Top 12 White Sweetheart Neckline Wedding Dresses to WOW Your Guests

When we think about a traditional wedding dress, the first thing that comes to our mind is a white wedding dress. But why white? Because it's connected to a classic and traditional choice? We all know that white color represents purity, sincerity, happiness and tenderness. But only a couple of centuries back, white wasn't exactly the traditional choice when it comes to choosing a wedding dress.

For example, Queen Victoria's wedding. When she opted for white color, everybody was dumbfounded by her choice. Why is that? In those times, wealth was being expressed in many ways, and one of those were colors. Luxurious fabrics were colored in beautiful shades, and wealthy brides would decorate their richly colored dresses with evenly rich jewelry. So you can imagine the shock when Victoria showed up wearing only a white dress with a simple flower crown. She was the first in royal family who wore white.


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There are also legends surrounding Napoleon. There are stories saying that he blocked a part of Europe which in the end completely blocked the trade with Orient, leading to shortage of fabric colors, and making the white color a main (and only) choice for wedding dresses. White wedding dresses are the main choice among brides today, but of course, not due to the color shortage. And when it comes to classic picks, along with white color, sweetheart neckline was always a top choice with brides. But why is that?

Cleavage was always considered as the most feminine part of woman's body, and sweetheart neckline does the best job of accenting it. We have a few versions of sweetheart neckline, the deeper one, and the more subtle one. The deeper version is ideal for brides with smaller cleavage, and for those with bigger breasts, a subtler sweetheart neckline will do the job of accenting them in the best way.

wedding dress

Sweetheart Neckline [photo: unsplash]


White wedding dresses with a sweetheart neckline maybe are the most common choice, and that usually means that you will not look different and special. So we bring you beautiful white wedding dresses that will not only win over your groom, but your wedding guests as well.


1. Simple And Elegant Gown

wedding dress

Simple Wedding Dress [photo:]

Are you a fan of simplicity? This dress is just that. Handmade, made of taffet material. Design of the dress perfectly accents the cleavage and waist, which ideal for slimmer brides. Simple and clean design leaves a lot of room for combining accessories. This way you can make this dress completely your own. We also have to say that, along with a front part of the dress which is perfect, you won't be disappointed with the back either. Back also follows the minimal design as the front. You can combine the dress in two ways.

If you're having a bohemian or rustic wedding, you can decorate your dress with a rich bouquet or a flower crown, like queen Victoria did. And if you're having a traditional wedding, we suggest a low bun, pearl earrings and a lily bouquet. Clean, minimal and perfect.


2. Stunning Mermaid Wedding Dress

mermaid wedding dress

Mermaid Wedding Dress [photo:] 

If your hips are wider than your shoulders and bust, body-hugging mermaid wedding dresses are perfect for you. Not only it will enhance your sexy figure, but you will also look elegant and chic! And guess what?! We found the perfect one by First Bridal Boutique. With a sweetheart neckline that really sets the stage for romance on this wedding dress, and beautiful embroidered flowers that add a touch of Parisian chic, in this dress you will look like a modern princess. Not to mention the stunning tulle skirt of this fit-and-flare silhouette, with the sequin all-over it, it creates an enviable shine.

As this wedding dress is a statement for itself, you don't need any accessories. A simple bouquet with white roses will be perfect.


3. Old-Hollywood Style Wedding Dress

wedding dress

Elegant Wedding Dress [photo:]

The simplicity of this gown  is what makes it so glamorous and gorgeous, perfect for the classic bride. An illusion plunging sweetheart neckline, reminiscent of an old-Hollywood style, extends effortlessly into the voluminous  skirt, creating a stunning look. And this beauty doesn't stop there, just one look at the back and you will fall in love immediately. 



4. Long Sleeves Wedding Dress

lace wedding dress

Lace Wedding Dress [photo:]

Looking for a wedding dress that's perfect for a church wedding ceremony? But you don't won't to look fully covered? Than you'll love our choice. With a beautiful sweetheart neckline and a stunning open back detail, this dress proves how absolutely gorgeous full-sleeved wedding dress can be. It has the lace detailing all-over it, and the skirt continues into a modest train, creating a completely-dramatic effect.

Dress is available in ivory/ivory and pink champagne/ivory color.

Style it with elegant crown. Our recommendation is this minimal one from Etsy. It has gorgeous daisy flower details and it is entirely wire wrapped by hand, creating a triple headband for a simple yet delicate addition to your bridal hairstyle.


