20 Earthly Toned Decor and Food Ideas for a Stylish Fall Garden Wedding

Did you know that October has officially replaced June as the most popular month to get married? It’s easy to see why. Fall weddings are magical! Not only you will have the best natural wedding decoration ever (hello, colorful leaves and pumpkin centerpieces!), but also the cozy atmosphere perfect for creating classic memories.

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20 Earthly Toned Decor and Food Ideas for a Stylish Fall Garden Wedding 20 Earthly Toned Decor and Food Ideas for a Stylish Fall Garden Wedding 20 Earthly Toned Decor and Food Ideas for a Stylish Fall Garden Wedding 20 Earthly Toned Decor and Food Ideas for a Stylish Fall Garden Wedding



Bride And Groom Captured by Chris Barber Photography


If you are a bride who is planning a fall wedding, there is still enough time to add some finishing touches. Decor and wedding theme are the first things to think about. To highlight that it’s a fall wedding, try to incorporate earthy tones like orange, burgundy, dark green and yellow. Use as many natural props as you can, such as leaves, pumpkins, apples. And we can’t forget the candles. They really add that romantic, mystical touch.

To help you a bit with planning, we have gathered the best earthly tone styling ideas perfect for fall garden wedding.




Pumpkin Place Cards [photo: www.intimateweddings.com]

One of our favorite ways to incorporate fall into seating cards is with cute mini pumpkins. All you need to do is attach the seating-card tags with raffia or twine onto the pumpkins, and that’s all. If you want to give your pumpkins a cool, chic look, paint them with white or metallic acrylic paint and it will look amazing.




Backyard wedding [photo: www.magnoliarouge.com]

An outdoor fall wedding can be so charming and sweet! And best of all, you don’t need any decorations, let the nature do its best. For the rustic and bohemian themed wedding opt for a charming barn or a ranch.

Our recommendation for venue:

Central Park, New York

Is there something more romantic, then a beautiful and peaceful Central Park in the heart of New York City? The most romantic movie scenes are filmed there. From the movies like Serendipity, to the most famous and beloved romantic comedy When Harry Met Sally, to the American classic Breakfast at Tiffany’s. If you want to have your own romantic story at Central Park, it’s possible. Check out Wed In Central Park website, for the one-one advice, guidance and suggestions.




Boutonniere [photo: Etsy]

A simple fall-inspired boutonniere is a perfect accessory for the groom and his groomsmen. If you are creative enough you can make them yourself and save money at the same time. Incorporate the autumnal elements such as pinecone or fresh-dried thistles and mini lavenders.

We found beautiful ones on Etsy. Made of preserved flowers, dried baby’s breath flower and mini lavenders with fall stems.




Wedding Cake Captured by Tierney Photography

When it comes to naked wedding cakes, it is all about simplicity. This trend has been hot for a while now. And it is perfect for fall weddings. Not only these cakes look rustic, but they are so delicious. They can be beautifully topped with lush flowers or delectable filled with fruits like berries, pears, figs.

For even more rustic look you can put a cake on a wooden stump instead of a standard stand.




Black Candles [photo: thebridelink.com]

For the elegant and mystical look, incorporate black and gold details into the decor such as golden cutlery, black tall candlesticks or even the black feathers in the middle of centerpiece.




Tent [photo: www.theoverwhelmedbride.com]

How cute is this tent? It really has that rustic, bohemian vibe. If you are hosting a garden wedding, you can have one too. It will be a perfect place for taking pictures. And your guests will love it.




Bride And Groom Captured by Katie Dervin Photography

Swings have definitely become a must-have at weddings for the past few years. And we must admit it is one of the marvelous ideas for indoor and  outdoor wedding reception. There is something whimsical and romanticabout them.

Wedding swings are often decorated with greenery garlands and flowers to complement the rest of the wedding decor. They are also like the tent perfect for taking romantic photos.




Stunning Cake [photo: www.rosalindmillercakes.com]

How beautiful is this cake? It has Fall written all over it. Made by Rosalind Miller Cakes, this completely unique 4 tier wedding cake is decorated with stunning sugar flowers in a vibrant array of Autumnal colours, including Roses, Clematis, Anemones, Thistles and Blossoms.




Invitations [photo: www.invitationsbydawn.com ]

Incorporate the style of the fall season with rich colors such as oranges, reds and chocolate browns, these colors will instantly set the tone of the wedding, and give a soothing feeling to your occasion. We found the perfect one by Invitations By Dawn. If features feathered leaf design with beautiful autumn colors, and the satin ribbon in your choice of color for a finishing touch.



Invitations [photo: www.theartintara.com]

Minimal lover? Than this luxe printed marble invitation is perfect for you.The best of all it can be personalized with your choice of printing method, font, ink and paper options.




Dessert [photo: kempandkempcatering.co.uk]

Being gluten-free or vegan sometimes feels limiting when it comes to desserts. So it is always a great idea to have something for everyone. There are so many options, from cupcakes, cookies, lemon bars to the cakes. You can make them yourself or you can order, there are a lot of caterings that offer a vegan and gluten-free menus. Our recommendation – Kemp And Kemp Catering.




Apple Pie Bar [photo: www.southernliving.com]

Do you know someone who doesn’t like apple pie? We don’t! This american classic is loved by everyone. It is often served at lunches, dinners and celebrations. So why not having it on your wedding? One of the autumn flavours are certainly apples, so because of that you should use them and offer them to your wedding guests. If the autumn is warm, you can serve it with a scoop of vanilla ice cream, and for those cold autumn days, we recommend hot cider.

