17 Steal-Worthy Wedding Cake Ideas for a Parisian-Themed Summer Wedding

What is more romantic than a wedding? The city of love itself…  With the stunning, Georges Haussman-designed city centre, charming Montmartre and the Marais streets, no wonder Paris inspired so many pieces of art and stories. After all, most romantic movies like Midnight in Paris and Amélie are filmed there. And we all want to bring in that romance and love into our weddings, right? First with the venue, then with the most beautiful and chic lace wedding dress, and then with the décor such as flowers that look like they were just hand picked from the garden and gold cutlery sets. Perfection!

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 17 Steal-Worthy Wedding Cake Ideas for a Parisian-Themed Summer Wedding 17 Steal-Worthy Wedding Cake Ideas for a Parisian-Themed Summer Wedding 17 Steal-Worthy Wedding Cake Ideas for a Parisian-Themed Summer Wedding 17 Steal-Worthy Wedding Cake Ideas for a Parisian-Themed Summer Wedding


To not get lost in all that planning, here is the Love and Lavender guide on how to achieve the perfect Parisian wedding theme.


Bride And Groom Captured by Allister Freeman [photo: Allister Freeman Photography]

As the wedding itself is pretty important, one major part of it is the CAKE. It is a centerpiece of the décor, showcasing the couple’s unique style, but also taste. The tradition of wedding cakes goes back to Roman times when a cake  was crumbled over the bride’s head to provide good luck.  Now, we could see cakes that look like a piece of art, with their distinctive design, and overall exceptional presentation. Cakes that are (almost) to pretty to eat!


If you are looking for that standout piece for your Parisian-themed wedding, you are at the right place! We bring you the 17 most beautiful wedding cakes to get inspired by. Scroll down to see what made the cut.


1. Ombre Pink Ribbons And Sugar Flowers

wedding cake

Wedding Cake [photo: Intricate Icings by Anna Gleave Photography ]

What a beauty! This incredible cake has Paris written all over it! It is elegant, romantic and so chic! Made by Rachel ( Intricate Icings Cake Designs), this all white wedding cake  is a perfect backdrop for elegant flowers, peonies and tulips. Even though the flowers aren’t the real thing, they look amazing. And the beautiful ombre pink ribbons add a chic and elegant touch. It’s so awe-inspiring!


2. Modern Elegance With Silver And White Shades

modern cake

Elegant Wedding Cake [photo: Hilary’s Cakes & Bakes]

Step away from traditional white wedding cakes and opt for marvelous metallics! Shades of gold, silver and bronze really add that sophisticated, modern look. This beautiful cake, made by Hilary’s Cakes & Bakes, is perfect for a Parisian-themed wedding! Beautiful big white sugar flower, shades of pearl silver and white, and ruffled ribbons make this cake so unique.


3. Naked Wedding Cake

naked cake

Naked Cake [photo: Pudding Fairy]

Naked cakes are one of the biggest trends for the past few years. They really bring a relaxed and rustic feel. Plus, they’re versatile and can be easily dressed up with flowers, toppers or fresh fruit. If you ask us, this kind of cakes are perfect for rustic French garden inspired wedding.

Still not convinced? Just take a look at this gorgeous 3-tier naked cake, made by Laure (Pudding Fairy). Dozens of beautiful flowers, and all-kind of fruit has really transformed this simple white cake to totally stunning.


4. Vintage Lace Wedding Cake


Lace Wedding Cake [photo: Lucie Loves To Bake]

Is there something more delicate, romantic and feminine, than a lace? Hm.. maybe a french lace. Back in the 17th century lace was a huge status symbol in France, it was worn on hats, collars and sleeves. Today, the design and application may vary, but lace still remain a classic fabric that offers timeless beauty. No wonder, so many brides opt for lace gowns for their wedding day. But lace doesn’t just have to go on your dress though, now you can have it on your wedding cake too. These cakes are romantic, elegant are really give a touch of vintage charm to your wedding day.

This pretty four tier cake from Lucie Loves To Bake is vintage perfection. With a beautiful and a very subtle lace influence against the light grey sugar paste, and so many flowers including roses, peonies and freesias, makes this cake perfect for a shabby chic French wedding.


