8 Braided Flower Girl Hairstyle Ideas for Long Hair

Looking for an ideal hairstyle for your flower girl? How about braids? Braided hairstyles always look very festive and they really add extra definition to the whole look. Today, we are sharing our favorite 8 hairstyles that are perfect for flower girls when they are walking down the aisle. From the romantic rose braid, to the unique rope braid to the all time classic crown braid, scroll down to see what made the cut.

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Crown Braid

Crown braid is one of those classic styles you can't go wrong with. They are super chic and elegant and look great on all hair types and textures. To complete the look, add this little hair pins from Etsy with blush, ivory flowers, babys breath and greenery.

flower girl hairstyle

Crown Braid [photo: Style Me Pretty ]

Here is a step by step tutorial by Little Miss Momma.


Dutch Braids

Dutch braids are extremely popular, mainly because they look like they're glued to your hair, like cornrows. They look like they give you extra volume and look very romantic. although making these braids look complicated, it's actually not. they are maid similar like the french braid, only reversed. Instead of putting strand on strand and putting over, strand is put under, which gives a 3D effect. Interesting, right? To make these braids perfect. don't make them when hair is wet, it won't slide then. Comb the hair towards nape and split it in three parts. Put the right strand beneath the middle one, then put the left strand beneath the middle. Keep going like that, putting outside strands beneath the middle one and adding strands of hair as you go. When you reach the nape, finish the braid by continuing with braiding from beneath. At the end, make it firm by using hair spray and you're done! Gorgeous! To make this hairstyle even more prettier, you can use accessories.


Dutch bradis

Beautiful Dutch Braids [photo: hairstylehub.com]

Play with hair clips and put them in braids to achieve a romantic look. You can find the pins at Children Salon.



The Rose Braid

Is there anything prettier than a rose? Sometimes nature is the best inspiration, especially when it comes to this hairstyle. The Rose Braid is a new hair trend we've been waiting for. It is so unique, fun and chic, perfect for a Parisian-inspired or boho summer wedding. Best of all, it is so easy to style!


flower girl hairstyle

Half up rosette buns [photo: www.princesshairstyles.com]


Here is an amazing step by step tutorial by Princess Hairstyles.



Boxer Braids

The most popular braids on Instagram are definitely boxer braids. These braids are loved by women across the world, and we think that they would be perfect for your flower girls. It's very important to put a texture spray or dry shampoo first, then split the hair in the middle, take one smaller strand from the front and make a classic braid. Fasten it with a pin when you make it. Make the same on the other side. And that's it! You can strengthen it more by applying hair spray to make sure everything is in it's place.


boxer braids

Cute Boxer Braids [photo: pexels.com]

You don't really have to put much accessories on this hairstyle except these super cute elastic bows that can be found on Etsy.


The Fishtail Braid

The fishtail braid is one of the simplest yet most beautiful braids out there. And definitely our favorite. It's so unique and super flexible. You can do a really thight, elegant braid, or you can create a bit more casual, messy look. We also love idea of adding some freshly picked flowers into the braid, it will give your little princess a perfect flower girl look.

flower girl hairstyle

Cute fishtail braids [photo: http://fabnewhairstyle1.biz]

Here is the step by step tutorial by SBK living. If you want something like this but with a little twist, check out this fishtail pony tutorial by A Cup of Jo


Braided Bun

Braided bun is perfect for these hot days. Especially for playful little girls. this simple, but effective hairstyle is very liked among women. To make this hairstyle, you'll only need 5 minutes, two elastic hairbands, hairpins and hair spray. Ready? Let's go! Gather your hair in a high ponytail on top of your head and tie it with elastic hairband. Braid the ponytail to the top and tie it with elastic hairband.Tip: for more volume, pull the sides of the braid to loose them up a bit and stretch. wrap the braid gently around the hairband at the base of the ponytail and strengthen it up with hairpins. If you're into the trendy disheveled hair look, take out a few strands. At the end use hair spray. You can always decorate buns with various accessories and make them more special.


Beautiful Braid

Adorable Braided Bun [photo: marthastewartweddings.com]

Decorate the bun with a beautiful floral hair clip, we found the most cutest one at Farfetch.


Waterfall braid

What do you think about waterfall braid? Sounds complicated? Trust us, it's not! This braid is perfect for really long hair. You don't really braid your hair, you just put strand over strand throughout your whole head. Comb the hair and start on the left side. Just a little above the ear, take out a strand that is about 5-6 cm wide and split it in two parts. Put the strand closer to your face over the second one and let it go. Take a new strand to replace the first one and put the lower over the upper one. Repeat the steps until you reach the middle at the back of your head and secure the end sideways. Repeat everything on the other side too and then concert the ends of the waterfall with a transparent  rubber band. You can also hide the ends behind the hair and secure them with hairpins.



Waterfall Hair [photo: therighthairstyles.com]

You can decorate your hair with this beautiful tiara that can be found at Claire`s.


Rope Braids

A simple hairstyle that looks complicated at first, but it is basically made by simple twisting and shifting of the strands. This is a very common hairstyle with brides with long hair, but why not have your flower girls shine with it? Split the hair on the side, comb it and make sure its straight with no knots. On the side with more hair, take a wider strand of hair, split in two parts and twist the front strand over the one in the back. Add more hair to the strand closer to your face and twist it again over the back strand. Keep adding hair to front strands and twist them until you reach the shoulders or use up all the hair. Then it's time to shape the rope. Twist the two parts of the hair in counter clockwise direction and then twist one over the other in clockwise direction. Keep doing that until you reach the top of the hair and secure it with a strong band. Decorate this beautiful hairstyle with flowers.


rope braid

Cute Braid [photo: stylecraze.com]

Find gorgeous accessories at Sienna Likes To Party.


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