19 Trendy Industrial Style Wedding Ideas for the Modern Couple

Calling all the minimalists! This theme is perfect for you. Industrial-inspired style has been hugely popular in the last few years, and not only in weddings but in home decor in general. You have probably seen those stunning  pictures of industrial-inspired decor on Pinterest, and maybe even pinned it. And who could blame you, they are really stunning! When it comes to weddings, this style is perfect for modern couples who want to break free from the traditional venues and themes , show their individuality and put their own stamp on the big day. And with such a versatile and simplistic canvas, it is really easy to achieve industrial style theme.

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 19 Trendy Industrial Style Wedding Ideas for the Modern Couple 19 Trendy Industrial Style Wedding Ideas for the Modern Couple 19 Trendy Industrial Style Wedding Ideas for the Modern Couple 19 Trendy Industrial Style Wedding Ideas for the Modern Couple

To help you a bit, we’ve pulled together 19 of our favorite industrial-inspired wedding ideas for inspo. From the empty warehouses or factories as a venue to the charming brick walls, mix of metals and vintage details for the decor. Check them out!

1. Rich Fall Table Decor

Modern Table Setting [photo: Couture Colorado by Erin Witt Photography ]

Although we associate summer with rustic boho theme, this trend will be present during the autumn too. But instead of light flowers like peonies or hydrangeas, this autumn will be really trendy to combine flowers and fruits. Sound interesting, right? Big rustic tables will be decorated with rich arrangements through their whole length. And with long tall candles. Conifers will be complemented with dark red flowers, and additionally decorated with citrus and forest fruits. Rose hip, blueberry and blood orange will shyly protrude, giving the impression that you are in a beautiful magical forest.

As for the cutlery, huge trend will be to use gold or cooper ones. Using napkins made out of cotton or linen in red wine, forest green or neutral color will also be trending this autumn. Also, big crystal glasses will be seen on almost every autumn wedding.


2. Or You Can Go All Minimal

Minimal Table Decor [photo: Ruffled blog by Figtree Wedding Photography]

Just a simple centerpiece such as white flowers and eucalyptus branches in a geometric vase will look amazing. Add a modern ghost chairs made from acrylic or Lucite and Edison bulbs, for a total industrial style look.


3. Comfort Food

Comfort food [photo: Wedding Chicks by Anna Taylor Photography]

As big food lovers, while researching for articles, we always like to see what will be popular for the coming season. And we have to say that we were thrilled when we saw that comfort food will be a huge trend on industrial chic weddings. Mac and cheese, pumpkin and chili soup, hamburgers, smoked sausage & beer cheese potato soup… Along with those delicious main courses, guests will also be happy to eat desserts like candy apples, apple pies, pumpkin spice cookies, pecan pies.


4. Terrarium

Wedding decor [photo: Ruffled blog by All My Heart Photography ]

A truly beautiful way to decorate an industrial chic wedding is certainly a terrarium. Fans of the industrial style usually have it in their homes for additional decor. So why not use it as a part of the wedding decor? Along with not being expensive, they can make a big difference in every space they are put in. You can fill them with flowers or candles . Another neat idea is to hang them from the ceiling or a tree. Put solar candles or battery candles, and you will achieve a very comfortable and warm look.


5. Brick Table Number

Brick table number [photo: Wedding Chicks ]

When you take a look at industrial interiors, you will most likely see bricks. Brick walls look great in such environment, so why not use that idea and insert it in industrial chic wedding decor. It is a very simple DIY, all you need is a brick and black or white color. Just write table numbers on bricks, decorate them by putting flowers and candles around them, and that’s it!


6. Beautiful Blooms

Bouquet Made by Sarah Horne Botanicals


Leading trend in industrial chic weddings will be red flowers. Roses are the most popular ones, but we will add to them some lesser known types. Dahlia, amaranthus, astilbe will be complemented with conifers and forest fruits to create a sense of opulence. One of the decorations in bouquets and flower arrangements can be cotton.

You should have in mind that cotton is pricey, but having only one or two inserted into arrangement can make a huge difference. We love to see artichokes on our plates, but they also look tasty when put in autumn arrangements, so it’s not a surprise that they are popular with florists. Eucalyptus, is  a  staple in industrial chic wedding  flower decor, but this season it will be replaced with pomegranate twigs. They are perfect for achieving that forestly romantic look, but looking industrial at the same time. Bouquets, table arrangements or lapels should be lavish and rich with as much flowers as possible that will complement each other.


7. Portraits and Silhouettes

Silhouettes [photo: The Roving Artist ]

Sounds like a very odd trend, right? But portraits are back! And with style. You can rent a painter that will do your portraits on your wedding day to keep it as a precious memory for the rest of your lives. Wedding portraits were hugely popular back in the day, especially before photography, and we have to say we’re happy that this trend has returned. You can pick a style in which you want your painting done. You can choose between historically inspired portraits and more modern type. You can also have your silhouettes painted. There are also more kinds to choose from, so there will be something for everybody to make them happy.

Our recommendation: The Roving Artist


8. Venue

Venue [photo: unsplash]

When it comes to industrial style, no location is too out of the box. Unusual and unique spaces are the best choice for this style of wedding. Think old warehouse space, empty factories, or even loft spaces – these locations often comes with great characteristics such as peeled-paint walls, visible pipes and exposed brick walls which not only give the charm to whole space, but also lends itself to a plenty of styling possibilities. Just imagine how great your pictures would look like


9. Metal Chairs

Cool Chairs [photo: The Every Last Detail by The Hons Photography]

How cool are these steel bistro chairs? It will really give your tablescapes an industrial edge. Pair them with rustic farm tables, and it will look amazing. These chairs can be typically seen in metallics like silver, gunmetal and bronze. If you are up for a bit of DIY, you can also paint them in pastel colors, such as millennial pink, mint or yellow.


