The Best 18 Table Number Ideas for Wedding Receptions (and DIYs)

It’s the little details that will make your wedding so special and unique. Right? Table numbers can add that extra beauty and style to any wedding reception, all while helping your guests find their correct table. However, just because table numbers are important part of any wedding decor, it does not mean they have to be boring! There are so many mind-blowing table number ideas that will take your wedding decor to the next level. From the rustic table numbers to the modern and minimalist to the charming vintage or even movie inspired, with table numbers you can express your creativity and add a personal touch to your big day.

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 The Best 18 Table Number Ideas for Wedding Receptions (and DIYs) The Best 18 Table Number Ideas for Wedding Receptions (and DIYs) The Best 18 Table Number Ideas for Wedding Receptions (and DIYs) The Best 18 Table Number Ideas for Wedding Receptions (and DIYs)

To help you a bit with choosing, we rounded up some of the best wedding table number ideas for you to use at your reception, without breaking the bank!


1. Scrabble Tile Table Number

Scrabble table numbers [photo: Etsy]

If you love the board game Scrabble, these Scrabble tile table numbers are perfect for you. You can spell out your fave song, movie or anything that is meaningful to you as a couple or that is aligned to your wedding theme. If you are looking for a fun twist, you can make the giant scrabble tiles with this super easy tutorial. Best of all, you can turn these tiles into wall hangings after the big day or even hang them on the back of your bride and groom chairs during the reception. Your guests will love this, and also truly marvel at your creativity.


2. Marble Table Numbers

Marble Hexagon Tile Table Numbers [photo: Etsy]

The marble design has been incredibly popular for a while now, and it seems like it’s here to stay. It continues to filter into everything, from home decor, clothing to the many different wedding styling ideas. And one of these unique ideas, are marble table numbers. They really look amazing, so elegant and stylish. Best of all, they are perfect for various styles and themes; from glam and modern, to the rustic or vintage, to the geometric and minimalist.

We found the perfect ones on Etsy, made of white/grey marble hexagon tiles. The signs can be customized to meet your design, style, theme, or language.


3. Stone Table Number

Stone Table Numbers [photo: Ruffled Blog]

Natural materials, like stone, can be used in so many creative ways to add to the beauty and charm of you wedding decor. We really love this idea of using them as table numbers. It would be perfect for a beach wedding! Agree? Best of all, they are heavy so they won’t blow away from the table. You can find them in any home improvement stores, amazon or if you are living next to the beach, you can collect them yourself. With this stone table numbers, you will not only save money, but they will look amazing on your table too. For this little DIY, you will only need stones (of course!) and a sharpie to write the numbers on them. And that is all! Easy, right?


4. Vintage Clay Billiard Ball as Table Number

Unique Table Number [photo: Etsy]

Why to settle for ordinary when you can get extraordinary? And these vintage clay billiard balls are just that! Unusual yet unique and mind-blowing! We found them on Etsy, and they would look amazing as a table number. This is something your guests will really remember.


5. Burlap Table Numbers

Burlap Table Numbers [photo: ]

When it comes to rustic wedding, burlap fabric is what you’ll need. It’s one of the hottest trends right now, and main reason is its versatility. You can use this fabric as chair decoration, bridal bouquet decoration, as centerpiece or even for wedding arch. What we love about it, is its texture and rustic look, and it’s pretty inexpensive compared to many other fabrics.

We found really simple DIY by Something Turquoise on creating colorful burlap table numbers, perfect for rustic, shabby chic wedding. Check the DIY here.


6. Pumpkin Table Numbers

Pumpkin Table Number [photo: Etsy]

There is just something magical about a autumn wedding… the trees, colors, and that mystical atmosphere. As the autumn season quickly approaches,  we are sure that many brides do their finishing touches to their wedding planning. And with this table numbers, your wedding decor will really stand out. Pumpkin carving is something that everybody loves, so this idea of translating it into wedding table number is pretty awesome. All you need to do is carving a table number into the pumpkin, easy right? You can also ask your family and friends for help.

Another idea is to paint a table number on a pumpkin. You can opt for gold or black color and it will look amazing.


7. Childhood Photos of Bride and Groom as Table Number

Pictures as Table Numbers [photo: David West Photography ]

This is such a cute idea! Visit your parents and collect the cutest and funniest pictures to celebrate you both throughout the years! Scan them, add your cool table number design, print them and frame… that is all! It will give your guests a bit of an insight in your younger years!


8. Potted Plants as Table Number

Potted Plant As Table Number [photo: Carlie Statsky Photography]

Potted plants aren’t just for your garden anymore! For the last few years they are making a big part of the rustic wedding decor.  Best of all, they are eco-friendly! You can use them as a centerpiece, wedding favors, and escort cards for you guests. The possibilities are endless! All you need to do is spray paint the pot into your favorite color, and write the table numbers on them.


9. Wood Slice Table Numbers

Table Number [photo: Etsy]

Another great idea for rustic wedding! Wood slices with table numbers. We found the perfect ones on Etsy. Here is the link.


