17 Creative and Budget-friendly DIY Wedding Ideas

Weddings are special and magical, but let’s face it ladies, they are expensive too! If you’re not careful, the cost of a wedding can get out of hand. Things like wedding venue, catering, flowers and music can cost a fortune, but so can small details, like bridesmaids robes, wedding arch, even table numbers. Setting a realistic budget is a smart first step. You don’t want to lose sight of reality when planning your dream wedding.

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17 Creative and Budget-friendly DIY Wedding Ideas 17 Creative and Budget-friendly DIY Wedding Ideas 17 Creative and Budget-friendly DIY Wedding Ideas 17 Creative and Budget-friendly DIY Wedding Ideas


Bride and Groom [photo: J’aime Events]

The good news is that DIY wedding hacks can help you save money, which you can turn around and spend on your honeymoon, or saving for a house. With the help of family and friends you can create the stationery, wedding decorations, and even a cake. DIYs are also a perfect way to show your personality, and make your wedding cool and unique. There are so many great ideas on Pinterest, we did our work, and picked out the best for you. Scroll down to see what made the cut.

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Bride and Groom, Simple Kona Beach Weddings, photo by Karen Loudon Photography



Bride and Bridesmaids Captured by Jasmine Baetzel Photography

Bride robes are huge trend right now! They make getting ready so much fun in a feminine and beautiful way. Not to mention those cute photos of the bride and bridesmaids wearing matching robes. Stunning, right? From sophisticated full-length robes, to chic kimono robes, the choices out there can be overwhelming, but also expensive.

But if you’re a crafty bride, you can make them yourself. It’s so quick and easy that you can make them in less than an hour. All you need is iron-on adhesive, fabric, scissors, ink pen, iron. Here is the full tutorial by Something Turquoise.




Wedding Photobooth [photo: The Wedding Vow]


You can’t have a wedding without a photo booth, right? It is a perfect way to encourage your guests to let loose and have fun, all while capturing gorgeous, memorable photos you and your better half might otherwise miss. First you’ll need to make a backdrop. It doesn’t have to be fancy, and complicated. You can opt for flagging tape backdrop, moon and stars backdrop, flower wall or even marshmallow backdrop, there are infinite possibilities. Buy any instant camera, and get some props such as toys, costumes… and that’s all! Full tutorial here.

You can also make a hashtag for your wedding so you can collect and find all of the photos that people took at your wedding.



Video Booth [photo: SpeechBooth]

Have you ever heard about video booth? It is perfect for weddings. Your family and friends record messages (from serious speeches to singing) for you, and you’ll have a video guestbook as a memory of the big day to enjoy for years. You can buy it or rent it on speechbooth.com

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Chalkboard Wedding signs [photo: em.my events]

Add some hand-made charm into your wedding with simply irresistible and hugely popular chalkboard wedding signs. All you need is frames, can of chalkboard spray paint, card stock to desired size and chalkboard pen. Check out the full tutorial here.


Chalkboard Wedding Sign by Southern Housewives Planning [photo:Wedding Wire ]



Gold and Glitter Vases [photo: www.confettidaydreams.com]

The theme of your wedding is elegant, posh…what do say about glitter vases? Although glitter vases are quite pricey in stores, and that may repel you from them, we will change your opinion. Glitter vases are really simple to make, and cheap too. In various shops, you can find regular vases at really affordable prices. And with this DIY, along with vases and glitter, you’ll need sticky tape and glue. Use the sticky tape to mark which part of the vase you want to have glitter on, and which one you don’t. Glue the places you want glitter on, and then apply glitter. Remove the tape when it dries. And that’s it! Your glitter vases are finished. You can put flowers in them or candles. Posh look is guaranteed.

Here is a DIY tutorial by Confetti Daydreams.



Vinyl Record Guest Book Events By Merida [photo by Viva Love Photography]

Guest books can get expensive, especially if they’re made of wood or other unique materials. So instead of buying a guestbook, use an engagement photo or any other, frame it and leave a wide border. Have everyone sign around it on the wedding day.

If you are looking for something a bit more unique, Vinyl Record guest book is perfect for you. Find your favorite records, put them in frames, and ask your guests to sign the vinyl with metallic sharpies. This idea is both fun and inexpensive. Not to mention it would look amazing as a wall decor piece to your home.



Groom Captured by Precious Pics Production

These traditional wedding accessories, although small, can really hit your budget. Especially if you want real flowers on them. But did you know that you can yourself, and very easy, and you will spend way less money on. You can opt for different options with boutonnieres, to use real or artificial flowers. You can detail them with beads, satin bows or other details that will make them more special. All you need is a hot glue gun, wires, flowers (real or artificial), any other details you want (beads, plastic forest berries, leaves…) and satin tape. Very simple, cheap and quick…

Here is super simple DIY.



Bride and Groom [photo: Great Day Events ]

Looking for a fun way to celebrate after your wedding ceremony? Confetti cones are perfect solution. They are super easy to make, and also very affordable. And just think of all the great photo opps you’ll have with them! All you need to do is set out a basket of cones at the head of the aisle, and include a note asking your guest to shower you in confetti as you make your way up the aisle as a married couple. You can also place confetti cones on every seat so they’re waiting for guests upon their arrival.

