The Best 16 Ivory Flower Girl Dresses Ideas for a Fairy-Tale Forest Wedding

Want nature to play a major role in your wedding? How about a fairy-tale and mystique forest wedding? Full of flowers, greenery and fireflies, these weddings can be so fairy-tale and mystique, and with stunning natural elements like trees, it can create the most beautiful, relaxed and mysterious atmosphere that your guests will remember for a long time!


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Organizing forest ceremony is quite simple, the most important thing is to find the location, and for the decor as we already said, nature will take care of it. To make your wedding even more magical, you’ll need a candle lanterns and fairy lights. Want more ideas? Find it here: 6 Romantic Ideas For A Dreamy Enchanted Forest Wedding.


[photo: by Redd Angelo on Unsplash ]

Now let’s talk about a wedding dress. There are so many ideas, you can opt for full fairy look or non-traditional and super fun look, or for full romantic lace look, and to make the choice easier for you, you can check out our favorite enchanted forest wedding dresses here.

We can’t forget the little ones in your squad! No doubt flower girls will be thrilled to play such an important role on your wedding day, so for that reason, they really deserve to wear a princess – worthy dresses. And guess what? We’ve done our work, and found the best ivory flower girl dresses for you. Scroll on to see what made the cut and be ready to get inspired for your own forest wedding.


1. Ivory Pocket Dress


Stunning Ivory Dress [photo: ]

She’ll be in the centre of attention thanks to this Country Couture dress. It is sophisticated, it is elegant, it is chic… all a girl could wish for. In this dress your flower girl will look like a princess. It features floral lace top with chiffon cross straps that ties into a bow in the back, allowing you to adjust length of shoulder straps. And the skirt is a dream! With layers of chiffon and hidden pockets, it is perfect for twirling.

Style it with this beautiful floral crown from Etsy for a boho vintage vibe.


2. Shimmer Tutu Dress

tutu dress

Tutu Dress [photo:]

When it comes to enchanted forest wedding, tutu dresses are perfect! They will add that dose of magic into a wedding, but also make your flower girls look like little forest fairies. We found the perfect one from Appleberry Lane shop. It has woven Jacquard top and beautiful layered soft cream tulle skirt (12+ fluffy layers to be exact), which would look darling on any flower girl. It has a cotton lining and is super comfortable. The best of all, this dress comes in both little girls and big girls sizing, with an option to fit everyone.

With this dress we recommend a beautiful heart wand from Etsy, made with twigs and sheer organza ribbon.


3. Tulle Dress With Floral Lace

cute dress

Monsoon Dress [photo: Monsoon]

What a beauty! This Monsoon dress is perfect choice for the baby girl. Yes, you read it right! A baby. Although the rule is that flower girl should be between three and ten years old, the baby girl can be a flower girl just as much as a 3 years old. And she will look adorable in this dress! With a floaty layered skirt, beautifully decorated lace top and with it’s warm ivory shade, this dress is truly timeless.


4. Lace Maxi Dress

long dress

Lace Maxi Dress [photo:]

Planning a bohemian forest wedding? Then this vintage inspired dress would be perfect choice for your flower girls. It really has that whimsical and magical forest feeling. Dress has a simple, yet elegant silhouette with stunning lace details on the front, sleeves and back of the dress. And it is made from most gorgeous spotted stretch tulle lace.

Complete the look with this stunning headband made of the same material as the dress with cute flower embellishment. The dress and the headband can be found on Tea Princess website.


5. Beautiful Ruffle Lace Dress

floral dress

Vintage Dress [photo: ]

What makes flower girls more adorable than dress with ruffles? Not only they are perfect for the aisle and the dance floor, but they also bring the magic into the forest wedding. We found the perfect one by Country Couture. It’s a mix of vintage,rustic and chic, a pure perfection! With layers of ruffles and a cute cap sleeves, in this dress your flower girl will feel like a fairy. Dress is also available in champagne color.

Style it with this minimal floral crown from Etsy, with tiny white flowers and green leaves.


6. Ivory Dress With Satin Bow

cute dress

Tulle dress [photo: Princessly]

Bring the elegance into your forest wedding with this timeless and chic Princessly dress. It features beautiful lace bodice with simple lace cap sleeves, and stunning tulle skirt for a dreamy look. Dress also has a cute detachable satin sash which can be custom made in many other colors.

Complete the look with blush pink flower crown from Etsy, and this amazing personalized rustic basket (you can pick the color for you basket, the lettering and the color for the paper roses). Although the trend of carrying flower baskets ended, it would be nice to bring it back, don't you think? That's why we suggest you to read our article on this link and see for yourself how flower baskets are gorgeous and how they complement the wedding.


7. Gold Sequin Dress

floral dress

Gold Sequin Dress [photo: Etsy]

Who doesn’t love a bit of sparkle? This Etsy dress is the any little girl’s dream come true! Playful, classic and elegant all wrapped up into one dress. The bodice is made of gold sequins and the waist of the dress is adorned with matching hand made silk flower for a dreamy accent. Stunning, right?


8. Dress With Champagne Belt 


Cute Dress [photo: Princessly]

This beautiful dress from Princessly really looks like it came out of a fairy tale. And being that the forest weddings have a fairy tale and romantic vibe, this dress is a perfect choice for it. The upper part is made out of high quality lace which is very delicate, and the lower part is made out of tulle material. They are separated with a beautiful gold satin tape decorated with a flower in the same color tone. Dress is closed in the back, is decorated with a big gold satin bow, and has a hidden zipper closure.