10. Vintage Details

Vintage suitcase As Guest Book [photo: Etsy]

Add vintage details to make the place more personal, and warmer. You can include fabulous flea-market finds, such as antique suitcases or retro furniture like an old school chairs. And if you are creative enough you can also repurpose them in something cool and fun. For example, a rusty bike can become the focal point of your dessert table, or old cans can become a unique table numbers. It will add that throw-back glam to your wedding day.


11. Greenery

Bride And Groom [photo: Love And Lavender by Elisa Petersen Photography]

Greenery wedding decor is the easiest way to bring nature in to your reception. And probably the most beautiful one! If you are not the biggest fan for bright and colorful flowers, greenery is a wonderful alternative that will give an elegant and lush look for your wedding. This trend uses budget friendly and naturally beautiful foliage, greenery  and plants such as leather leaf, ivy, eucalyptus, monstera leaves, lily grass and lavender. You can use greenery for table decor, for wedding backdrop or even for greenery chandeliers! It will transform any space, and definitely wow your guests.


12. Industrial Lights

Edison bulbs photo: Etsy]

While at first lighting seems more functional than fun, when it comes to industrial style wedding it is one of the most important décor element. Key is to not go overboard with it. A simple string of lights, cascading down from the ceiling will create the perfect amount of romance, and yet look elegant and stylish.

You can also use lighting as a wedding backdrop, it will look amazing on an old brick wall, or even as a table centerpiece. Opt for Edison bulbs, they will give the whole space a retro, edgy look.


13. Ladders

Ladder [photo: Etsy]

No matter where your wedding will be, outdoors or indoors, ladders will look amazing everywhere and your guest will love it. Best of all, they are so versatile. You can use a ladder as a stylish dessert display, as a rustic chandelier decorated with greenery, as a stunning backdrop for the photo booth, or you can even make a unique arch from it! Decorate them with flowers, garlands, ribbons or balloones.


14. Wedding Cake

Marble Cake made by Rosalind Miller

Choosing your wedding cake is the sweetest part of wedding planning, agree? When it comes to industrial style wedding, cakes are true pieces of art. Forget the white fondant icing and figurines of the bride and groom, these cake are all about detail, showing the couple’s own unique style. From the clean modern lines, geometric detailing, metallic flourishes and marble design, these cakes are made to make you go WOW.

If you are a fantastic baker, you can make your wedding cake yourself. Your guest will appreciate all the hard work that went into your masterpiece. Here is an amazing tutorial from American Cake Decorating Magazine by award-winning sugar artist Veronica Seta for a rustic Italian-style cake.


15. Invitations

Invitations [photo: paperlust.co ]

How beautiful is this wedding invitation? It’s simple, minimal and elegant, perfect for industrial style wedding. This wedding invitation card is from the sophisticated Moira Hughes Couture collection, and you can find it on Paperlust website.


16. Pipe Candle Holders

Pipe candle holders [photo: Etsy]

We love this! It looks super cool, and it is a perfect combination of urban and vintage look. We found these Copper pipe candle holders on Etsy, and we think they will look amazing in your industrial themed wedding decor.


17. Manicure

Manicure [photo: pexels]

One of the cosmetic trends that every future bride has on her to do list before the wedding is certainly manicure. On the wedding day, her hands are in focus. Photographer will want to capture the moment when the ring is put on her finger, and the guests will want to see the ring from close up. Because of that, every bride considers the manicure to be obligatory. So what trends await us for the industrial chic wedding? One of the leading ones will be a nude shade with the addition of gold or metallic. This type of manicure is extremely trendy and very elegant at the same time. Red polish will also be really popular. But in slightly darker shade than usual, like red wine color. Although the red nail polish has never got out of style, this autumn it’s darker shade will be the most popular version.


18. Make up

Make up by Gemma Sutton

During the summer, the main principle of make up was less is more. It was light, airily and very natural. But autumn will be in a different light. Make up trends for the autumn dictate more covering power, with velvet look. Loose powder will be use to  mat all the shining parts of the face skin. Trend of smokey eyes will return. Earthly tones, such as olive or rustic red will be a necessity in every color palette. Red lipstick shades are also ready to make a comeback. We could say that after listing this, autumn make up will look absolutely perfect. Future brides will get to choose between smokey eyes, or red lipstick and eyeliner and fake eyelashes.


19. Hairpins and Sleek Hair

Lovely sleek bridal updo by War Paint International

Although we got used to relaxed buns or loose hair on weddings during the last few years, this autumn brings changes. Remember Spice Girls, and Victoria’s hair. Short sleek bob was a huge hit in the 90’s, but hair stylists say that this trend is coming back. This hairstyle inspired by the 90’s will be a huge trend with brides. Along with sleek loose hair you can opt for a sleek bun. Hair split in the middle and low bun. You can decorate it with trendy hair clips, that are also back from the 90’s. They can be narrow hairpins, or somewhat wider hair clips like brooches.

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19 Trendy Industrial Style Wedding Ideas for the Modern Couple 19 Trendy Industrial Style Wedding Ideas for the Modern Couple 19 Trendy Industrial Style Wedding Ideas for the Modern Couple 19 Trendy Industrial Style Wedding Ideas for the Modern Couple

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