What to Wear to a Summer Outdoor Wedding as a Guest

Summer is surely a season when the majority of newlyweds will say "Yes"! And we're sure that you already stared receiving invitations and are already making preparations for what to wear. Although there are always certain dress codes (unless the newlyweds set their own), that won't help you that much for finding your perfect wedding outfit. But, with some very simple steps and a couple of trends that will be a hit during the summer, you are guaranteed to look flawless.


Photo by Jonathan Borba 

 Venue and Rules

We will first start with the venue. You got an invitation for a summer wedding that will be held in the open. Have you answered yes? Before choosing an outfit, it's important to see  if the wedding will have a dress code you'll need to uphold. If not, you should follow a few rules. One of the most important ones is to not wear white. That color is reserved for the bride. Also, if you have a gorgeous leather dress waiting for you in the closet, leave it there and don't wear it on the wedding. Choose very elegant and light dresses and accessorize them. Do you love black color? Although black is not ideal for summer weddings, you can fit it in if you accessorize it with different prints and cheerful colors.

Formal or Casual

When going to their wedding, newlyweds will usually inform you on what kind of theme will they have. Formal or casual. This will have a big impact on choices for your dress and accessories.

Formal Wedding

If you will attend a formal wedding, then pay attention to the rules, it's very important. Dress must not be too open. Pick a single color dress, or with glitter. Accessories should also be simple, and don't forget to wear high heels.

blue dresses

Blue dress [photo: Etsy]

Casual Wedding

Casual wedding is a wedding that you really want to attend. There are not a lot of rules and they are not strict, which means more freedom and less worry for you. Choose dresses that are light, airily and cheerful. Combine shoes according to the venue location. You can really be yourself at a casual wedding and choose a dress in which you will feel most comfortable. Wrap dresses, strapless dresses, mini dresses...everything is allowed. Within certain limits, of course. You certainly won't arrive in denim or beach dress.

pink dress

Pink dress [photo: Mimetik]

Light Materials

Summer wedding really calls for light materials that are not skintight. This way, not only you will feel quite comfortable, but you will also be able to stand the heat and not get to hot as well. Silk, cotton or lace dresses will be a great choice.


Beautiful dress [photo: Misdress]

Prints on dresses?

Cheerful and playful prints can really accent the laid back feel but also the elegance of the dress. Just picture a black dress. Boring and monotonous, right? Of course it is! But, if you adorn your black dress with a gorgeous floral print that can even be embroidered, you will get a totally different story. These kind of dresses will look great on a summer wedding. You can always combine them with bright and joyful accessories to round up the whole combination.


Floral dress [photo: Wedding Guest Dresses]

Two Piece Set

This sets are absolutely fantastic for summer weddings. And have been very trendy for the last couple of years. What makes them so appealing is their fun look and the opportunity for us to be completely different. Go for the more formal set, made of high quality materials and which fits your figure the best. You can also opt for the short dress set or the maxi length one. Short dresses are very playful and cheerful, while maxi dresses are elegant, refined and breathtaking.


Beautiful dress [photo: Misdress]

Choose the Right Shoes

You maybe thought that this section was not as important, but trust us, it really is. Location is a very important factor when it comes to picking out the right shoes.  If you're going to attend a wedding that is being held on a beach, high heels are out of the question, of course. You would then opt for flat sandals and maybe some feet accessories. If the wedding is being held in a park, it would also be better to leave your high heels home and wear low sandals or shoes with block heels instead. On the other hand, restaurants and rooftops will be ideal for high heels. You just need to be careful with this, because you may end being uncomfortable throughout the evening, or leave the wedding with blisters on your feet.


Beautiful shoes [photo: Caleb Oquendo]


Prepare Yourself for Colder Nights

It is a summer wedding so we automatically disregard long sleeves. But, yes, there is always a but... Summer nights can get really chilly and cold. So in order to not catch a cold, it would be smart to bring some item that will keep you warm if the need for it would arise. Light cashmere vest or cardigan, silk scarf that will act as a cloak, or a jacket. Choose among these items the one that will to your outfit the most.


 Wedding [photo: Ksenia Chernaya]


Accessories make the outfit whole. And that is a true statement. Even the simplest dress can be made super fun if combined with right accessories. Accessorize your outfit with jewelry accordingly. If you will be wearing a closed dress, pair it with earrings and bracelet, in case you will go with an open dress, a necklace will look great when paired with it.

If you'll be wearing a dress in a darker shade, then play with some jewelry in vibrant colors to make the whole outfit pop. Along with jewelry, there are also purses. We really can't imagine going to a wedding without this important piece beside you. Make sure that your purse is not too big, in which case you will look like you're going to a picnic. Instead, a small delicate purse will look great and do wonders for your outfit. Combine it properly with your shoes to maximize the effect.

hair crown

Hair Accessories [photo: Princessly]


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