12 Super Cute Hairstyle Ideas for Your Flower Girls

Trends in hairstyles change as much as ones in fashion or interior design. In the last couple of years trends have changed in favor of hair accessories. Simple hairstyles like buns or braids are being complemented with accessories like bows or crowns.There is a great variety of such hairstyles out there, depending on the length and type of hair, that will surely make your little girls feel special on the big day. Make sure that your flower girl hairstyles complement their dresses and the overall look and feel of your wedding.

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To help you a bit, we have prepared 12 super cute hairstyles for your flower girls to choose from.


Boho Hairstyle

Boho hair

Boho hair [photo:https://www.etsy.com]

Boho weddings are relaxed and decor is based on flowers. Because of that, style of boho weddings is transferred on hairstyles of not only the bride but on flower girls as well. One of the trends is low buns decorated with braids and flowers. This style is very simple, but effective.


Flower Crowns

Hair crown

Hair crown [photo:https://www.princessly.com]

Flower crowns are a perfect accessories for flower girls. They are very effective, interesting and formal. You can make them on your own if you're feeling creative or you can order them at florist shops  made from real, or on Etsy where you will find crowns made out of false flowers. Beside flowers, crowns can be made out of pearls, leaves or fruits. It all depends on the theme of the wedding and personal taste, of course.  Crowns can also be rich or minimal, which you can see on the picture. Crown is made of olive branches and white roses. Simply gorgeous!


Loose Waves

Flower girlBeautiful flower girl [photo:https://www.princessly.com/press/the-best-16-ivory-flower-girl-dresses-ideas-for-a-fairy-tale-forest-wedding/]

Traditional and favorite choice of not only flower girls moms, but flower girls themselves. This is a hairstyle that fits absolutely everyone, and can be upgraded depending on the wedding theme or taste of the bride. If you're having an elegant wedding we recommend loose waves with a bow, and in case of rustic or bohemian, decorate with flower crowns.For this style, you'll need a curling iron and little of hair spray. Quick, simple and beautiful.



hair accessories

Hair Accessories [photo:https://www.etsy.com]

We could say that braids are one the oldest hairstyles out there. Adorned by grown women, princesses and little girls. We can say that braids are a traditional hairstyle that you can't go wrong with. There are different ways to braid hair. You can opt for lavish hairstyle that you will achieve with merging multiple braids and connect them with bands and hairpins. They are very glamorous themselves so you won't need any other accessories to achieve a formal effect. And you can also opt for a simple single braid, or a curled french braid that has been rolling the wedding scene in the last year. You can decorate this type of braid with small flowers.


Ballerina bun

flower girl hair bun clip

Flower Girl Hair Bun Clip [photo:https://www.etsy.com]

This elegant and romantic hairstyle has been leaving people speechless for centuries. along with being very simple to make, it is also perfect for minimal and elegant weddings. For this hairstyle you'll need hair spray, rubber band and a comb. You can accessorize it with a satin bow.



flower girl with ponytail

Flower girl with ponytail [photo:https://www.marthastewartweddings.com]

During hot summer months there isn't a better hairstyle than a ponytail! It is also perfect for days when your hair just won't listen to you, and for summer weddings when the heat and moisture is at it's highest. You can do this style in 1000 different ways. It can be a classic ponytail, it can be of curled hair, and it can be made with addition of braids and accessories. Girls love this hairstyle because they feel free and relaxed with it, and we have to admit that a ponytail is a very playful hairstyle.


Crown Braid

flower girl hairstyles

Crown Braid [photo: https://perfecthairsolution.com/]

Crown Braid is definitely one of the most popular hairstyles, not only for the brides, but for the flower girls also. It's romantic yet elegant and chic. It is one of those classic styles you can't go wrong with. You can use tiny jewels or flowers as accent pieces that suit your wedding theme and vibe.

Here is a step by step tutorial by Once Wed, for getting the style yourself – no professional stylist required!


Twisted Bun Updo

flower girl hairstyles

Twisted bun updo - full tutorial here [photo: www.marthastewartweddings.com Photography by: Bryan Gardner ]

If you want something elegant and simple for your little flower girl, a twisted bun updo is perfect for you. All you need to do is split a high ponytail into two sections and twisted them together. For an accent, add a flower or other accessory once the look is completed.


Space Buns

flower girl hairstyles

Dutch Braids and Space Buns [photo: Instagram sweethearts_hair]

We can all agree on the fact that sometimes, it's fun to switch things up a little bit. We're talking about ditching simple buns for Princess Leia mini space buns. Space buns are a popular trend of the 90s that look like two buns on the top of the head. Imagine how cute your flower girls will look like with this hairstyle. You can also add some drama to the hairstyle by accessorizing it with glitter or maybe tiny flowers.

Here is step by step tutorial by Twist Me Pretty to get the look. 


Loose Hair with Headband

flower girl hairstyles

Loose hair with headband [photo: Etsy shop Pink Perfect]

Headband trend is one of the most popular right now, and top models and celebs everywhere are rocking it on and off-duty. You can opt for bejeweled, velvet or leather, just make sure the color of the accessory matches the color of your flower girl dress.


Sleek Bun with a Tiara

flower girl hairstyles

Sleek bun with tiara [photo: Etsy shop My Soulmate Wedding]

For an ultimate princess style, opt for a sleek bun with tiara. Sleek bun adds an instant touch of glamour and it is really easy to recreate. All you need to do is wrap the ends of a low ponytail around and pin into place. Add a tiara to complete the look.

To help you a bit with searching, we found the perfect tiaras in the Etsy shop My Soulmate Wedding. They offer a wide selection of flower girl tiaras, from the crystal to the flower ones.



flower girl hairstyle

Ivory and Lace Bow [photo: Etsy shop BellesLikeBigBows]

Who could resist a little girl in an oversized satin bow! Arguably the most simple style, bows are one of those eternal hairstyles that will never go out of style no matter what.

If you want to give this look a cool twist, make your little flower girls a bow buns. Here is step by step tutorial by All Things Hair.


If your little girl LOVE wearing headband, here are 11 Flower Girl Headband Ideas that will make her the center of attention.


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