18 Food and Decor Ideas for a Unique Circus-Themed Wedding

When planning a wedding first thing you have to do is set a theme. Nowadays a lot of newlyweds doesn’t wish for a traditional wedding. They want to make it their own, special. They want their wedding to stand out and leave the guests speechless. From the plenitude of themes and ways to realize them, we decided to dedicate this article to the Carnival theme. Is there anything more fun and unusual? We’re sure that the answer is no. Your special day under the masks will surely be unforgettable. The guests will certainly be thrilled to participate in this theme if you include them. Jugglers, acrobats, clowns, abundance of cotton candy, dancing and all around fun. Sounds perfect! But how to make it to look flawless, where to have this kind of wedding, and how to realize it all? A lot of questions, but don’t worry, we have the answers.

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Bride And Groom Captured by Herman Au Photography

Here are 18 food and decor ideas for a unique and fun circus-themed wedding. Check them out!




Circus Wedding Invitation [photo: Etsy]

As we always say, invitations are here to not only for the date and the location of the wedding, but for the theme as well. With them starts excitement and joy and counting the days before the special day. It’s really important that invitations are creative, quality made and perfectly designed. Because of the Carnival theme, we suggest you to opt for colorful and cheerful invitations. Or maybe make them look like tickets for the amusement park. Interesting, right?

We found perfect ones on Etsy that are so creative that you won’t be able to resist them. With their red, blue, yellow and white colors they really look like vintage circus tickets. And a huge plus with us, as always, is that they are hand made.These Carnival wedding invitations are printed on high quality matte card stock. We believe that the guests will be thrilled.



Candy Bar [photo: www.yourhomebasedmom.com ]

You simply must have a candy bar, because what’s a carnival without it? Make sure that it’s not just a regular table with deserts. Let it be in red color, or red and white stripes. On vintage signs, similar to invitations, label the candy you’ll have: pop corn, lollipops, cupcakes, candy apples… Decorate them with little flags and baskets in vibrant colors. Don’t forget about cotton candy, sweets, peanuts. Each candy and cake should be in interesting bowls, add confetti and balloons. They will make it more special to the table and make it more interesting.



Stunning Wedding bouquet [photo: Pexels]

Flowers are a very important detail on every wedding, and this one is not an exception. You just need to adjust it to the theme. You can stick with the traditional choice and pick out a colorful and diverse bouquet. It can be decorated with feathers and pearls. OR you can opt for something totally special, fun and boldly. Something like a bouquet of candies. This decision will not make the youngest guests happy, but also girls when you’ll be throwing the bouquet.



Stunning Red Wedding Dress [photo: Etsy]

For picking out the dress we suggest to be brave as you were when choosing the wedding theme. What about this red wedding dress? This is not a traditional choice, but why not go for something completely different? We found this red dress on Etsy, and when we saw it, we must admit that it has won us over immediately! Beautiful, lavish, but at the same time romantic and elegant. Upper part is made out of beautiful quality lace, with subtle neckline. It continues into a sumptuous dress made of tulle material. It gives it a sort of a magical look. Dress has an open back, but it’s made very decently and gorgeous. We suggest  to style your hair inspired by 1920’s or 1940’s era. You can decorate it with tapes or hair clips in Great Gatsby style. These tapes and hair clips are quite beautiful and rich in details. For additional accessories, you can have elbow length gloves in the same color as the dress, and of course, unavoidable diamonds.


Unique Wedding Dress [photo: eveyclothing.com]

If you are looking for something a bit different, special and unique, Rainbow Light Bride dresses are perfect for you. In these dresses you will shine. But really! It might look a normal wedding dress in a daylight, but after you push of a single button it lights up! Perfect for Carnival themed wedding, right?



Colorful Table Decor [photo: www.weddingchicks.com ]

Like the entire wedding venue, the tables should also be creative and fun. We suggest a few ideas. One of them is tables filled with colorful flowers. You can put them in different vases that are decorated with carnival tickets. You can add balloons, or you can put flowers in pop corn boxes. Phenomenal, right? Another interesting but also a simple DIY idea is to take plastic toy animals (tigers, lions, elephants, giraffes…) and spray paint them gold. You can arrange them in the middle of the table, or hot glue them on sticks and put them in bouquets. Don’t forget to put confetti baskets on the tables too. Plates and glasses in this case do not have to match. Play with colors, textures and materials. More unusual and different, better.



Colorful Sign [photo: karaspartyideas.com]

A very nice decorative detail is certainly a road sign. Although this is mostly used on rustic wedding, why not use it for a carnival one, too? You can have signs for food, dessert table, game area, dance floor… The only important thing is that the signs follow the theme. Make sure that it’s in colors, more vibrant the better, and written in interesting fonts. Different colors and shapes will give them that fun and relaxed look that you wish to achieve.



