15 DIY Wedding Table Centerpiece Decoration Ideas for a Rustic Wedding

Can you imagine a wedding without wedding decorations? We can’t. They play a major role in setting up the tone for a wedding. Whether it’s a beach wedding, enchanted forest wedding or a ballroom wedding, it is the decorations that make the venue special and unique. 

These type of weddings are perfect because they let allow you to be creative and make a lot decorations by yourself. A lot of vintage things can be put to good use and be adjusted to your theme and present times. Same as with flower girl dresses, with rustic weddings you can get playful and make or buy the ideal one for you and your flower girls. If you need inspiration, you can check out this article that will get your creative juices flowing.

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Pink Outdoor Wedding Captured by Fiona Kelly Photography

If you are planning  a wedding you may already know that wedding decorations can really, like really drain your budget. But with some DIY-ing you can save some money, and maybe spend it on your dress. What we always notice when we walk into reception is the beautiful table centerpieces. They really set the mood of the wedding. Agree?

Making your own can be so much fun, not only you will add a personal touch,  but you will save money too. Grab your bridesmaids and together you can make pretty stunning table centerpieces that will impress your guests so much that they will be happy to bring them home after the event.

Today, we bring you the  best rustic DIY wedding centerpiece ideas that are so easy to make yet so pretty.


 1. Lavender And Recycled Bottles


Lavender [photo: The Wedding Notebook by Kristyn Hogan ]

Simple yet effective. Glass bottles as a centerpiece is a great conversation starter, and they really look amazing, right?

All you need is a bottle and lavender. It can’t be simpler than that. Look for bottles that can easily transition into vases, you can find them at your local thrift shop or antique store. Now delicately place the lavender into the bottle. You can also add some herbs as well for that beautiful smell that will stimulate all the senses.

DIY: The Wedding Notebook


2. Succulent Centerpieces


Succulent [photo: www.weddingchicks.com ]

Everybody’s crazy about them, and no wonder why! Not only are they so cute, but they are versatile enough that you can use it in a rustic or a formal setting. Succulent centerpieces are super easy to make and they really bring a natural vibe to your wedding. You’ll need a pot, some potting soil and some gravel. Don’t forget the succulents!

To make this even easier, here is a step by step tutorial by Wedding Chicks.


3. Vintage Books And Mason Jars

book decor

Books [photo: www.everafterguide.net ]

Calling’ all the bookworms, this DIY is perfect for you! And it is super easy. All you need is some old books ( find them in a thrift shop or local market), gold spray paint, mason jars and a lot of flowers that you handpicked from your garden. Spray paint the mason jars and books in gold color, and just add flowers. For a more fun and playful look, spray mason jars in different colors, such as mint blue or millennial pink.


4. Fruit As A Centerpiece


Fruit [photo: Polka Dot Bride by Gemma Clarke]

How cool is this idea? Not only your guests could eat them, but fruit as a centerpiece will look amazing on the table. An best of all, they are a great alternative to the classic flowers, and less expensive. You can use them on their own or combine with other elements, such as candles or greenery. It will add an amazing visual impact to the whole room.


5. Apple Candles


Apple Candle [photo: www.ehow.com]

Still on the fruit. We really love this DIY. These apple candle holders are so unique, and they really add a whimsical and natural vibe as a table centerpiece. We don’t know about you, but apples always remind us of Fall, maybe because of their color palette or that perfect scent. For that reason, we think that this table centerpiece will work perfect for a fall rustic wedding.

Turning an apple into a candle holder takes only a few minutes and it is so easy. You’ll need floating light candles or tea light candles, melon-baller utensil, paper or foam plate, and apples.


6. Gold Feather Arrows Centerpiece


Feather Arrows [photo: rusticweddingchic.com ]

Love this! These arrows can be styled in a number of ways! You can put them in a simple gold vase as a table centerpiece, or  you can use them as a place cards with names attached on the shaft. They could also be great as guest favors… there are so many great ideas! Feather arrows are relatively easy and inexpensive to make. You’ll need wood stain, wood craft dowels, gold spray paint, super glue, scissors, pencil sharpener, stain brush and feathers.

To help you a bit, here is a step by step tutorial by Rustic Wedding Chic.


7. Mason Jars


Mason Jar [photo: www.thehoffmans.info]

Who would of thought that simple mason jars could look so great! This simple and inexpensive item that we mostly use in the kitchen can become a great decoration for rustic weddings. How? We will give you a few ideas. First and most easy one is surely a mason jar wrapped in twine with a candle inside it. This DIY  will only take a minute and will look amazing on a table.

Mason jar can also be used as a vase. Decorate it with lace or a ribbon and put your favorite flowers in it.

If you want more lighting on your tables, fill mason jars with firefly lights. This is also simple, but very effective way to thrill your guests.

If you want to make your mason jars more elegant, we recommend using colors for glass. Paint them in gold, gentle green or turquoise, fill them with blossoming peonies, and no additional table decoration will be needed.

Also, if you don’t want to use mason jars for flowers or lights, you can put cutlery or napkins in them. It will look really rustic and beautiful. Don’t you agree?

8. Wooden Tree Slices As Centerpieces


Wooden Tree Slices [photo: by Easton Oliver on Unsplash]

Wooden tree slices are perfect for a rustic wedding. You can combine it with candles and recycled bottles filled with wildflowers, and it will look amazing. Wooden Tree Slices can be pretty pricey, like between $15-40 for just one slice! But if you are having a friend who is willing to cut them for you, you will end up saving a lot of money.