5. Feminine Wedding Dress

simple wedding dress

Chic Wedding Dress [photo:]

For all the minimalist lovers, this wedding dress is perfect for you! Inspired by clean geometric shapes and delicate botanical textures expressed in fine silks, this dress has everything! It's feminine, it's elegant and it embraces your feminine shape and gives your hips a smooth line. Dress is by amazing designer Naomi Neoh, and you can find it on

The best part of simple wedding dresses is that you can have the most gorgeous, rich veil. Adding one really gives the dress an instant update. The best example is Meghan Markle, Duchess of Sussex wedding dress. It was simple, but with the beautiful veil, it lead to pure perfection!


6. 'WOW' Factor Wedding Dress

 wedding dress

Stunning Wedding Dress [photo:

If you want to leave you guests and your groom speechless, this is the perfect dress for it. Dramatic yet romantic, this sweetheart neckline ball gown, features beautiful top, and the skirt made of delicate layers of tulle cascade for weightless volume. 

With this dress we recommend loose hair and simple veil, let the dress do all the talking.


7. Princessly Lace Tulle Gown

romantic wedding dress

Beautiful Wedding Dress [photo: Princessly] 

Looking for a wedding dress perfect for thrilling? You may stop looking, because we found the perfect dress for you. Beautiful lace top, skirt made of atlas and airy tulle and a stunning train make this dress like it came out of fairy tale. You can find it on our Princessly website for only $400.


8. Strapless Wedding Dress

strapless wedding dress

Strapless Wedding Dress [photo: ]

Calling all classic brides! This beautiful strapless wedding dress with sweetheart neckline is what you've been looking for! Not only it will highlight your perfect figure, but in this dress you will feel like a royal. From the stunning top, and belt detail made in silk satin that will highlight your natural waist to the beautiful voluminous skirt with large train which bustles up for your wedding reception.

Best of all the dress can be pair up with different tops, either as 2 pieces or with top permanently attached. And it can be made also in dark ivory, cream, blush pink, champagne.

Combine this dress with this gorgeous rose bouquet complemented by accent flower and delicate foliage. It is designed by 3-times Chelsea gold medal winner Sarah Horne.


9. Stunning Wedding Dress

boho dress

Beautiful Wedding Dress [photo:]

This dress is beautiful! Lace, waist and buttons on the back are a really nice detail. This classic modern sweetheart neckline dress will look great with a long veil and a hair clip. Other accessories are really not needed.


10. Dorothy Perkins’ Wedding Dress

 lace wedding dress

Dorothy Perkins’ Wedding Dress [photo:]

For those with smaller budget, we found a beautiful Dorothy Perkins wedding dress. Yup, you read that right, a beautiful wedding dress doesn't have to be expensive. Do you agree? This is a traditional cut, but it will fit everyone. A deep sweetheart neckline without straps is the most common choice with brides around the world. Dress is, of course, white. Upper part is made out of lace, lower of rich tulle material that give that glamorous, but at the same time traditional look. As we already said, this cut will fit everyone, and is very easy to combine with. You can basically have any accessories you want with this dress.

For the hair, both lifted and lowered will look great. You can have a veil, or you don't. It's up to you. Dress is machine washable, so you don't have to worry what you'll drink, eat or if someone will spill something on it.


11. Elegant Wedding Dress

wedding dress

Elegant Wedding Dress [photo:]

Not every sweetheart neckline and white wedding dress have to be traditional, right? This dress with its classic but at the same time modern cut is a perfect example. It is made out of beautiful fabric. Design alone is pretty simple, with sweetheart neckline and elegant details. Dress is perfect of modern brides who love classics. We recommend high heel sandals, light hair waves and a classic white rose bouquet. Accessorize with modern earrings or bracelets.


12. Wedding Dress With An Open Back

wedding dress

Boho Wedding Dress [photo:]

This is a dress that a princess would get married in. A high sweetheart neckline beautifully and very decently accents women's body. Dress has an open back on wide straps, and lower part is accented with a lace. Dress is made out of high quality material. We recommend a classic bun and a long veil. An obligatory bouquet should be made of peonies or roses.



  • The original idea of brides wearing white did not symbolize virginity or even purity, but wealth. White was a valued color, it was not only difficult to achieve but also hard to maintain. So wealthy brides, then, often wore white to demonstrate their money and culture of their families.
  • As the white is considered classic wedding color, in Chinese culture  it is a symbol of mourning and death. For that reason, the main color of Chinese wedding dress is bright red.
  • Ever wondered why brides wear veils? The trend started in Roman times, when a massive red veil called a 'flammeum' was used to cover brides from head-to-toe to scare off evil spirits looking to ruin her big day. Scary, right?
  • As the white is considered today, that was the blue color before the late 19th century. It symbolized love, modesty, fidelity and purity. And a lot of bride opted for this color for their wedding attire.


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