Suit [photo: pixabay.com]

Although the bride’s outfit is the most spoken of, we must not forget the groom’s. this time we will not go for traditional suits. We suggest vintage suits, inspired with early 1920’s. Something in Great Gatsby style. Striped suit, vest, shirt and tie of course with addition of a hat will look flawless. This suit is simply timeless. You can accessorize it with a fun lapel, for example made of feathers with a occasional flower. Because it’s a carnival theme, that doesn’t mean you don’t need to be elegant. Just think of magicians. They were always radiant, special and elegant.



Photo Prop [photo: by Gigi Hickman]

One of the most fond memories from the weddings are photos. And because of that we suggest you have a photo booth. Put carnival red and white curtains and the place you designated to be a photo booth. Don’t forget to put out various props. We suggest clown hats, mouths, mustaches, oversize glasses…Decorate the booth with balloons, flowers and decorative flags. You can also set up a kissing booth. Why not? You may set up some single friends, and go on double dates later. Just emphasize that the kissing booth is for kissing only.



Popcorn Bar [photo: Bloglovin, Pen N’ Paperflowers ]

Looking for a fun and different wedding detail to add to your wedding day? Wedding popcorn bar is perfect for that. Even Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds had one for their wedding too! Try to choose at least two or three different flavors, because not all guests enjoy candied popcorn and may prefer a traditional salted or savory. Fill them in either traditional cartons, paper cones or bags. You can also customize the bags, with your name and wedding date for an extra special touch. Your guests will love it!



Dance-floor Decor [photo: Green Wedding Shoes]

Spice up your circus themed wedding by making the most of the outdoors. Not only it is the ideal way to tie the knot, but you can also have a reception and dinner under the stars. Magical, right?

It is always a good idea to have a plan B, just in case the weather doesn’t cooperate. You can rent an actual circus tent, and it will look amazing.

Our recommendation for venue:



One of the most beautiful rock formations of any cave in England, with a choice of three chambers, Wookey Hole Caves is a perfect venue for your circus themed wedding. It is surrounded by clear pools and soft candlelight, and it can hold up to 110 guests.

After your ceremony, you can also hold your wedding reception there. The Restaurant is Circus themed, which is perfect. From the stunning chandeliers, decorative mirrors to the colorful drapes. Best of all it has a capacity to seat up to 200 guests.



Wedding Cake [photo: www.craftsy.com ]

When the circus comes to town, it’s often an extravagant occasion, and that’s how you wedding cake should look like. Extravagant, eye-catching and memorable. Filled with details, such as traditional circus tent, carnival tickets,  Ferris wheel and attractions…

To help you a bit with choosing, here are the latest wedding cake trends by American Cake Decorating Magazine.



Games [photo: www.vcsphoto.com]

You can’t have a circus themed wedding without classic carnival games. From the ring toss (throw a ring around a bottle and win a prize!) to the tin can knock down ( stack up cans and let guests throw bean bags to knock down the tower of cans), balloon shoot to the classical Jenga (you can create a life-size set of blocks). Games will keep your guests engaged and entertained while you are off being photographed or changing outfits. Perfect, right?



Flower Girl Dresses [photo: Princessly]

In these cute red Princessly dresses, your flower girls will shine! And may just steal the show on your big day. The dress is made of red lace and tulle fabric, it is fully lined, and it has a cute gold bow for a sparkle look. Dress can be custom made in any length you want.



Pinwheel Boutonniere [photo: www.evermine.com ]

Pinwheels are such a fun and simple way to add a handmade feel to your special day. They are also a unique alternative to using flowers for boutonniere. Best of all, you can coordinate them with your wedding colors by choosing decorative papers that fit your theme.

Find the DIY here



Hot Dog Stand [photo: Green Wedding Shoes]

Imagine having your very own hot dog cart! Now THIS is how you take the ordinary and make it extraordinary! It is a fun way for your family and friends to enjoy hot dogs with all the trimmings. And if you are creative enough you can also have you signature hot dog with your fave toppings!



Kissing Booth [photo: www.lovemydress.net]

Why not add a little fun for you wedding guest with a kissing booth? Not only it will be a unique decor detail to your wedding, but it will be amazing backdrop for your pictures too.  You can also include some cute props and personalized designs.



Cotton Candy Favors [photo: www.shutterfly.com by Tim Robison Creative]

Say ‘thanks’ to your guests with these cute cotton-candy treat bags. Your guests will always remember what a sweet night they had!

You can also personalize the bags with cool and unique labels with your name and wedding date on it. We love the labels from evermine.com, they come in so many different styles and shapes, so we are sure everyone will find the perfect one for their wedding.



LOVE Letters Marquee Sign [photo: Etsy]

Hang a glowing marquee love sign with light bulbs to be used as a great backdrop. And it will look amazing! We found the perfect one on Etsy. Each letter is handmade using industrial metal edging and hand distressed rustic wood.

Best of all, it can be easily hung on your wall or placed freestanding on a shelf or fireplace after your big day!


Searching for unique and fun table number ideas? Here is a list of the 'Best 18 Table Number Ideas for Wedding Receptions (and DIYs)'. Check them out!


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