5. Delicious Macaron Cake


Macaron Tower [photo: Cove Cake Design by Brosnan Photographic]

What is more Parisian than a macaron cake?! Another nontraditional alternative to the classic white tiered cake, and probably one of the hottest wedding trends right now. Colorful, pillowy, meringue-based sweet is one of the most famous French treats. They are versatile, eye-catching and we must admit they look extra delicious.

This macaron tower, made by Cove Cake Design, is all about details. Featuring gray and ivory macarons, adorned with gold leaf and topped with beautiful fresh flowers, this cake is a masterpiece.


6. Perfect Cake For Minimalist


Minimal Wedding Cake [photo: Carlie Statsky Photography ]

Someone once said, “there is beauty in simplicity” and we couldn’t agree more.  Beautiful white cake, adorned with a ring of lush green olive branches around each tier, will leave everyone speechless. Made by Edith Meyer, and captured by amazing photographer Carlie Statsky.


7. Cool And Unusual Geode Cake

wedding cake

Geode Wedding Cake [photo: Intricate Icings by Ali N Garrett]

If you are looking for something a bit modern, yet unique and mind-blowing, geode cake is perfect for you. First created by Rachel Teufel of Intricate Icings, this kind of cakes completely won the internet. To explain a bit, geodes are a type of volcanic rock creations, which when split open reveals beautiful crystalline interior. The crystals inside the geode cakes aren’t volcanic of course, they are actually made from colourful rock candy which is completely edible. Yaay!

This super elegant cake, made by the Rachel itself, will leave everyone speechless. Beautiful royal navy color with delicate gold leaf makes this cake perfect for an elegant Parisian-inspired wedding.


8. Single Tier Wedding Cake


Stunning Wedding Cake [photo: Ivy & Stone Cake Design ]

If you’re hosting an intimate affair, or you just want to save money on the cake, and… hm, maybe spend it on your wedding dress, single tier wedding cake is perfect for you! Although they are a bit small, they can be just as stunning and eye-catching.

One look at this Ivy & Stone Cake Design cake, and you’ll be convinced. Beautiful white cake adorned with flowers like roses, orchids, peonies and greenery, make this cake perfect for summer Parisian-inspired wedding.


9. Cute French Inspired Cake


Wedding Cake [photo: Cupcake D’lights]

We found a totally irresistible Paris – themed cake at Cupcake D’lights. It is a buttercream cake, and to give it a true hint of Paris, it is decorated with small details that are inspired by the city itself. On the lower part of the cake, you can see the streets of Paris with little shops, women taking their dogs for a walk, various shoe stores, clothing stores…The upper part has a beautiful vintage lamp, cookies, and of course, the obligatory Eiffel tower. It doesn’t surprise us that she picked it out as a centrepiece.

This iron tower is quite surely the biggest symbol of Paris, it was built on Champ de Mars, next to the river Seine. It was built for a World Fair, it was shown to the public on 31st of march 1889, and opened to visitors in 6th of may 1889. It is still the tallest building in Paris, and its designer Alexander Gustav Eiffel. The famous architect surely didn’t hoped that his tower would become one of the most famous buildings in the world, a symbol of one of the most important cities in the world, and a decoration on cakes!


10. Croquembouche


Croquembouche [photo: www.delhaize.be ]

One of the most famous french desserts is definitely Croquembouche. It can traditionally be found on almost every french wedding, even Madonna couldn’t resist to have them on her wedding. This really special dessert has been mentioned as far as 1806. Its name comes from croque – en – bouche, which roughly translates as „something that crackles in mouth“. What really makes the crackling is a ball shaped choux pastry dough. When served on weddings, it is usually stacked in a pyramid, connected with caramel and decorated with flowers, strawberries and chocolate. A simply beautiful dessert for a french wedding, right? And it is really delicious.


11. Croissant Cake


Croissant Cake [photo: forsecretrecipe.blogspot.com ]

Do you like croissants? Let’s be honest, who doesn’t like them? Croissant is a french puff pastry, made out of yeast, eggs, butter, flour and salt, and the mixture is left overnight to rest. In the morning, the dough is rolled in triangles and cold butter is put on top of them. Although its origins are from Austria, Marie Antoinette, a daughter of Austrian empress and wife of Louis XVI, brought them with her in Paris and basically made them famous. We can find them in various versions, filled with ham, cheese or chocolate. But this perfect  breakfast can become the perfect wedding cake for your Parisian wedding. These croissants are connected with a bunch of delicious cream. Who would resist them?


