Simple Ways to Have a Green Eco-Friendly Wedding

Getting married is a big step, and if you’ve decided to take it, then you deserve to have the celebration of your dreams. However, we’re living in the age of pandemic, and that’s only half of the problem. The other half revolves around environmental issues. Global warming, plastic pollution, and other green problems are already taking their toll on the planet, which is why it’s important to do things on an individual level in order to rectify the consequences. Therefore, if you’re planning your wedding, then feel free to consider throwing an eco-friendly bash instead of the classic party. So for that reason, here are some easy tips that will help you pull it off.

Choose Appropriate Caterers 

Planning catering for a party can be stressful, which is why it’s important to ask your guests about their dietary preferences. Also, if sustainability is your goal, then you should go with caterers that support local farmers. Buying and using foods from sustainable sources is a great way to make your wedding a bit greener because your food won’t have to travel long distances in order to reach you. Also, if your caterers are sourcing their foods locally, then consider choosing foods that are in season at the time of your wedding.

wedding cake

Wedding Cake [photo: Melissa Walker Horn]

Be Smart About Wedding Invitations 

Wedding invitations play a big role, so if you want to cut the waste, then how about choosing invitations made of plantable paper? Or even better, skip the paper invitations altogether in favor of paperless ones. There are even options to create your invitations to be both digital and printed. You can choose which part of the invitations would be digital and which ones should be printed. Generally, eco-friendly invitations are always a better idea, especially since people usually tend to dispose of them after the wedding is over. 

wedding invitation

Wedding Invitations [photo: Etsy] 

Opt for Vintage or Secondhand Wedding Attire 

There’s something magical about choosing a vintage wedding dress or suit. If you’re an old soul, then this tip will definitely suit you. Some shops or organizations even offer wedding attire and accessories for much lower prices, while donating the proceeds to various causes. But, if you want to boost the local economy, you can always opt for a handmade wedding dress made from sustainable fabrics as that will certainly be good news both for the local dressmaker and the environment alike. Going with more sustainable options when it comes to wedding clothes is always a great idea, especially if you’re planning a wedding on a budget.

wedding dress

Bride and Groom [photo: Junior Reis]

Find Reusable Decor 

Decorating the venue is an important step, therefore, finding reusable and sustainable decor is a perfect way to make your wedding a bit more eco-friendly. Hence, choosing decor that you can take home and use it again is a lovely idea, and if you love floral arrangements, then opting for succulents and potted plants is definitely a better choice than elaborate bouquets that will likely be thrown away after the reception. 

wedding decoration

Wedding Table Decor [photo: Lelani Badenhorst]

Organize the Transportation 

Transportation is often the cause of pollution, so cutting down on it can definitely make your wedding more eco-friendly. Destination weddings are the main culprit behind this, due to flying. But, if you’re having a wedding in your hometown, then consider having an actual ceremony at the reception venue. Some registrars are willing to attend, however, it’s important to organize that in advance. 

Final Thoughts 

Your special day deserves to be celebrated, but if you’re passionate about environmental issues, then consider making your wedding a bit more sustainable. That way, you’ll still have all the freedom to enjoy the party, while reducing waste and helping the environment heal. Going with paperless invitations, local caterers and reducing the transportation are all great tips that will turn your wedding into a real happy and green event. 

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