12 Beach Flower Girl Shoes Perfect for a Seaside Ceremony

There's no greater setting for a wedding than a beautiful and magical beach. But figuring out appropriate shoes can be tough. Especially when it comes to flower girls. You want something that's comfortable yet still statement-making and gorgeous, right? Here are our favorite beach wedding shoes for flower girls.


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Barefoot Sandals

How about barefoot sandals? They are perfect for carefree bohemian beach wedding. If you don't know what barefoot sandals are, here is a quick explanation. They are a combination of toe ring and ankle bracelet, wrapped around your toes and ankle, so it sort of looks like you're wearing a sandal, but you're pretty much barefoot. And best of all, you can make them yourself! All you need is elastic rope and some pretty beads. That's it! Here is a quick step by step tutorial by Whitney E. RD.

baby shoes

Barefoot sandals [photo: www.barmineshop.com]

Shop these cute sandals here.


Cute Flower Barefoot Sandals

Another cute barefoot sandal idea! These barefoot sandals from Toe Blooms feature a shabby chiffon flower placed on soft and stretchy elastic to keep them in place! There are 3 sizes available in your choice of color.

baby pink shoes

Pink Barefoot Sandals [photo: toeblooms.com]

Find them here.


Rose Gold Metalic Sandals

These beautiful sandals are perfect for a seaside wedding. They remind us of mermaids. Rose gold color are a great detail, so we are sure that your flower girls will love them. Sandals are made in pretty traditional style with two straps over the foot, and with a back strap for buckling. Sandals are in beautiful metalic gold color. If you pick a dress in a gentle pink shade, then the sandals stand out even more. For other accessories we recommend a small flower bouquet.

girl sandals

Rose Gold Sandals [photo: roolee.com]

Sandals can be found on Roolee.


Beautiful Sandals

How beautiful are these sandals?! They are perfect for elegant beach wedding! Decorated with super trendy wings. We are sure your flower girl will love them!


Elegant Flower Girl Shoes [photo: ges-sandals.gr]

Shop them here.


Beautiful Pink Shoes

These shoes come in two colors: pink and purple. They are made of leather and are perfect to wear on a beach. They have gorgeous details and have non-slip rubber outer soles. In case you're not sure how to combine them, don't be afraid, it's very simple. You can combine them with any flower girl dress. The way we see it, they would look amazing combined with white dresses along with hair accessories like hair clips with pink pearls or pink flowers.

leather baby shoes

Beautiful Pink Shoes [photo: consciouslybaby.com]

Pink shoes are great with any dress, and you can find them at Consciously.


Cute Baby Sandals

These baby sandals will melt your heart, they are just too cute. They are perfect for pairing with all those adorable flower girl dresses. You can opt between four different colors... yep, you read that right, four! So we're sure you will find the perfect one for your little girls.

cute shoes

Cute Baby Sandals [photo: shoppiccolo.com ]

Shop them here.


Chic India Sandal Leopard

What are your thoughts on leopard print? This pattern is hugely popular in the fashion world, so much that moms of little trendsetters have started inserting this pattern into outfits of their little princesses. But what do you say on this print on your flower girls? If you're a brave and modern bride then we certainly recommend these daring shoes. Such cute sandals, strap and gorgeous. These sandals are handmade with natural materials, which is perfect for small children. Combine them with unusual dresses.

elephantito shop

Elephantito Beautiful Shop  [photo: elephantito.com]

You can find these super modern sandals on Elephantito at a price of $58.40


Flip Flops

Flip-flops can be elegant too, and this pair proves that! Not only are they ideal for beach-themed or outdoor weddings, but they're great for dancing too. They feature stay-on slingback straps and fabric blooms.


Flip-Flops [photo: sandaliarteartigiana.com]

Shop them here.


Beautiful sandals with bow

These charming traditional style sandals are excellent for smaller flower girls. They are very light and easy to combine with. White leather exterior, scalloped edging, silver buckles and decorative bow, cut out shapes across the toe will make everyone happy. Are impression is that these are very traditional and timeless sandals that will fit with absolutely everything. You can combine them with white or sand colored dresses, with small hair crowns as accessories.

baby sandals

Cute Silver Shoes [photo: boysgirlsonline.com]

Bows never go out of style and you can find these sandals on Boys & Girls.



For a casual yet trendy style, espadrilles are a great option. They are definitely one of the comfiest summer shoes on the market. And we found the gorgeous pair. Thanks to their beautiful two tone finish, which gives them a distinct, sophisticated touch, these espadrilles will be perfect for beach bohemian wedding. 

baby shoes

Espadrilles [photo: childrenchic.com ]

Shop them here.


Metallic sandals

These sandals never go out of style. They are a simple and favorite summer footwear and because of that we think that they are a perfect choice for a summer wedding. These metallic sandals are made of thin straps that are ankle high. Beautiful, right?


Metallic Sandals [photo: www.petitbarcelona.com]

Shop this shoes here.


Super Cute White Sandals

White sandals instantly remind us of summer and summer parties. Today's white sandals look gorgeous and very modern. We love it. Along with being sooo cute, they are very modern and perfect for a seaside wedding. They will make your flower girls shine!

white sandals

Cute Sandals [photo: alpargatus.com]

Shop them here.


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