10 Wicker Flower Girl Basket Ideas You'll Love

Looking for a perfect wicker basket for your little flower girl? We are here to help! We've rounded up some cute, trendy and creative wicker flower girl basket ideas. From traditional wicker baskets to the baskets with ribbons for a sweetly vintage vibe to the cool and unique moss wicker baskets. Check them out!


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Traditional Wicker Baskets

Traditional wicker baskets have always been a part of wedding. The last few years, this trend is not only dominant on weddings, but on streets as well. Traditional baskets are made of bamboo or cane, with some additions.


Round Kids Basket

flower girl basket

Mini Round Basket [photo: Etsy]

How cute is this basket? We simply cannot resist it! We were swept away by it's simplicity and traditional look. Basket is made of willow branches in a traditional manner. It is small in size so it will be perfect for even the most little of flower girls. If you combine it with traditional white dresses and fill it with white rose petals the basket will stand out more.

You can buy this basket on Etsy for 17,53$.


White Flower Girl Basket

flower girl basket

White flower girl basket [photo: Etsy]

Traditional basket weaved in somewhat unusual style and painted white. It has a pretty affordable price, and is perfect for all combinations that you have in mind for your flower girls. White baskets are the most common choice for brides when it comes to traditional weddings because they fit the theme perfectly. You can fill the basket with red rose petals. Beautiful, right?

You can find this white basket on Etsy, price is 18$.


Brown Willow Basket

flower girl basket

Traditional baskets [photo: Koch & CO ]

Traditional baskets can come in various colors, they can be painted or just in color of the branches.These are in darker cooper brown color which gives a beautiful rustic look. if you inlay them with traditional table cloth, color will be more emphasized. We also need to stress that they come in three sizes: large, medium and small. That ways, you can them for your flower girls and have a big one and for example, fill it with presents for your guests, or maybe cookies.   

Baskets can be found in Koch & CO at a price of 20$.


Willow Baskets With Flower Decoration

When choosing between rustic or bohemian themed wedding, flowers are the leading figure. Flower are a focal point of every decor, and when it comes to weddings, their importance grows exponentially. We would say more different flowers, the better. Willow, being a natural material, complements this subject perfectly, and because of that, we can say that willow baskets are the perfect choice.


Willow Basket With Pink Flowers

flower girl basket

Flower girl basket with pink flowers [photo: Etsy]

These gorgeous willow baskets are perfect for both rustic and bohemian weddings. They are decorated with delightful pink roses and green branches that put additional emphasis. They are also handmade.

Willow Basket with pink flowers can be found on Etsy at a price of 34$. 


Lavish Flower Girl Basket

flower girl basket

Elegant flower girl basket [photo: JJS House ]

This is a stunning basket that will leave you breathless. It is really masterfully made and additions are brought to perfection. It is decorated with lace and white roses, while the basket is also white. Lace is slightly peeking out of the basket giving it a richer look. Combined with lavish dresses, this basket will shine.

You can find this basket on JJS House for 12$.


Woodland Willow Flower Girl Basket 

flower girl basket

Beautiful flower girl basket [photo: Etsy]

Who doesn't like ivy? Beautiful plant that gives out a sense of playfulness and relaxation. Because of that, we simply had to add this basket to our list. Although is only decorated with simple roses, it looks really rustic with an ivy plant. Flowers  and ivy are made of silk, so you don't need to worry whether it will dry out or not. Every basket is unique and made with lots of love and care. We envision this basket in a combination with white lace dresses.

Price is 19$, and you can find it on Etsy.


Modern Wicker Baskets

Modern weddings are planned around individuality, and the whole wedding should be a representation of married life, relations, hobbies and interests. Because of that we would like to say that wicker baskets should not be used only on traditional or boho weddings.


Minimal Basket

flower girl basket

Minimal flower girl basket [photo: The Knot  ]

This beautiful minimal basket is perfect for modern weddings. It oozes minimalism and is very cute at the same time. It is ideal for summer and autumn weddings. Just picture how great this basket would look decorated with colorful leaves. Price is really affordable, so if you're having more flower girls, this information will come in handy.

You can find this basket on The Knot for 7$.


Moss and Wicker Baskets

This unusual combination of wicker and moss can be perfect for woodland weddings. Design reminds us of fairy tales, and if you'd like to have a wedding inspired by fairies, streams and light breeze that goes through woodland flowers, consider these baskets.


Faux Moss And Wicker Basket With Handles

flower girl basket

Unusual flower girl basket [photo: The Knot]

This is a totally different flower girl basket, don't you agree? It reminds us of those our grandma would carry when she went to buy fresh fruits and vegetables on the market. But without the moss, of course. Basket will surely be fun for flower girls that will feel like woodland princesses. This basket comes lined which is another great addition.

This unusual basket can be bought on The Knot at a price of 7$.


Rustic Twig Moss Flower Girl Basket 

flower girl basket

Unique flower girl basket [photo: Tablecloths Factory]

Another super cute basket with somewhat traditional style. This twig basket is decorated with moss, and it will shine on every wedding. You can buy it in packs of two or six at a very affordable price.

You can find this delightful basket on Tablecloths Factory.


Rattan & Moss Teacup Basket 

flower girl basket

Teacup Basket [photo: OnBuy]

This is fore sure the most unusual and nicest flower girl basket there is. It is sooo cute! Just thinks how your flower girls would be thrilled. This tea cup shaped basket is decorated with moss, twigs and flowers. Your flower girls will have baskets with which will they toast to your happiness. We are totally delighted!

You can find this unique basket on OnBuy.com at a price of £10.53.


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