11 Flower Girl Headband Ideas for Boho Summer Wedding

Flower crowns have been very popular in Ancient Greece. People wore them to honor the gods. We all remember laurel wreaths that were given to the winners.

Flower crowns were a symbol of love, joy and happiness throughout the history so it's not a surprise that we love them to this day. And they are perfect for brides and for flower girls. If you love boho weddings, these wreaths will fit right in.

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Lovely Baby Headband

Roses are perfect for summer, late summer and fall weddings. Not only are they a great way to inject some color into your wedding but they also add a perfect rustic touch to your big day. We found amazing flower crown, made of fabric roses, flowers and blush greenery! Perfect for country boho wedding, agree?

flower headband

Beautiful Headband [photo: fia-ro.com]

Shop the headband here.


Flower Headband

This subtle and minimal flower headband in gentle beige color with subtle small leaves will go perfectly with any boho wedding you may have planned. Boho weddings love all kinds of flowers, so if you combine them with simple white dresses, these flower crowns will get emphasized more.

flower girl

Beautiful Flower Girl [photo: www.magaela.com]

You can find this hairband on www.magaela.com


Something Simple

Sometimes less is more. This delicate woodland crown is made with deep red pip berries on a rustic brown vine wire, perfect for those brides looking for a bohemian wedding theme, especially in autumn or a winter wedding. Crown is finished at the back with an ivory organza ribbon so can be adjusted to fit and secured. Match this crown with blush pink flower girl dresses. Your flower girls will look like little wood fairies.

flower crown

Unique crown [photo: Etsy]

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White Boho Flower Crown

How pretty is this flower crown? We love the combination of green and white flowers. And it comes with a great addition of a white ribbon which ties, making it perfect for any ages of your flower girls. Rich flowers of this crown fill go great with your boho wedding. Combine the crown with a beautiful pink dress and sandals, and of course, a bouquet of field flowers.

flower girl

Crown For Summer [photo: prettybowtique.ie ]

This crown can be found on https://prettybowtique.ie


Colorful Blooms

How gorgeous is this flower crown full of colorful blooms?! It takes all the best elements of nature, bold pip berries, natural branch and roses and weaves them together into the perfect  flower girl headpiece. Complete the look with a simple white dresses.

flower girl

Colorful crown [photo: boutiqueblooms.ie]

Shop the crown here.


Light Pink Rose Crown

In case you're having dresses with print, or multi colored dresses, then you should opt for flower crowns in subtle tones. Because of that we suggest you go with this gentle light pink color. Boho weddings are perfect for colors, so don't be shy about that. On this flower crown you have an addition in form of beads on the flowers. They are really subtle, so will only add to the beauty and not take the spotlight. Although the roses are very similar to each other, if you look closely you can see that there are white ones as well. Gorgeous!

hair band

Unique Flower Crown  [photo: trinityflowercrowns.com ]



Eucalyptus Flower Crown

Looking for something minimal yet unique? How about eucalyptus flower crown?! These beautiful leaves fit any wedding style and theme and look gorgeous! This handmade crown from Etsy is so simple yet beautiful. Made of white baby's breath and dusty green eucalyptus leaves, it's perfect for garden or rustic barn wedding.

flower crown

Eucalyptus crown [photo: maternity photo props]

Shop the crown here.


Girls White Flower Crown

This rich flower crown is so beautiful that we are hardly finding appropriate words for describing it. Many flowers accent the rich look making the crown look like ones that forest fairies would wear. A touch of green and white color go perfectly well together. If you look closer, you'll see a satin tape that really fits in this crown. Combine it with a beautiful dress and golden shoes and your flower girls will look amazing.

flower girl

Dreamy Flower Girl [photo: www.flowercrownmagic.com]

This gorgeous flower crown can be found on Flower Crown Magic website.


Starfish Crown

Having your wedding on the beach? Than this starfish crown is perfect for your little flower girls. It features a circle of finger starfish with tiny ivory flower vines and a string of pearls woven throughout. Complete the look with beautiful airy boho dresses and we're sure your flower girl will feel like the most special girl in the world!

flower crown

Starfish crown [photo: Etima Store]

Shop the crown here.


Girls Head Wreath with Veil

Do you love both minimal and boho weddings, but can't see how to make those two work together? Well, we might just have what you're looking for. This beautiful wreath that is a combination of minimal and boho style. Minimal flowers with addition of crystals, beautiful bow and a small veil will go perfect with boho weddings inspired by minimalism. Combine the wreath with white dress, sandals and a pretty bouquet.

flower crown

White Flower Girl Crown [photo: flowergirldressforless.com]

This beautiful minimal wreath can be bought at a price of $33.


Beautiful Headband

What a beauty! This beautiful headband is perfect for an outdoor bohemian wedding. It is made of roses, and it ties in the back with ivory ribbon. Combine this crown with vintage – inspired lace dress, and your little boho girl will look adorable!

flower crown

Beautiful White Headband [photo: www.adornedcreationsboutique.com]

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11 Flower Girl Headband Ideas for Boho Summer Wedding 11 Flower Girl Headband Ideas for Boho Summer Wedding 11 Flower Girl Headband Ideas for Boho Summer Wedding 11 Flower Girl Headband Ideas for Boho Summer Wedding

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