12. Tarte Tropézienne


Delicious Cake [photo: www.roadtopastry.com ]

This perfect dessert was also enjoyed by Brigitte Bardot. She was always eating it during filming. This pie comes from Saint-Tropez. It has a circular shape, sprinkled with caramelized sugar and filled with a beautifully light cream with an orange flower taste. Can this sound any better? You can decorate it with orange flowers, thin orange slices or orange tree leaves to give the cake a more elegant look. Today, we can find this cake not only with orange cream, but with chocolate, cherry or other fruit flavours.


13. Brioche Cake


Brioche Cake [photo: www.delicious.com.au ]

Brioche is a sweet bread made out of dough consisting of flour, butter and eggs. Word brioche comes from the french word broyer, which means „to pound“. This sweet bread is along with croissants is among the most popular breakfast foods. A lot of butter goes into the making of brioche, and the french say to put as much flour as you put butter. The light, spongy texture is perfect for brioche cakes, which are easy to make. This french classic can shine on your wedding too, just decorate it fruit, cream and it will be irresistible. On Delicious blog, you can see how it’s made with raspberries and mascarpone cheese. Light cream and fruit goes really well with brioche. If you want to have more decorations on this cake, you can put newly weds figurines on top of it.


14. French Opera Cake


French Opera Cake [photo: www.butterandbrioche.com]

You can have this cake with coffee in basically every Paris cafe. Gorgeous, creamy and rich, with it’s almond sponge drenched in coffee, cream made out of butter, sugar and coffee, all topped with dark chocolate. We honestly think that you don’t need coffee at all with this cake, when you have a mesmerizing espresso aroma coming from it. If you’re a coffee lover, then this cake will be perfect for your wedding. Although it’s not famous around the world, this cake is a big part of French cuisine and it will blend perfectly in a Parisian style wedding.

For this cake, you will need a lot of ingredients, which, in an odd way, describe a rainy day in Paris during autumn. A warm cafe, and you’re sitting with a piece of this cake and a cup of coffee, watching the street, people with umbrellas, and raindrops sliding of the window. Perfect, right?


15. Almond Cake


Wedding Cake [photo: www.brides.com by Heart and Sparrow ]

Almonds are oftenly used in French cuisine, especially in desserts. A perfect example is this almond cake. It’s perfect for an autumn or winter wedding, because of its richness. It is delicious and very simple. You will only need a bowl and a mixer. You can already smell the goodness when you add ingredients like eggs, flour, almond and vanilla extract, orange peel, orange juice, almond flour and chopped almonds. Mix the ingredients and put them in the oven. And that’s it. Very simple like we said earlier. You can leave the cake like that, or you can decorate it with orange peels and orange flowers. This aromatic cake is perfect for a wedding because its’ a classic.


16. Caramel Wedding Cake


Caramel Cake [photo: livforcake.com/caramel-cake-recipe]

Crème Caramel is a typical french dessert, very common in the southern parts. Light and creamy, it is made out of milk, sugar and vanilla. It is cooked gently over a low fire, and is poured into molds that are sugar coated. Cream is then baked in oven and after that, cooled to achieve its trademark caramel and tender perfection.



17. Painted Wedding Cake


Hand-Painted Cake [photo: www.mainstreetcafeandbakery.com]

If you’re looking to add an artistic touch to your wedding cake, this hand-painted cake is perfect for you. Made by mainstreetcafeandbakery.com this cake has it all. It’s elegant, it’s unique and it has that WOW factor.


Take a look at our lace flower girl dresses that are a perfect choice for your romantic wedding.


17 Steal-Worthy Wedding Cake Ideas for a Parisian-Themed Summer Wedding 17 Steal-Worthy Wedding Cake Ideas for a Parisian-Themed Summer Wedding 17 Steal-Worthy Wedding Cake Ideas for a Parisian-Themed Summer Wedding 17 Steal-Worthy Wedding Cake Ideas for a Parisian-Themed Summer Wedding


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