A Misdress Gown for a Romantic Garden Wedding In Athens, Georgia

Spring and summer are ideal seasons for garden weddings. Lush green treetops and lawns, flowers… to be true, no other decorations are needed because nature takes care of the fairytale atmosphere. And Wendy and Travis have shown us exactly that.

Athens, Georgia is where their love story started, so all the details were inspired by it. Terrapin beer was served, which is brewed right in Athens, and there were even details on cookies (can it get cuter?) made by a friend of the newlyweds, Britt Bass Turner. Blooming magnolia trees gave the venue a true southern look, and hydrangea spread that sweet, sweet scent.


wedding dress

[photo: southernweddings.com by Lauren Carnes Photography]


The whole wedding was decorated in a rustic style; wooden tables were decorated with rich flower arrangements and candles, giving the a truly romantic vibe.


wedding decor

Wedding decor [photo: southernweddings.com by Lauren Carnes Photography]


And that floral magic is created by the florist Mary from Vine and Branch Floral Design. Bride wanted something soft and feminine with an organic look, and Mary totally delivered! From the ribbons on the bridesmaid bouquets to the greenery on the farm tables, everything looked amazing! You can check out Mary’s work on her website or her Instagram page.



Wedding bouquet [photo: southernweddings.com by Lauren Carnes Photography]


Instead of a traditional choice of a huge cake, newlyweds opted for a more modern one; they picked  several types of cakes. The bride wanted to show her love and respect for her grandmother, who used to make her hummingbird cake for birthdays, so she added it to the cake menu as well.

They also had cookies, which was made by amazing Kellie Moore, from Kellie’s Baking Co. And why we say amazing? Not only she created a signature recipe that appealed to Central Market, but her cookies have traveled as far as Russia. So it’s not surprising why couple wanted her for the job.



Cookies [photo: southernweddings.com by Lauren Carnes Photography]


As the couple wanted to give this cookies a unique touch, they asked their friend Britt Bass Turner, an abstract artist known for her playful paintings full of movement, to draw some designs on them. And we must admit the cookies looked almost too cute to eat!

wedding decor

Wedding decor [photo: southernweddings.com by Lauren Carnes Photography]


As for the wedding dress, we have to admit that the bride was stunning. Beautiful lavish dress by Misdress embroidered with lace and decorated only with a single strap that is tied on the back, made the bride look like a royal. She rounded the whole combination with gold glitter shoes, from the bhldn store. A little bit of vintage design fits perfectly for this wedding, and glitter gives it a touch of fun. Do these shoes remind you of Disney cartoons? Maybe Cinderella would prefer these instead of crystal ones?


wedding dress

Wedding dress [photo: southernweddings.com by Lauren Carnes Photography]


Wedding photos are the only tangible thing you keep from your wedding, they are something you will cherish for years to come. Wendy and her partner opted for Lauren Carnes Photography, and she did an excellent job capturing beautiful portraits, candid moments and detail shots that truly tell the story of their wedding day.

Chancey Charm wedding planners helped the couple to make their ideas and dreams into reality and also have taken the stress out of planning! They work from offices in more than 13 cities, from San Diego to Boston, designing the most feminine and sophisticated weddings. Whether it’s a small, intimate vineyard wedding or a grand ballroom celebration. You can check them out on their website www.chanceycharmweddings.com .

We have to admit that this wedding had a lot of touching elements, making it not only romantic, but warm and fairytale-ish. We can almost smell the magnolias, a light breeze, taste the hummingbird cake, and hear the bride’s sorority sisters sing traditional wedding songs.

We wish this beautiful couple all the luck and happiness in their marriage!


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