How to make and apple pie bar? Very simple. Dedicate a table for it, put a tablecloth on it, pies and label them. For example, classic apple pie, apple and walnut pie, caramel apple pie… Decorate the table with autumn leaves or a bouquet of sunflowers, and the table will paint a beautiful autumn picture. Perfect, right?




Table Setting [photo: bridalmusings.com]

Autumn weddings are perfect for decor. There are so much things from nature that you can use to create a perfect autumn decor. Take a walk in the forest and collect acorns, leaves, twigs, pinecones and use them to decorate tables. Use candles as well. They create a pleasant feeling and warmth. And not to mention how romantic they look. Because autumn nights can get cold, you can put blankets on chairs or benches, and your guests can use them in case they get chilly. And again, you will achieve a warm feeling. Play with earthy tones like brown, orange or red. Pumpkins, apples and leaves can be put in bowls and be used as table centerpieces instead of flower arrangements. Sunflowers are obligatory autumn flowers, and you can put them in old wine bottles and they will look great. Keep cozy!




Pumpkin Centerpiece [photo: www.weddingideasmag.com]

What is a first thing that pops in your mind when we say autumn? Pumpkins? Same as we. Along with being sooo tasty in cakes, soups and other dishes, pumpkins are great for decor too, and not only for Halloween. With so many types to choose from, we recommend the smaller ones for centerpieces. There are so many ways to play with them. One of those is to use them as vases. Simply hollow them out, and put beautiful autumn bouquets in them. You can also just simply put them along the table center, very simple yet effective. Pumpkins can also serve as candle holders, again hollow them out and put candles in. They will create a beautiful atmosphere.




Welcome sign [photo: Couture Colorado]

It’s nice to let your guests know that you are happy that they came and that they’ll celebrate your happiest day with you. And how to let them know that? Apart from, of course, hugs and thanks, you can also put a welcoming sign. This has become very modern, and newlyweds have been putting them on the entrance for the last few years. How to make them fit the autumn theme? Very simple! Wooden signs are the best choice. You can decorate them with gold color, candles and pumpkins. You can also carve your welcoming message on a pumpkin.




Wedding Bouquet [photo: pexels]

Make sure that you play with the colors of your autumn bouquets. Dark red, orange and green with a hint of white will look phenomenal. Along with unavoidable sunflowers, you can use other seasonal flowers. Rose, dahlia, fressia, carnation, amaranthus, aster, cockscomb… Let your bouquets be rich, vibrant, and filled with autumn colors. You can also decorate them with a rustic tape.




Dress [photo: Princessly]

It is also good to play with textures and colors when it comes to bridesmaids dresses. Along with single colored ones, you can find the ones with prints, like flower print that is a huge trend. Red is a color that goes perfectly with autumn. And it looks great on everybody. And because of that we picked it out as our number 1. But don’t go for too simple, make sure that they have some eye catching detail, like this Princessly bridesmaids dress. It is made in beautiful red color with minimal neckline and with full open back. Shoulders have puffy bows which make this dress totally different that any other. Because this dress is so beautiful, you will only need a minimal bouquet to go with it.


17. ARCH


Arch [photo: happywedd.com]

A detail that has become a must if you’re having an outdoor wedding is the arch. How to decorate it? If it’s made of wood, we recommend flowers and leaves. And if made of metal, you can play with different materials and create a truly romantic atmosphere. White sheets decorated with golden leaves and branches can create a true movie-like atmosphere. Just remember the movie Twilight. Those branches and small white flowers created an unforgettable mood. And that is what you’re going for. If you get playful with earthy tones, branches are the backbone of everything. Use flowers and curtains to decorate them, and success is guaranteed.




White truffle sponge [photo: bubblefood.com]

For the food, make sure it’s seasonal. Pumpkins, mushrooms and forest fruit are an ideal start. If you’re a big foodie and love food more than everything, you’ll want it to be perfect not only in taste but in looks, too. What do you say on canapes with mushrooms? Truffle sponge, hon shimeji and white truffle cream. Sounds delicious! And the looks of it, it takes your breath away. If you want something like this, then Bubble Food Catering could be your choice.




Candy Corn Gift Bags [photo: sayyes.com ]

It’s always nice and polite to thank your guests for coming. But how to be creative with it? Candy apples are a true autumn classic, what you say on them? We believe that the guests will be thrilled. Another classic autumn candy is candy corn. Fill decorative bags with it, decorate them with tape and thank you card. You can also have a traditional thank you card in autumn colors, or in a shape of a leaf that says thank you for fulfilling our day along with your names and wedding date. Scented candles are another great gift. choose one with autumn aromas, to remind them of your wedding. decorate with tape, and that’s it. Simple but special




Cocktails [photo: www.brides.com]

Do you like cocktails? Then this idea is for you. You can consult with your bartender in making your special wedding cocktail and name it after you, or your surname. Being that the autumn is the theme, we suggest that the cocktail has a fitting color with details that will follow the theme. For example, a cocktail with apples and cinnamon, forest fruit, caramel apple martini, whiskey apple, cider, blackberry mojito. There’s a lot of ideas, let your cocktail tell a story about you. Maybe you had mojitos on your fist date? Then why not have it as your signature drink, with some additions? Most important is that you like it. Cheers!

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20 Earthly Toned Decor and Food Ideas for a Stylish Fall Garden Wedding 20 Earthly Toned Decor and Food Ideas for a Stylish Fall Garden Wedding 20 Earthly Toned Decor and Food Ideas for a Stylish Fall Garden Wedding 20 Earthly Toned Decor and Food Ideas for a Stylish Fall Garden Wedding

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