For this DIY you’ll need confetti, scissors, scrapbook paper and a basket. Here is the full tutorial.



Wedding Invitations [photo: Etsy]

Invitations are one of the items where you can save a lot of money. You can find countless DIY videos or pictures on the web that will show you to the tiniest detail how to make invitations. It’s up to you to decide what kind you’d wish to make. If you’re a bit more creative, you can use your imagination to create something really special and different from everything else. You can find materials in various hobby and craft shops, and a very nice detail is to use a wax seal with your initials to perfectly complete the invitations. Another details that are cost friendly are satin and lace. You can make bows or other details from them to complete your invitations.



Beautiful Wedding Centerpiece by A Marc In Design

Wedding flowers can be surprisingly costly, especially when they are out of season. But there are plenty of budget-friendly flowers such as carnations, baby’s breath, and alstroemeria, which are just as beautiful. Also consider centerpieces and bouquets made mostly from greenery and foliage, they are cheaper than flowers.

If you are crafty, you can DIY your wedding flowers with coffee filters. Yes, you read it right! Coffee filters flowers are simple, quick and inexpensive. And they really look like a real thing! They are easy to customize and can last a long time. Here is a full tutorial by The Crazy Organized Blog.



Table Numbers [photo: Busy Bee’s Weddings and Events]

In a recent article, we talked about the importance of DIY table decor. As with any decoration, it is important to take notice about the thing we think are not that significant. Why? Because every detail makes the venue more special. Although most of the people think that table number are not important, we have to say that they are wrong. But this can also be an expensive detail, unless you opt for making it yourself. Not to mention how impressed your guests will be with it. One DIY that we wrote about was really simple and we still remember it clearly. You can find number print on the internet that are gorgeous. All you need to do is to pick the one you like the most. You can then put them in frames and place them on tables. You can find cheap frames on the internet or flea markets.



Wedding favors Captured by Michael Keyes Photography, Photographic Dreams

A thank you for your guests is small token of appreciation that you shouldn’t avoid. You can make cookies and put them in beautiful boxes. If you know how to make spice sauce, what do you say to cook some for your guests and give them small bottles of it? You can put a label that says: thank you for spicing up our special day. Really nice, right? If you’re having a winter wedding, you can put marshmallows in decorative bags and decorate them with red satin tape and a pine twig. Ideas are numerous.



Rustic Table Decoration by Tailored Staging and Events

Rustic weddings are really trendy. And we have to admit most easy if you want to save on your wedding. They are perfect for DIY and creative people. There are countless ideas that will save you money, and mason jars are one of them. You can use them for vases, candle holders or serve desserts in them. You can use old suitcases for decor, old books, sunflowers from the garden…You can fill old wine bottles with flowers, and as a dessert, you can serve local caramelized apples. Yum!



Hula Hoop Wreath [photo: Crafts by Amanda]

Are you a fan of hula hoop and have a basement filled with them? Perfect! You can use them as decoration, and is very easy to do. Decorate them with flowers, balloons, satin tape. If you’re having an industrial themed wedding, you can paint them silver and decorate them with green plants. A very effective, simple and cheap DIY. You can also use them for guestbook, if you put a rope through it, on which the guest can hang their photos that were taken with a camera you provided. A very interesting idea.

Here is a simple DIY by Crafts by Amanda.



Wedding Cake [photo: Strike A Pose]

Wedding cakes are one of the staples when organizing a wedding. Did you know that they can cost well over a 1000$? So, how to save on them? Do you, or your mom or sister enjoy making cakes? Why don’t give them that task? Your mom’s chocolate cake could shine on your wedding and thrill all your guests as it thrilled you when you were little. And, you will save a lot of money. All you need are the ingredients and some nice cake decor.

wedding cake

 Chocolate Cake Made by Sugar Path Bakery


Stunning Slip Wedding Dress and Veil by O M Design Studio

Every wedding dress needs some addition to make it more special and different. Don’t you agree? Veil can be one of the most expensive parts, but what if we say that you both save money and make it yourself? Although this can sound frightening, especially if you’re a perfectionist, you don’t need to be scared. It is very simple. You’ll need a thread, a hairpin, vintage broche, artificial flower, and a net. Sew the flower to a net, and hook it with a hairpin beneath. Simple and beautiful. If you’re looking for something more traditional, you can take vintage lace and make it into a veil and hook it on a flower crown.



Flower girl dress by Best for Bride

Flower crowns for flower girls have made a comeback in the last few years, and since then are a must at every wedding. If you’re going to have a florist to do them for you, it will cost you a lot, especially if you want more flower types. But you will save a lot of money if you opt for DIY. We don’t have to mention how simple this DIY is. You’ll need: flowers of your choice (tip: choose seasonal flowers, they are always cheaper), scissors, wire and green thread. Make a ring out of wire the size of the head, and roll flowers around it and tie it with thread. Give yourself some time with this DIY. If you want to save some more money, you can even put fake flowers in  it. It will last longer.

floral crown

 Gold Crown with Pearls and Swarovski Crystal by Designer Loft Bridal

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17 Creative and Budget-friendly DIY Wedding Ideas 17 Creative and Budget-friendly DIY Wedding Ideas 17 Creative and Budget-friendly DIY Wedding Ideas 17 Creative and Budget-friendly DIY Wedding Ideas

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