13 Most Adorable Flower Girl Baskets For Elegant Wedding

Elegant weddings are always among  favorite wedding themes. With elegance often comes the traditional wedding as well. Because of that brides usually decide to go with very simple and traditional flower girls baskets. In today's article we will try to show you that it doesn't always have to be traditional and simple when it comes to elegant wedding themes. Just check out the flower baskets that we picked out for your perfect elegant wedding.


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flower girl dress


Elegant Lace Basket

lace flower girl basket

Beautiful Lace Flower Girl Basket [photo: www.theweddingoutlet.com]

Along with satin, lace is one of the most favorite materials. Who doesn't love this great fabric? We can tell you for sure that we don't know a person who doesn't like it. This luxurious and rich material looks romantic, magical and unique. You can make lace baskets yourself, ask your grandmothers or simply buy it. We found a beautiful one that radiates with minimalism and elegance.


Breathtaking Pearls

We all know how Coco Chanel loved pearls so much that she once said: „women need ropes and ropes of pearls“. And we have to say that pearls are brimming with elegance, and that no other jewelry can touch them. Because of that, pearls are essential as a decorative element on elegant weddings. And what do you say on baskets decorated with pearls?

Lillian Rose Beaded Handle Flower Basket

Elegant flower girl bucket

Elegant Flower Girl Bucket [photo: https://www.michaels.com]

Minimal, elegant, perfect. Three words needed  to describe this basket. It is made out of satin, has a nice shape and of course pears handles. And we also have to mention it's great price at only 16$.


White Pearl Flower Basket 

flower girl backet

Pearl Flower Basket [photo: loveweddingshop.com]

Somewhat different, but equally elegant is this basket from Love Wedding Shop, with details made from pearls, crystals and satin. You can choose between white an ivory color. Just picture how gorgeous would it look filled with rose petals.



Unusual Choice For Elegant Wedding...


flower girl basket

Here Comes The Bride Wedding Sign [photo: TheRitzyRose Etsy Shop]

We really love this idea! Ring bearer and flower girl signs are a great way to personalize your ceremony. Not only your little helpers will look so cute with them, but also these signs will be a lovely surprise for your guests and also look amazing on pictures. You can easily personalize them with a message of your own choice, such as 'Here Comes the Bride' or 'Here Comes The Love Of Your Life...



flower girl basket

Flower girls with heart-shaped balloons [photo: Etsy princessdoodlebeans ]

This is the cutest idea! Instead of having a flower girl walk down the aisle carrying basket filled with flowers, opt for beautiful balloons. You can have your flower girl carry one giant balloon, a bunch of little balloons, heart balloons, balloons with messages, there are so many options. Just be sure you tie them on the flower girl's wrist.


DIY Flower Girl Basket

If you're a Pinterest fan and keen on DIY, you can make your flower girl baskets yourself. Here are our favorites.


flower girl basket

Felt Flower Girl Basket [photo: Something Turquoise]

We found this amazing DIY on the blog Something Turquoise. All you need is wool, embroidery floss, embroidery needles, ribbon, hot glue gun, stuffing. Check out the full tutorial here


Satin Flower Girl Basket

Satin is one of the most elegant and refined materials and because of that we put it on the first place. And because of it's silky touch, shiny surface and fineness, of course. Great thing  is that, with the further advancements in textile technology and fiber processing, satin has become more affordable than ever.

flower girl basket

Flower Girl Basket [photo: www.twotwentyone.net ]


Diy Saten Basket

This is a pretty simple DIY project, and for less than $20. And perfect for elegant, traditional wedding.  All you need is; pre-made flower girl basket, satin ribbon, silk peony, rhinestone button, hot glue and scissors. Read the full tutorial on Two Twenty One blog.


 Color Satin Basket

Ivy Lane Design Love Knot Flower Girl Basket

Ivy Lane Design Love Knot Flower Girl Basket [photo:https://www.amazon.com]

Along with black, red is one of the most elegant colors, so what do you say about having red flower girl baskets. That sounds like a perfect choice for your elegant wedding, don't you think? You can find Ivy Lane Design Love Knot Flower Girl Basket on Amazon.


Bronze Elegance Flower Girl Basket

flower girl basket

Bronze Elegance Flower Girl Basket [ www.howdivine.com.au]

It is very important to pick the right materials and colors when planning an elegant wedding. What do you think about this bronze basket decorated with beautiful elegant vintage bows? It totally reminded us of David and Victoria Beckham's wedding in '99. That wedding was all about elegance and materials were in the color that went great with Victoria's ivory wedding dress. This color is perfect for summer an autumn weddings. 


Black And White Flower Girl Basket

flower girl basket

Black And White Basket [photo: www.favorsandflowers.com]

Black and white has always been regarded as elegant and refined. Although some can't agree that black can be elegant, we are here to convince you otherwise. We went on Favors and Flowers  and found this beautiful flower girl basket in white color and decorated with black lace and a big black satin bow. Fill the basket with white roses and your flower girls can wear black dresses. Can it get more elegant than that? Certainly not!


Glitter Wedding Flower Basket 

 Glitter Wedding Flower Basket


 Glitter Wedding Flower Basket [photo:https://www.amazon.com ]

You can't have a elegant wedding without glitter. You need to have in mind that it's very important to pick only one color for glitter and to have it match the basic colors you picked for your wedding decor. Gold is always a great choice! This basket is perfect because it looks very minimal and because of that, expensive as well. Combine gold glitter with white color with addition of satin bows. 


Minimal Flower Girl Basket

flower girl basket

Minimal Flower Girl Basket [photo: diyweddingshop.co.nz]

Minimalism and elegance have always went hand in hand. This minimal basket is made entirely of satin with addition of a simple white bow. It's simply stunning, don't you agree?


Acrylic Flower Girl Basket

Acrylic Petal Patrol Wedding Flower Girl Basket

Acrylic Petal Patrol Wedding Flower Girl Basket [photo: https://www.etsy.com]

Unusual, but very effective flower girls baskets. Although they aren't a traditional choice, they look perfect when filled with flower petals. We recommend white flower petals to make it more elegant. You can make them yourself if you're feeling creative or find the on the internet. We really like the combination  of black bows and letters on these, they are really beautiful. 


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