If you think that this dress couldn’t get any prettier, you can achieve that by adding details that will make your flower girls look like real little forest fairies. We recommend shoes in the same shade as the satin tape around the waist, and of course, a crown made from forest flowers in white and golden shades with an occasional green leaf. You can also make bouquets out those flowers in similar shades.


9. Cute Ivory Dress

white dress

Stunning Dress [photo: Princessly]

This dress is entirely in ivory color, and is ideal for slightly minimal weddings. Why do we say slightly? Dress is made of high quality satin and tulle fabric and it looks like it’s made for a princess. Shoulders are adorned with delicate and minimal lace. Dress is the same in the front and in the back. The waist is decorated with only a minimal ivory tape. And it is perfect that the dress has a hidden zipper. This dress for a minimal forest wedding would look great combined with minimal ivory sandals, and to break up the whole ivory combination, a hair crown made for ivy leaves will work great. You can find these crowns on Etsy, or if you’re feeling creative, you can gather ivy when hiking through a forest, wrap it to form a crown and connect it with a wire. Simple, but very effective.

Along with that, we recommend baskets with flower petals, that will also be decorated with ivy leaves and ivory satin tape. If you don’t want the baskets, you can make bouquets out of field and forest flowers, and hold them together with a ivory satin tape tied in a bow.


10. Ivory Lace Dress 

cute dress

Ivory Lace Dress [photo: Etsy]

Handmade dresses are always special. Just think about the effort put in them. We found for you a handmade ivory flower dress on Etsy. This dreamy fairy tale dress is made out of lace and tulle material, and is very similar to the one from Princessly. It has a blue satin tape. The back has a heart shaped opening, and has a big blue satin bow on it.

Combine the dress with silver sandals and a rich forest flower crown. We found the perfect one on Etsy. It is made from rich and big flowers in dark blue, pink and green shades and will give a real bohemian forest look that you want. Because little girls love jewelry, you can give them a couple of bracelets in same colors, and make everything twice as cheerful and playful.


11. Vintage Inspired Dress

vintage dress

Vintage Flower Girl Dress [photo: Etsy]

What an adorable lace dress! Very vintage inspired and perfect for that forest rustic wedding. It’s made with soft lace bodice and gorgeous chiffon and lace ruffles. Being that the dress has a lot of details, we wouldn’t put much accessories with it aside from silver shoes and forest flower bouquet.


12. Floral Satin Dress

floral dress

Floral Satin Dress [photo: ]

You can’t have a forest wedding without flowers, so why not get ivory dresses with a rich floral print for your flower girls to wear? And this dress from David Charles brand is just like that. It is made from beautiful quality satin, with soft mesh ruffle trim. Big and rich print with red roses and green leaves, gorgeously decorates this dress. A removable flower brooch decorates the waist.

Combine this dress with gold shoes, and a flower crown made out of red roses.


13. Bohemian Dress


Embroidered Dress [photo: ]

If you’re having a bohemian rustic forest wedding, then this dress is a perfect choice for you. It is made out of 100% cotton that is great for little girl’s skin. Although the dress is quite simple, embroidered flower twigs give this dress a true bohemian look. The upper part of the dress has richly embroidered Nordic style flowers, and lower part has is decorated with minimal flower twigs. In the back, dress has a beautiful lace and a bow that gives out a romantic vibe.

Combine the dress with red shoes, and use satin tape to decorate the girls’ hair. If you don’t want to use satin tape, then go for a minimal floral crown which will look nice as well. Make bouquets out of field flowers. Anna from Frozen would be thrilled.


14. Cute Tulle Dress

tulle dress

Cute Tulle Dress [photo: Etsy]

Tulle dresses are among the most common choices for weddings. Romantic, fairytale-ish and sometimes reminds us of ballerinas. We found a gorgeous tulle dress on Etsy that will perfectly fit in a forest wedding. It is made by Blue Baloons by Aggie brand from Poland. It’s a knee length, it has an upper part made from beautiful lace that ties in the back with satin tapes. The lower part is made out of rich tulle material. Dress is really well made and looks far more expensive than it really is.

For a forest wedding, combine it with a floral crown and white or ivory shoes with a complimentary bouquet.


15. Romantic Tulle Dress


Romantic Tulle Dress [photo: ]

Do you like romantic dresses, ruffles, tulle and flowers? If so, this dress will be perfect for your flower girls. It is in beautiful champagne, ivory color which is very popular and trendy. It is designed by Romano Princess. Dress has small gloves, waistband is decorated with five rose brooches. Beautifully elegant and special. The lower prat of the dress is decorated with multiple layers of tulle material.

Combine the dress with gold glitter sandals and a hair clip, or you can opt for something different. A big peach colored floral crown and shoes in the similar shade will do the trick. You can give the girls bouquets or flower baskets, it all depends on your wedding’s theme.


16. Long Sleeve Dress

cute dress

Gorgeous Dress [photo: Etsy]

We found this dress on Etsy and is designed by Mimoza Luxury designer, and they put a lot of effort and love into it. Upper part is knitted and has long sleeves, which will come in handy for chilly days in the forest. Waist is decorated with three beautiful ivory colored flowers, that give a romantic tone to the whole dress. Then the dress continues in tulle material, which gives a playful and fun look. Dress is entirely hand knitted and sewn, making it unique. It is comfortable and casual, but also elegant.

You can braid the girls hair, and decorate it with small white flowers. We would also recommend white shoes that will fit perfectly with the dress.


Complete the look with cute shoes! Here are '12 Cute Flower Girl Shoes Ideas for Every Style and Budget'


Our beautiful collection of tulle flower girl dresses is perfect for your big day! 

flower girl dress


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