9 Beautiful Bridesmaid Dress Ideas For Fall Wedding

Photo by Sincerely Media Bride and Bridesmaids

Autumn has recently started and so did the autumn wedding season. With it comes different trends as well. For example, we will switch summer trends like open sandals and cheerful, vibrant colors with the more neutral and darker shades. Accessories will also change, purses will be much simpler, jewelry will be minimal and subtle as oppose to summer jewelry. If you're not sure which dresses to pick for your bridesmaids, check below for our suggestions.


Darker Colors

When choosing a dress for autumn wedding, we always suggest picking up darker and neutral shades. Darker red and blue dresses always look phenomenal. But if you're more of the type of person that is not up for colors, black will be an excellent choice. Elegant, refined and it looks great on any body type. If you're in the mood for a more modern twist, you can choose dresses with ombre effect. These dresses look amazing, especially paired with gold accessories.

black dress

Princessly Black Bridesmaid Dress

ombre dress

Princessly One Shoulder Ombre Dress

purple dress

Princessly Beautiful Bridesmaid Dress


Make a switch from airily and light materials to the lavish and warmer ones. Velvet is a great choice, so are satin and silk. These materials look very rich, which goes in hand with autumn. But, you can always opt for glitter as well. Dresses made with glitter are perfect for autumn and winter weddings. They give them a dose of playfulness, they look very modern and, if picked right, can look very elegant.

gold dress

Princessly Gold Bridesmaid Dress

red dress

Princessly Wine Red Bridesmaid Dress

blue dress

Princessly Navy Blue Dress


Long Dresses

A lof of brides, with a reason, opt for short dresses during summer. Maxi dresses are the right choice for autumn. Long dresses are very refined, romantic and elegant. They give a sense of ceremony and they keep you warm. If you opt for sleeveless bridesmaid dresses, you can accessorize them with Pashmina scarfs, they will look great! Also, long dresses don't automatically mean dull and boring. You can always go for unusual cuts like single shoulder dresses, 3d flower dresses and back neckline dresses.

pink dress

Princessly Blush Pink Dress

red dress

Princessly Red Bridesmaid Dress

blue dress

Princessly Strapless Blue Bridesmaid Dress


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