10. Brick Table Number

Brick Table Number [photo: Wedding Chicks]

We talked about brick table number on our industrial chic wedding article (read it here). This is a very inexpensive and efficient way for table numbering. It fits perfectly with industrial style, but also rustic. Although there might be some discontent from your guests when hearing about a brick on their table, just wait ’till they see it! They will change their mind in a second.

This DIY is very simple to do. All you need is bricks, paint and little creativity. You can paint the numbers in numerals or words (1 or one, for example). When paint dries, it’s done. You can decorate it with flowers or candles. If you’re having ivy on your wedding, then wrap it around the brick with fairy lights. In case you’re having your wedding during winter, you can spray brick with artificial snow, and add some pine twigs along with fairy lights.


11. Book Table Number

Book Table Number [photo: Love and Lavender]

Are you fans of books, or is one of you a professor? Then what do you think about about book shaped table numbers?

This simple diy table number looks really effective at themed weddings (Alice in wonderland, English tea party…), but also at romantic weddings. You can buy blank hardcover notebooks, and put pens next to them so the guests can write their impressions and wish the best for you and your marriage. This way, you get table number and guestbook in one.

You will need same type blank hardcover notebooks and paint for the numbers. Paint the numbers on notebooks and let it dry. Pick the color by following the theme of your wedding. If pink is predominant on your wedding, then the notebooks should be in gentle pink shade, and if your wedding is minimal then black or white should do it.


12. Moss Table Number

Moss Table Number [photo: Ruffled Blog]

Do you love plants and greenery? We know! Greenery has become really popular the last few years, and it quickly got into wedding decor. It brings a hint of nature, looks elegant and fits perfectly in industrial design. Industrial design uses minimal colors so greenery is used to break that minimalism. On Ruffled Blog we found a perfect DIY for moss table number. They described it to the smallest detail, so it won’t be a problem to do it, even for those who are not creative. With this table number you won’t need flower arrangements, white candles will be enough.


13. Classic Table Number

Classic Table Number [photo: Etsy]

Newlyweds who also love classical weddings will always go for elegance, but with no exaggeration. Because of those principles, their wedding decor is subtle, minimal and gorgeous. When it comes to table numbers, focus is primarily on their purpose. Because of that, white cards with simple gold numbers will serve the purpose but at the same time represent the classical style. You can simply place the number on table, or you can put it in candles. Both will look beautiful. It’s very simple to these number by yourself, but if you’re not a crafty person, you can find them almost everywhere.


14. Vintage Table Number

Vintage Table Number [photo: Etsy]

Vintage details fit in basically every wedding whether it’s a themed or a regular bohemian rustic wedding. Vintage decorations look very nice, especially if you fit them with the rest of decor. Although you can make them yourself from old globes or wine bottles, we suggest one inspired by the old days. A yellow, very old looking paper with number decorated with flowers will look so special on tables. You can use this table number on rustic, pin up or retro themed weddings.


15. Geometric String Table Numbers

Geometric String Table Number [photo: Polka Dot Bride]

Geometric shapes are quite trendy! Especially if they’re made in 3D shape. For this DIY you’ll only need a few things and we’re quite certain that everyone will be thrilled by the final product. You will need colorful wool (pick any colors you want), nails, hammer and timber. You can use them on industrial, but also bohemian weddings. If you’re going to have big flower arrangements, put table numbers beneath them. Check the link to find out how to make this great looking geometric string table number.


16. Simple DIY Table Number

Watercolour Table Number [photo: Polka Dot Bride]

In case you’re not creative as much, but would like to save money and do a wedding table number by yourself, we have a solution. You can find a bunch of free DIY for table numbers. All you need is to pick one you like the most and print it out. So when you do that, you might ask yourself “what now?”. You can frame these prints in some photo frames. You can find these frames in bargain stores, or on sites with used goods.  Put numbers in frames and your table numbers are done. Simple, just like we promised, right?


17. Fairytale Wedding Table Number

Table Number [photo: Etsy]

Your wedding is fairy-tale themed, but you are neither in the mood for DIY nor creative. Etsy can provide you much needed help in this case. Along with a huge choice of designs, they are all handmade and pretty unique. And these table numbers are not an exception. They are made of glitter card, pearls and other gorgeous details. Beautiful blush pink shade paper is decorated with a number and 3d flowers which makes it even more magical. Addition of glitter and paper makes it look like lace. It is designed by Laceylolas from Britain.


18. Bottle Table Number

Unique Table Number [photo: Wasio Photography]

We often wrote how it’s great to to recycle and use that in making wedding decorations for your weddings. And that’s why we write again about bottle table number. If you, or your friends are wine lovers, we are sure that you can collect a lot of bottles, or at least the number you need. You can decorate bottles in various ways. One of them is to print out bottle labels with numbers that you’ve made yourself. IF those bottles are transparent, use fairy light for a great effect.

If you’re wishing for more decorations, you can put flowers in them, and print out labels with lace pattern. If you’re having industrial themed wedding, you can paint the bottles black and simply write numbers on them in white. You can’t get simpler than that.

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The Best 18 Table Number Ideas for Wedding Receptions (and DIYs) The Best 18 Table Number Ideas for Wedding Receptions (and DIYs) The Best 18 Table Number Ideas for Wedding Receptions (and DIYs) The Best 18 Table Number Ideas for Wedding Receptions (and DIYs)

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