Guide To Wedding Veils: Popular Styles And Lengths

Photo by Alvin Mahmudov Beautiful Bride

here is nothing that says 'I'm getting married' more than a bridal veil! It is one of the oldest pieces of the bridal look. It goes back to Roman times when a bride walked down the aisle with a veil in order to ward off evil. Times have changed and today brides simply see it as tradition and wedding accessory. There are so many styles of bridal veils, you can go all minimal and stick with tulle or if you need something little bit extra, opt for lace and floral appliques. 

Bridal veil can really complete a look! Not to mention that it's perfect for wedding photos. We have all seen those stunning images of dramatic veil toss or bride and groom kissing under veil. Perfection!


BIRDCAGE veil is perfect for brides that are going for a retro, vintage-inspired look. It only covers the bride's eyes.

BLUSHER veil is a classic! It's one simple layer of tulle or lace that only covers the bride's face. This type of veil goes with any gown design, whether it's simple or glamorous.

FINGERTIP veil is a mid-length veil, it is usually 35'' long and it is designed to fall just about bride's fingertips when worn. 

CATHEDRAL veil is the longest wedding veil, it is usually 108'' to 120'' long. If you want to feel like a princess when walking down the aisle, then this is the perfect veil for you. 

Have you seen our collection of bridal veils? At Misdress, we offer a stunning collection of bridal veils, from simple tulle to the long cathedral veils with lace appliques. Price ranging from $35 to $56 - there is something for every budget. Here are some of our favorites, scroll down and find the perfect one! Happy dress shopping.



Misdress Cathedral Wedding Veil with 3D Flowers


Misdress 3M Long Wedding Veil


Misdress Stunning Wedding Veil


Misdress Wedding Veil with Lace Details

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