeous hair clip and a nice little bouquet.


18. Textured Print Dress

print dress

Textured Print Dress [photo: John Lewis]

A beautiful ice cream colored dress, just perfect for a spring wedding. It is made out of textured fabric and cut to a skater shape. It’s very elegant and chic, decorated with a big flower print, a rounded neckline and sleeveless styling. A waist is beautifully emphasized with a bow. It will look absolutely gorgeous if paired with sequined gold shoes and a hair bow.


19. Floral Print Dress

floral dress

Floral Print Dress [photo: www.farfetch.com ]

We simply love seeing flower prints at spring weddings. It’s exceptionally trendy, and fits perfectly with all formal events, especially weddings. And because of that we’ve picked this dress, with its rich rose pattern that looks wonderful and exciting on the white background. The dress is adorned with round neck, a sleeveless design and pleated skirt. This Dolce & Gabbana dress will make your Paris wedding a truly special event.

We recommend red shoes and red bouquets to round it all up.


20. Sleeveless H&M Dress


Brocade dress [photo: h&m]

Baroque material is one of the most beautiful and the richest materials, and that alone makes it perfect for weddings. This gorgeous sleeveless dress from H&M is in lavender color and is decorated with glittery threads, and it has zip fastening in the back. It has a very wide skirt and an underskirt in a double layer of tulle. Simply gorgeous, right? We could say that this is truly a little girl’s dress. Pair it with pink shoes, and a flower crown in pink shade. It will look trendy, beautiful and worthy of a Paris wedding.


Having a Paris-inspired wedding? Then take a look at our new collection of flower girl dresses.

20 Stylish Flower Girls Dresses Ideas for a Parisian-Themed Spring Wedding 20 Stylish Flower Girls Dresses Ideas for a Parisian-Themed Spring Wedding 20 Stylish Flower Girls Dresses Ideas for a Parisian-Themed Spring Wedding 20 Stylish Flower Girls Dresses Ideas for a Parisian-Themed Spring Wedding


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