9. Hot Pink Pumpkins Centerpiece


Pumpkin Centerpiece [photo: apracticalwedding.com by Allison Andres ]

This is such a chic alternative for a rustic, non-floral centerpiece. And it is so simple and affordable. You’ll need only two things, pumpkins and spray paint. We really love this rosy – metallic combination, but you can pick out any color scheme. Spray paint the pumpkins, and arrange them. That’s it! Easy, right? For a little bit extra, you can spray paint leaves too ( fake or real), it will look amazing on the table.

Find this simple step by step tutorial on A Practical Wedding.

10. Coffee Filter Flowers Centerpiece

wedding decor

Coffee Filter Flowers [photo: www.justbellablog.com]

We already wrote about coffee filter flowers, but they look so cool and unique that we had to mention them again. This DIY is so easy and flowers look so real, your guest wouldn’t even notice (if they don’t touch them) that they are made out of coffee filters. For this DIY you’ll need scissors, floral tape, coffee filters,  bamboo skewers and petal template.

Here is a step by step tutorial by Just Bella Blog.


11. Rustic Candle Holders


Candle Holders [photo: Etsy]

Candles always contribute to a romantic mood of the occasion. Because of their warm feeling and their moody lighting, they are crucial in not only home decor, but wedding as well. We could say that decorating with candles has become an art form by itself. Floating candles, candles in high candlesticks, candles in carved out apples…There are really a lot of ideas, but we will keep focus on rustic candle holders that are quite easy to make. You will need alder wood, twine and lace. Cut the wood in equal circles and carve it. Then use twine to encircle the wood and tie it in a bow. Cut the lace in a heart like shape and place it beneath the twine. And then all you need to do is put the candle, light it and enjoy it’s beauty. Guests will be thrilled. If you want, you can paint the bottom part in gold.

This one here is a simpler, but equally beautiful diy. If you love long walks through the forest, you could collect small twigs. Then you can cut them in similar lenghts. Then take hot glue and a glass. Daub glue all over the glass and sort the twigs on it. This decoration will look great on tables and will blend in the theme perfectly.

Another nice idea for rustic weddings are trees with carved in bride and groom’s initials on them. All you need is simple birch wood that you will carve to fit a candle and then carve the initials on in inside a heart shape. Heartwarming and simple.


12. Cute Birdcages


Birdcages [photo: www.wedmegood.com]

Birdcages? You are probably wondering why did we put them on the list. Trust us, these can be used as a perfect and effective romantic decoration. How? The most simple way is to decorate it with flowers. Fill the cage with beautiful blossoming flowers and ivy, and put it on a center of the table. This will be used instead of flower arrangements.

If you’re looking for a more minimal approach, paint the cage white and fill it with white candles. It is important to pick out only vintage birdcages to contribute to the whole rustic look of the wedding. Birdcages can be also used to mark tables. Paint it in gold, and put a table number in it, or on it. This very unusual trick will leave your guests speechless.


13. Bottles


Bottles [photo: www.weddingwire.com]

If you love drinking wine, you surely have some empty bottles laying around. Or you can ask your friends or family to save you their empty bottles. Why? Well, with a little DIY, this can become a beautiful rustic wedding decoration. The most simple thing is to paint the bottles gold. All you need are bottles, gold paint and a brush. Remember to leave bottles to dry properly. Then fill them with flowers and decorate tables with them.

Next decoration are bottles that mark the tables. You will only need to be creative with numbers. Make stickers for bottles in a rustic look, brown paper is best for that, and put them on bottles to mark the table numbers.

Another easy, but beautiful DIY are bottles encircled with twine. You’ll need bottles, twine and hot glue. Daub the bottle with glue, encircle it with twine, and when it dries, fill it with flowers. If the bottles are see through, they will look great if filled with fairy lights, making it look like fireflies in hot summer night. You could also mark the tables if you write the number with chalk on dried twine. Fill it with small white flower to achieve a better and more interesting look.


14. Pine Cones As A Centerpiece 


Pine Cones [photo: Pinterest]

One of the most cheapest, but not less effective DIY items are pine cones. You can find them in a forest, park or hobby shops. You can use them for place cards on the tables. Paint each pine cone gold, then make name cards and put them in pine cones. Very simple, right? You can use big jars and fill them with pine cones, and to look even better, pain them white. Bouquets on a base made out of pine cones? Why not! Connect the pine cones in a circle with a wire and decorate it with lace ribbons. If you want, you can make really fun bouquets out of them. Paint the pine cones in red, pink or white. Use hot glue to put wire on the bottom of each one to look like a stem, and put them in a vase. Your guests will be speechless!


15. Glitter, Glitter, Glitter


Glitter [photo: somethingturquoise.com ]

You may think that glitter is not really fitted for a rustic wedding, but you could be wrong. There are over than 100 ideas for a glitter DIY table decorations, and we will list you just a few of those. Glitter bottles are very simple to make, and they are a great table decoration. Paint the bottles in glitter paint, leave them to dry, and that’s it! You can do the same with mason jars. You can cover entire wine glasses in glitter or just the stem and base. It will make them pop!

There are always ice buckets or trays on tables. Why not have glitter ice cubes? Mix the water with edible glitter and put it in a tray to freeze, and you will have yourself a really cool looking ice! Bouquets are always an important part of table decor, make them more special with glitter. You can buy special glitter spray in flower shops. You could also add edible glitter on cakes, and you can be sure that your guests could not resist them.


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