Top 4 DIY Wedding Invitation Creative Ideas

When it comes to weddings, it is mostly all about sharing your happiness with the people that care for you. In order to express this joy, wedding invitations are a great way that also helps you to set the right tone of your style and how you like things a certain way.

For this very reason, it is very important to invite your guests with an invitation that displays a more personal approach rather than being just traditional, and there are a number of different creative ways to design an invitation that fulfills your expectations to the core.

Here are some of these elegant and DIY ideas that you can easily illustrate all by yourself without getting into much hassle.

wedding invitations

Wedding Invitations [photo: Ricardo Moura]

Hand Painted

From finding the perfect wedding dress to a great venue, if you love to craft creative and attractive ideas into reality, then DIY hand-painted wedding invitation cards can certainly be your thing. The best part about them is that you would be able to easily depict your artistic flair with them.

All you would need to have is some good-quality acrylic paints, some rigid cardboard sheets, and a set of brushes of different shapes to add an element of fun to your painted design. You can also start by drawing some samples on scrap paper for a test run of your skills.

This sounds like an easy yet thoughtful idea, which can let your guests give a charming vibe of how the love of your life and you are going to embrace this happy event.

Water Color

Bring your creativity to life using a wedding invitation video maker and try out different water color shades to enhance the invitation accompanied with small and thoughtful messages. Playing with colors has always been fun for most people, and who doesn’t love an imaginative depiction of art in the form of some attractive shades?

When it is about unveiling the coming adventures of your life and celebrating the day you embrace your love in front of the whole world, you certainly want your wedding cards to be exclusive, and there can be no better option than DIY watercolor invitation to fulfill that.

You can certainly go with the multicolor scheme, or you can also stick to some subtle yet glowy colors to match the theme of your wedding.

wedding invitation

Beautiful Bride [photo: Olya Kobruseva]

Real Flower

Almost everyone has the imagination of that fairytale they have loved their entire childhood when it is about the day for their wedding. All those fancy white carriages, shiny clothes, and, to top it all, real and fresh flowers all over the entire wedding are a wedding dream for most people.

This means that if you are also charmed by the refreshing fragrance and the beautifully portrayed natural colors, every time you see a flower, the idea of designing DIY real flower wedding cards suits people like you perfectly. You can either attach these flowers on the front page of your wedding invitation or can also stick one on each envelope to invite your guests.

Wax Seal

One of the latest and most appealing DIY wedding invitation card ideas includes the innovative approach of using fancy and glittery wax seals, just like the royals used to do in the early eras. You can also create custom seals of your and your spouse’s names on it to give a more ethnic look.

All you would need to have is some candle wax, some glittering material, powder colors, and last but not least, the seals. After that, just make your wax and seal or stamp on it to close the envelope, and voila, a great card look is ready.

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