Best 10 Ivory Flower Girl Dresses To Match Your Bridal Gown

Photo by our customer Bride and Flower Girl

Here comes the bride... and her cute little mini version! Have you ever thought of having a matching dress with your flower girl? It's popping all over our Instagram feed on a daily basis. And we have to admit, it is super adorable!  Flower girl in a matching white dress is the tradition that goes back to Roman times, and it symbolizes the bride as a child. We know this is not everyone's cup of tea... every bride wants to have her stand out 'WOW' moment, right? But matching doesn't mean you have to choose the exact design as your bridal gown. There are so many subtle ways of doing it. For example, you can choose the same fabric such as lace or tulle while keeping the design of the dress completely different. Another option is same appliqués on the dress. Or you can opt for same design of the dress, but in a totally diferent color. The options are endless.

At Princessly, we offer over 300 flower girl dress designs that will match to any style and design of your bridal gown. From romantic lace styles to the modern ones. You can shop by color, style and fabric. And best of all, custom design is welcome. So for example, if you maybe like the dress design, but want it in a different color, we'll help you with it. 

We know shopping can sometimes be exhausting, so we decided to help you a bit with picking the perfect dress for your little girl. We've rounded up our favorite ivory flower girl dresses from our collection that you will definitely fall in love with. Check them out! Happy Dress Shopping!



Princessly Ivory Organza Flower Girl Dress

lace dress

Princessly Lace Flower Girl Dress

beautiful dress

Princessly Flower Girl Dress with Collar

elegant dress

Princessly Organza Flower Girl Dress

boho dress

lace dress
bow dress
tulle dress
maxi dress
ivory dress


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